Parent’s/Carer’s Resources

Within the articles of rights an important place is given to parents/carers and the family.

Parents/carers are the first educators of their children and therefore have an important role in teaching their children about rights and responsibilities.

Article 5

You have the right to be given guidance by your parents and family

Article 6

You have the right to life
Article 7

You have the right to have a name and a nationality

Article 9

You have the right to live with your parents unless it is bad for you

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously

Article 18

You have the right to be brought up by your parents if possible

Article 24

You have the right to the best health possible and to medical care and information

Article 28

You have the right to education

Article 29

You have the right to education which develops your personality, respect for other’s rights and the environment
Article 31

You have the right to play and relax by doing things like sport, music and drama

Article 42

All adults and children should know about this convention


Below are links to some resources that may be helpful for working and playing with your children, to help them under their rights and responsibilities.

Every Day’s a Learning Day

‘Every Day’s a Learning Day’ consists of two books produced by Education Scotland for parents and carers of children aged between birth and 3 years, and 3 to 6 years. The aim is to help parents support their child’s development in the crucial areas of health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy.

Birth to 3 Years

3 to 6 years


Make time for play!

Play is an essential part of a child’s personal growth and development.  Play doesn’t require having expensive toys or a back garden – simply helping kids to use a little imagination.

Why Play?

Children need freedom to play to practise skills, explore the world around them and develop understanding in their own way and in their own time.  Real play comes from children’s need to express themselves, to explore, learn about and make sense of their world.

Play can be challenging and make children’s hearts beat faster!  It can be lively or relaxed, noisy or quiet , solitary or with friends.  Play can happen with or without equipment, indoors or outside.  It can be light hearted or very, very serious!

Why parents should play?

Playing with your child is one of the most wonderful things about being a parent.  It’s a vital part of the way babies and children grow and learn.

The time you spend just having fun together:

  • helps you get to know each other and brings you closer;
  • makes your child feel loved and secure, which helps them to develop self esteem and social skills;
  • helps children learn to make sense of the world;
  • helps to keep children fit and active;
  • provides a variety of learning opportunities.

Play is learning for life, but most of all play is FUN!

Edinburgh council have provided play ideas on their website entitled “Make time for Play! Click on the link below for access to this site.


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