P4 Weekly Blog

This week in PE we were practising our Athletics skills because we are going to the P4 Athletics Festival on 28th February. We were doing high jump, long jump, throwing and running.

In Maths, we made bar charts on Excel – it was a bit tricky but good fun!

On Friday, we had our Open Morning. We all enjoyed it and we hope all the parents did too. We think they learned a lot about what we have been learning in class. Thank you for coming!

Have a lovely February break, thank you for reading, Primary 4 🙂

Primary 6’s Fabulous Week

Monday- On Monday we went to PE and we were doing gymnastics, we had to make up routines it was so much fun! After break we went to music and we practiced for the school show.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we started working on fractions at first it was really hard but by the end most of us got it. We also did circle time and talked about when we felt excited that was fun to do as well.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had our school trip .We went to Dynamic Earth all we can say it was the best thing ever!!!!!! We just missed the bus and had to wait for the next one. In Edinburgh we had to walk for ages to Dynamic Earth but once we arrived there we had a brilliant day. We loved the time machine and the earthquake and the 4D show was amazing! We also had a workshop about volcanoes which was very interesting and that’s what we’ve been doing for our topic.

Thursday – On Thursday we were learning about fractions and did our Big Writing about our trip to Dynamic Earth. We also learned about the Pope Francis Faith Award which we will be looking at in class. At the end of the day we were building our class volcano which will erupt next week!

Friday – We had our spelling test then went outside for PE (we did a daily mile). It was Golden Time then home time!

Our Week in Primary 3

We had a very quick and busy week this week!

For Reading we have been looking at fiction and non-fiction texts and comparing the two. We have also been reading out RWI books and trying our hardest to use expression when reading.

In Maths we have started to learn our two times tables. We have been listening to a really fun song to help us remember them.

Big Writing this week has seen us exploring the X Watches some more and their magic powers.

In Topic our groups finished making the Earth, Moon and Sun. This is so we are ready for next week we are going to practice explaining how they move around one another.

In Religion we have been working really hard on our Reconciliation books. We were looking at the story of the Lost Coin.

We are really excited about next week for our open morning and we can’t believe that it is the last week until the February break. Where does all the time go?!

From Primary 3 🙂

P4 Weekly Blog

This week, as part of our Living Things topic, we made habitats out of boxes and coloured tissue paper. They are looking great and we are excited to finish them next week.

In PE with Mrs Johnson we were doing Athletics. We were very good at practising for the long jump!

In maths we were doing times tables and multiplying and dividing. We also made bar graphs to show what pets everyone in our class has.

In reading we were learning how to use more expression to improve our reading.

Thank you, have a nice weekend!

Primary 4

Primary 3’s Home Learning

Please find our Home Learning grid for this week. If you have any questions please come and see me.

Miss Gladman 🙂


Weekly Home Learning Week 4 Term 2

Name: ______________________

Core and Weekly   Learning Tasks Day of the Week task completed – please highlight

  • Reading

§  Please focus on sounding out unfamiliar words using your child’s knowledge of letter sounds and blends









·         BIG TALK

§  Our Big Writing topic this week is learning how to write instructions. The stimulus for this week is how to use the X watches safely. Please discuss with your child before Thursday’s writing session on how they think you would use the X Watches safely.









·         Spelling elephants

§  Children to learn words and engage in spelling elephant task









Numeracy and Maths





·         Maths

§  We are starting our unit of looking at multiplication. Please play the game attached with your child.










Parent / Carer Signature:   _____________________________   Date:  ___________________________    Pupil Signature: _____________________________


P4 Weekly Blog

We had our assembly on Tuesday, it was about Robert Burns. We read out poems and facts about Robert Burns, performed a short play and did a quiz about words in Scots asking the audience to work out the words in Scots meant in English. We really enjoyed doing the assembly, thank you for coming out to see it!

In P.E. we have been practising balancing and racing to get fit and prepare for the athletics festival. In maths lessons we have been learning the two and three times tables, we have been working with higher numbers and how to divide numbers by halving and splitting, and sharing numbers. We can also divide by counting in two’s and three’s.

We have been learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, self-control, peace, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, patience and joy. We get the fruits of the Holy Spirit by using Gifts of the Holy Spirit, this makes us kinder, better children.

Thank you for reading our blog, hope you have nice weekend! Primary 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our Amazing Dynamic Earth Trip

Our trip began by getting on the bus. We caught the bus number 113 and we sat at the very back of the Double Decker bus. It took us 40 minutes to get to the bus stop and then we walked for 10 minutes to get to Dynamic Earth.


When we got into Dynamic Earth we moved into our groups and went into the Time Machine. We went back 3.5 billion years ago. We then got out the time machine and looked at some rocks and the first animals that had skeletons.


After that we moved into the ice room. There was a HUGE iceberg in the middle of the room. It was freezing to touch!


We then went into one of our favourite rooms which were a 3D ride. Some animals popped out, like a scorpion, and a black rhino. It was so scary!

After lunch we went to a workshop about space. Some things that we did was learning about space food (they ate baked beans, wraps, ice creams, pasta), feeling moon rocks and how to pack a rocket.


We then finished the day by seeing a 3D movie about asteroids.


We had an amazing time at Dynamic Earth!



A very quick week!


On Monday we had PE with Miss Watt and Mr Conroy. In PE we were doing highland dancing with P7.

We also had music with Mrs Mailer. With Mrs Mailer we were practising for our school musical, Joseph and the dream coat.


On Tuesday we had assembly with the whole school. We also had maths with Miss Watt. In the afternoon we did some of our topic. We also did some big writing to get information about what we would be writing about in our big write on Thursday.


On Wednesday we had Miss Thorpe. We did some topic work on volcanoes. Mr Conroy came in after lunch to do some maths with us about 2D shapes.

We did our mind maps in literacy to prepare for writing our reports next week.


On Thursday we had art with Ms McLeod and we started to draw pictures of Tsunamis. We also done our big write and we were writing a recount to the head office (Dani Day). After break Mr Conroy started reading us a story about a volcano in the UK. It’s a true story!!!!!


On Friday we done our spelling test and reflection sheets and then we went outside to the 3G to do our daily mile. After break we had golden time and Mr Conroy read us some more of the volcano story and we did our raffle then we went home.

Primary 1

Hello Everybody,

we hope you had a nice Burns Day!

This week in P1 we have been learning to:

  • count in 2’s
  • begin to add up

Murray says ‘we’re good at reading but we need to keep learning’

Logan likes learning about Scotland, we’re been adventures to Stirling Castle in our stories with Hamish Mc Haggis and his friends.

We have also been learning the ‘ow’ sound……….. the phrase ‘brown cow’ helps us remember.

Did you the story of the Little Red House with no doors and no windows and a star inside?  Please ask the children…….

Home Learning Record. 30.1.17docx

Have a good weekend

from P1