Children and Young People (Scotland) Act

Named Person_A5_6pp_with crops nd bleedsChildren and Young People (Scotland) Act – East Lothian Council update for families

From 31 August 2016, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act will commence. This Act states that every young person in Scotland is entitled to the support of a Named Person from birth until the until the age of 18.

All pupils will shortly be given a leaflet produced by Scottish Government, explaining the role of a Named Person. You can also find this leaflet on the East Lothian Council website, school websites and the Scottish Government GIRFEC website, along with lots of other information about the Named Person role.

For children in Primary Schools, their Named Person will be the Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher, or a Principal Teacher. In a Secondary School, it will be a Guidance Teacher or a Principal Teacher of Pupil Support.

During school holidays, the Named Person role will be undertaken by qualified staff at East Lothian Council. Details of who these people will be and how to contact them will be made available in August, on school and council websites.

Your individual school will inform you as to the name of your child’s Named Person in August, so that you have the most up to date information.

On 30 May, the Scottish Government will be launching a media campaign to raise awareness of the Named Person role and how this fits with the Children and Young People’s Act. East Lothian Council will publicise national materials through social media, on our websites and through pupil post.

For more detailed information, you can look online at the Scottish Government GIRFEC website. This contains a number of very useful and user-friendly documents.

Awesome Australia in P4/5!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been enjoying devoting most of our days to our whole school Australia topic

On week one lots of thinking  was involved during our research lesson on note taking and then again to create a leaflet on an Australian animal to educate British tourists when holidaying in Australia. We all worked so hard and enjoyed choosing our own book and type of animal to study! Well done to Allister, Katie and Struan for being selected by the class as star writers and writing incredibly interesting and detailed reports. In ICT we are in the process of using Publisher to turn our reports into professional looking leaflets.

Last week we build on our note taking skills when listening to and watching a clip on traditional Aboriginal games. We then choose a game and worked in a team to compare resources we have today, adapting it before planning and teaching it to the rest of the class.  During our sharing session we all thought that Oscar and Jasiu demonstrated particularly excellent leadership skills.  We used our P.E. lesson to evaluate what we thought we had been doing well in co-operative learning and also suggested next steps. We did this for leadership skills too!

We are all looking forward to one final week of Aaaaaaaaaustralia!!!

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