P7 Camp – Day 1

Today has been a beautiful sunny day here at Dounans (not!!!) The rain has fallen for most of today but it hasn’t stopped us enjoying ourselves. We have been involved in activities today. These were Pole Climb and Mohawk Walk. Some of us have even learned how to make our own beds!!!

I climbed to the top of the pole and hit the ball. I was happy, scared and nervous – Aaron

I liked the Mohawk walk. I learned to trust Scott. – Dylan Y

It has been good here. I bet my fear of heights on the pole climb and hit the ball. Reece

I achieved on the pole climb. It was windy and I got blown at the top – Dylan S

It is amazing. I am getting to do lots of good things and the coaches are fun. – Rachel

The Mohawk walk was great because we had to work as a team. – Samantha

I liked the pole climb. It was a bit slippy but I made it to the top. – Deklan

The Pole climb was great and I made it to the top. – Liam H

The weather is terrible but the activities are good. I made it to the top of the pole. – Nye

Read more about day 2 tomorrow. Pictures to follow soon.

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12 Responses to P7 Camp – Day 1

  1. Donna Stirling says:

    Glad you are all having a great time at camp. Wish i was at camp with you all, sounds so much fun. I really hope the sun comes out for you all.
    Dylan i am missing you so much already, i will be reading the blog every night, can t wait to see the photos.

  2. Derek Stirling says:

    hope you are all having a good time and enjoying yourselves. Your all brave doing activities in this wind.

  3. Nicky Miller says:

    I am so glad that you are all having a great time. Lets hope the weather improves for you all. It is great to hear you are enjoying yourself Rachel, I have been worrying about you all day and you are obviously feeling much better, missing you loads and cant wait to see you on Friday xxxxx

  4. Kerry says:

    Glad to hear that you all arrived safely.
    Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow for you all to enjoy more activities :-)

    A big Thank You (and Good Luck) to Mr Lavery and Mrs Tracey!

  5. Mrs Marrins says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time… and its only Day 1! Make sure Mr Lavery and Mrs Tracey are taking part in the activies too, I don’t want them to miss out!!!
    Have fun! x

  6. Debbie Beveridge says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that you have done so much already! The pole climb is a challenge so WELL DONE for giving it a go!

    I really hope that the weather improves for you all. What do you think of the food? What are you doing at night?

    Love to everyone.

    Mrs B

  7. Mrs Stratton says:

    Sounds like you are all having a fab time.
    I think you are all very brave doing the pole climb in such horrible weather – it is bad enough at ground level!!


    Mrs S :o)

  8. laura cairney says:

    glad use are all having fun,maiseys misses u deks jays having fun ; ) just have a great time will see you soon.x

  9. laura cairney says:

    glad your all having fun,maisey and me miss you deks,jaydiens having fun in london ;) be good and see you soon.x

  10. Leanne Watson says:

    Sounds like your all having loads of fun :) Hope the weather gets better for you all. Enjoy the rest of your camp. Can’t wait to see you friday missing you love mum, paul an euan x

  11. Ross Hoehle says:

    Hi Reecey boyo!!Well done boyo for hitting the ball.We hope the weather improves for you and the gang,The wind has been strong eh?Missin yer cheek laddie,take care kid.love Dad,Mum and ginger Cammy boy….x ,oh and Keira dog!!

  12. Stacey Johnstone says:

    Hi guys glad ur all having fun wish i was there!!! cant wait to c the pics. Missing u already Jade (i know i said Wednesday lol) c use all friday be good!!!! x

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