The Rights Journey

St. Gabriel’s RC Primary is a Level 2 Rights Respecting School having gained level 2 recognition in June 2013.

What is a Rights Respecting School?

Within our school, children, staff, parents and members of the wider community are all working together to understand and promote the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Working together, the children will understand the importance of having rights to help them develop, survive and participate in their community whilst being protected from harm. At the same time, the children will also develop a keen awareness of their responsibilities in upholding the rights of others in society.

How is UNCRC lived within St. Gabriel’s School Community?

The UNCRC is embedded in every aspect of life within St. Gabriel’s. Our school policies take account of the Rights of the Child and it is built into all our learning and teaching planning so that it is developed throughout the school on a daily basis.

In each class the children work with their teacher to develop a Classroom Charter, based on Rights and Responsibilities, which can be frequently referred to in different situations.


P4 Class Charter

P4 Class Charter (Responsibilities)



P4 Class Contract


P6 Charter

P5 Class Charter






P7 Charter

A Right Blether

A starting point for the whole school was to focus on the Children’s Rights Programme from the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People : A Right Blether.

Using A Right Blether the whole school community were introduced to the history and work of the UNCRC and the variety of rights and responsibilities that this has enabled children to enjoy. These RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES then became the focus for our classrooms, school life and community life.

(click for a link to the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People’s website:

Creating Confident Kids

Throughout the year, as a whole school we focus on paticular aspects of health and

wellbeing; looking at different areas of Rights and Responsibilities. Each focus is started with the Head Teacher giving each class a year group challenge and this is further explored using the Creating Confident Kids Teaching Resource.





Exploring Feelings

As we journeyed towards the Level 1 Award all areas of the curriculum and all activities helped the children to focus on Rights and Responsibilities:

 Litter Picking


 Beach Cleaning

“Many hands make light work!”

Cleaning The Beach

Our work is done!

 Throughout the year different classes participate in themed assemblies (to which parents are invited); events in the community; sporting events; shows and opportunities to sing for groups of people within the local community.

Sharing the Advent Journey

We have a Right to express and celebrate our Faith.

Scots Language Assembly

Singing a Scots Song and Reciting Poetry













The John Muir Project

In Primary 5 the children undertake the John Muir Discovery award which is a Citizenship award.

The John Muir Mural and the artists

John Muir Invention

Receiving the John Muir Discovery Award

All these events have underlined the importance of Rights and Responsibilities within our school community and the part we play in our wider community.

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