P4 Weekly Blog

Hello Rear Readers,

This week we have been working hard practising for our assembly on Tuesday and Burns Night on Wednesday. We have been writing facts about Robert Burns, did you know Robert Burns wrote over 600 songs and poems! and when he was a child he used to help his dad working on a farm, he moved to Edinburgh when he became famous. You will find out more on Tuesday!

We were painting using Pointillism in Art with a Scottish theme. We painted thistles, highland cows, and Saltires using cotton buds.

In writing we were writing factual reports about Living Things, Robert Burns or Confirmation. We were practising using generalising vocabulary such as all, many, lots, other and few. We were writing in paragraphs using sub-headings.

Hope you all have a nice weekend, have a guid Burns night and  see you on Tuesday (for oor assembly!)

Primary 4


Our P3 Week

Welcome to our P3 blog. Here is what we liked about our week!

  • Daniella, Jamie, Steven, Sol, Rory, Jayinn, Olly and Zed has liked learning about the days of the week, months of the year and time on Mathletics
  • Maci liked learning about the sun
  • Logan M and Logan K liked our time games that we did as a whole class on the Whiteboard
  • Archie and Nathan liked going to the library
  • Keeley, Megan, Sophie M and Lucia liked making the school song
  • Sophia, Corinne and Emily liked learning about the art element of line, and making beautiful pictures out of different lines
  • Eve liked our Big Writing topic when we learnt about the X Watches

We had a great week! Megan thinks it was one of the best!!

We are all excited about our Dynamic Earth trip on Thursday!

This week in Primary 1

Hello Everybody,

Esmae, Amelia- Lily and Ben K are our blog team this week.

we have been learning:

  • beginning to count in 2’s
  • learning to play dominoes to help us us recognise numbers and add up
  • reading every day
  • beginning to learn to name parts of the body and know the names in Scots.
  • learned to dance the ‘Grand ol duke of York’ using side step.

Here’s our home learning for next week….

Home Learning Record. 23.1.17docx

Big effort from Shea, Daniel and Murray for working so hard to try their first Spelling elephants….

Have a nice weekend

from P1


Primary 3’s Home Learning

Please find the home learning for week 2 below:

Weekly Home Learning

Name: ______________________

Core and Weekly Learning Tasks Day of the Week task completed – please highlight
  • Reading – Read, Write, Inc /Accelerated Reading (as appropriate)

–      Please focus on sounding out unfamiliar words and practising the letter sounds and letter blends.


  • High frequency words – learn and be able to read at a flash.














Writing ·         BIG TALK – description of what you want them to do.

–      This week in Big Writing our Big Writing characters have found some magic watches that make them shrink. Please discuss a story with your child about an adventure they may go on if they had magic shrinking watches too. Please have this ready for Thursday’s writing session.







Spelling ·         Spelling elephants – children to learn words and engage in spelling elephant task










Numeracy and Maths




·         Please complete the Mathletics task allocated to your child exploring time. Alternatively please look at a calendar with your child and have them identify the days of the week, months of the year and certain dates in the month.







Parent / Carer Signature: _____________________________   Date:  ___________________________    Pupil Signature: _____________________________



P4 Weekly Blog

Happy New Year! It’s good to back at school. Two weeks off felt like a month…

This week we have been learning about Robert Burns to get ready for our assembly. We have been learning some of his poems; “To a Mouse”, “Up in the Morning Early” and “My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose” for this one we have been doing some acting. We also did some reading comprehension, finding out facts about Robert Burns.

In art we made oil pastel drawings of highland cows, linking Scots to our topic about living things.

In maths we have been doing function machines to practise our addition and subtraction strategies. It is fun and there is always more than 1 way to work out an answer!

We met Mrs Esamel this week, she read Room on the Broom in Scots to us (better than Mr Campbell!) We are looking forward to working with Mrss Esamel.

Hope you have a good weekend! Primary 4


Our First Week back in Primary 3

Primary 3 had an awesome first week back at school. We were all excited to see our friends and start our learning.


Here is what we liked best:

  • Corinne liked learning about different lines in art
  • Megan, Logan K, Rory, Jamie and Keeley liked typing up our holiday stories
  • Eve, Logan M, Archie, Jayinn, Olly, Sophie M and Nathan liked it when it snowed and there was a snowball fight
  • Sol, Mark, Lucia, Emily, Sophia and Jessie liked our Crocodile story during Reading Time
  • Steven and Daniella liked coming back to school
  • Sophie Mc liked learning about time
  • Zed liked going to the library

We are very excited for next week!

Happy New School Year from P1

Happy New Year!

The children have settled back into school really well.

Isla S says that we must keep reading as we are learning lots of new words…….. Mrs Carlyle is happy that we are bringing our reading books to school every day.

In numeracy Isla M says that we have been guessing the amount of cubes then counting and checking to see if we are correct.

Alyssia is learning ‘Roguey, Poguey’ as her Burns poem……. we need to practise lots as we are going to read them to our Buddies on Burns Day.

Here is our home learning for next week…..

Home Learning Record. 16.1.17docx

Have a nice weekend

From Primary 1


Anti-bullying Information

Dear Parent

I am please to inform you that respectme, the Scottish National Anti-bullying Service has offered to deliver Parent Workshops in East Lothian.

The content will cover:

  • Distinguishing between what bullying behaviour is and what it is not
  • Exploring the latest research in Scotland on online bullying and face to face bullying
  • Identifying what parents can do to deal with bullying behaviour
  • Understanding what to do if your child is bullying someone else
  • Exploring how to help to create environments where bullying cannot flourish

We will run two workshops on Wednesday 15th March 2017. One at 12.30-2.30pm at the Corn Exchange in Haddington and another at 6.30-8.30pm at Knox Academy in Haddington.

We can offer 40 places on each workshop so they will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If we are over subscribed we may be able to offer additional workshops.

If interested please e-mail anti-bullying@eastlothian.gov.uk stating what time you would like to attend.

Also, following on from an Initial Consultation in October 2016 we are now seeking parents views on the draft East Lothian Anti-bullying Policy “Respect for all”. You can view and comment on this at


Kind Regards

Marie Prior

Anti-bullying Policy Working Group

We are Spectacular 6’s!

Monday-On Monday we were at PE and did some Scottish dancing. It was amazing and Miss Jameson knew a lot about dancing .

Tuesday-We watched Arthur Christmas and it was amazing. We watched it with the P7’s we were laughing lots because it was very funny.

Wednesday-On Wednesday we had our school party and also it was our last day with Miss Forshaw. We were very sad. The party was AMAZING! We played pin the ears on Mr Conroy the  elf. It was  so funny!

Thursday– Today we had library and we are going to have golden time and ZUMBA  yeah!