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As you may have noticed, our school website is currently undergoing a make-over! We are up-dating all sections of the website as another means of sharing our learning, news and events. Each class will have it’s own blog soon so check back with us in the new year to find out all about the latest goings at our school :-)

Final P7 Dounans Photos

What a fantastic week our P7′s had at Dounans – a brilliant start to their transition to secondary school.

As promised, here are the final photos from our P7 camp in Dounans.

P7 Dounans Camp – Day 4 (Part 1) on PhotoPeach

P7 Dounans Camp – Day 4 (Part 2) on PhotoPeach

P7 Dounans Camp – Day 4 (Part 3 – Disco!) on PhotoPeach

Final Blog from Dounans – P7

Hello West Barns,

Sorry for the lack of blog post last night, we were just too excited about the disco!
Everyone had a brilliant final day and thoroughly enjoyed the discos – I’ve never seen
our P7′s ‘bust moves’ like that before! Hiking with Zak and Struan was great fun – just wait
until you see the natural face masks we made in the photos! Sean, Daniel, Mya & Lee were tracked
around camp by Mrs MacLeod as they took part in their final activities.

I will post final day photos at some point over the weekend. We are all packed up and
ready to come home. We are hoping to be back in West Barns around 1pm but we will keep
you informed should there be any changes.

Dounans – Over and Out!

P7 Dounans – Day 3

Hello West Barns!

Another glorious day at Dounans, we’ve all been busy and have taken part of tonnes more
activities. Plus, we’ve been joined by Mrs MacLeod who is looking forward to exploring
camp more in what is left of our week.

I will be chatting with our P7s this evening in our class time but for now here is an update.
Daniel and Sean have been out all day on a hike – they will be sleeping well tonight! Zak,
Struan, Mya, Lee have enjoyed another day full of different activities. Tomorrow I will be
joining Struan and Zak for their day excursion whilst Mrs MacLeod follows our other P7′s
around their activities. Disco tomorrow night so we’ll be in glad rags in the evening.

P7 Dounans Camp – Day 3 on PhotoPeach

P7 Dounans Camp – Day 2

Hello West Barns!

What a day we’ve all had. We’ve been so busy today, in our different groups
we’ve been involved in lots of activities – a half day hike, nightlife, archery,
raft-building pole climb, tree climb and orienteering.

No time for a group blogging session tonight as our pupils have their class time with
Richard Taylor, a youth worker from our cluster.

I have been sharing all of your messages with our pupils so keep them coming. When we
aren’t in our activities we are basically eating one of our four meals a day or
hanging out with new friends.

Another busy day to come tomorrow . . . . let’s hope for another good night’s sleep.

P7 Camp – Day 2 on PhotoPeach

P7s Have Landed

Hello West Barns!

Greetings from Dounans camp. Our P7′s arrived safe and well at Dounans and have had
a great start to their activity week. Here are a few photos of our first day. Keep
checking back each night to see what we’ve been up to.

I am meeting with our P7′s this evening (haven’t seen some and they will be blogging their experiences
to share with you all.

Mrs Hay

Daniel – My favourite activity today was the Cat Walk.

Zak – I really enjoyed the Mohawk Walk activity because I like a challenge and I liked
the obstacle course.

Sean – I enjoyed the Cat Walk today. I was really nervous about climbing up the tree but I used
my adrenaline rush to my advantage and went as far up as I could!

Struan – My favourite activity today was the Cat Walk. I enjoyed making my way around the obstacle

Lee – I did archery today and our team leader put balloons up on the target board and I managed pop
two of them.

Mya – Today I enjoyed the Living Outdoors activity because I got to make a campfire using flint.

P7 Camp – Day 1! on PhotoPeach

Goodbye to Jingyi

This week our Primary 1 pupils, parents and staff held a small celebration to say goodbye to Jingyi Peng our Chinese student.  We have really enjoyed having her in the school and wish her all the best for her future.2014-07-03