National Trust for Scotland and Young Scot

Heritage Blueprint are a team of passionate young people aged 16-25, who are working with the National Trust for Scotland and Young Scot.

Over 12 months they will be looking at ways to increase young people’s active involvement in NTS as an organisation, making a real difference by creating opportunities with NTS to shape its engagement and membership offer for young people. But they need your help! Please share your views and ideas through this survey.

I would appreciate it if you could push this survey through your social media channels, and inform any young people you’re working with in your services. It’s up on the rewards site here –

or just through survey gizmo here – if any young people don’t have rewards.



”Summer camp of creativity” in Croatia

• Develop your creative skills
• Get feedback from mentors and peers
• Learn new techniques
• Get to know your own creative process
• Be inspired by creating every day
• Produce a body of work during the camp
• HAVE FUN! 🙂 On this link you can find an info-pack with more information.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am contacting you on behalf of ZUM Association. ZUM is an association founded in 2001 with the aim of raising employability of youth and informing them about active participation in the community. We are organizing the ”Summer camp of creativity” for youth in the countryside of Croatia and we would like to spread the call for participants. The fee for the camp is 350 euros, which includes lodging, food, work materials and mentoring for seven days.
During the course of one week, the participants (aged 16-30) will be immersed into creative processes and they will be encouraged to explore their own skills and wishes to create a project. The purpose of the camp is individual and group mentoring with a strong emphasis on the individual’s creative mindset.
On this link you can find an info-pack with more information.
Could you share the information about the camp on your organisation’s website or Facebook page? We would be more than grateful! For any additional questions, we’re on your disposal on Skype.
Best regards, Isabella Bubola

Udruga ZUM

“Discovering Digital World” Special online coding session for S1-S3: 16th May 10.30am – 12pm

47A1814-620x361We have news of an exciting event from the Young Scot Digital World programme.

“Discovering Digital World” Special online coding session for S1-S3: 16th May 10.30am – 12pm

We are delighted here at Young Scot to have been working hard on the next event for the Digital World programme, which will be held… online! This is an opportunity for students to take part in an exciting hands on workshop and hear from people working in the digital technology industry. Be part of this exciting, innovative live-streamed session. Students will:

Take part in a one-off coding masterclass broadcast out by Scotland Co-ordinator for Coderdojo, Craig Steele.

  • There will be a short Q&A with a digital tech employer; your students will be able to join in on live chat and Twitter and ask burning questions on how to get a career working in tech.
  • Finally, an exclusive sneak peek tour around CodeBase, the UK’s largest technology incubator and one of the fastest growing in Europe.

You must register your class for this special online session on the 16th May between 10.30am – 12pm. The resources needed will be sent the week prior to the event. Please enter your details on the Eventbrite page under ‘Online session’ and we will be back in touch the week before. I hope this is an activity you can join in with, we’re hoping it will be an exciting, innovative, new way to help young people engage with the tech industry.

Please enter your details on the Eventbrite page under ‘Online session’ and we will be back in touch the week before with you.


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Merryhatton East Lothian Primary Schools 2016 Gardening Competition

Win a £100 voucher for your school …… and a prize for yourself!

How to enter

Your mission is to create a shoebox garden Create your own miniature garden in an old shoebox. It can be a living garden or create it from paper, card and craft materials – it’s up to you, just use your imagination!



Download the competition flyer here: School competition spring 2016

“When a Child Can’t go to School” – Factsheet from Enquire

Enquire have published a new factsheet – “When a child can’t go to school”.  Based, in part, on the revised Scottish Government Guidance on the education of children unable to attend school due to ill health, this factsheet also addresses other reasons a child may be off school.

It can be a distressing time for parents and carers if their child misses out on their education, particularly if it is linked to an illness or long-term condition.  This factsheet aims to provide information for staff working with families in this situation.

Scottish Love in Action – Caring for children in India

We have been asked to advertise the Teachers’ Information Evening Scottish Love in Action are holding on Thursday the 28th April to Primary Teachers in East Lothian.  Contact here is Judith Wood,


Let’s work together! A Teachers’ Information Evening
Please join us for an enjoyable evening of drinks and canapés.

For catering purposes, please RSVP by 14th April 2016
Thursday the 28th of April 2016 at 7.15pm for 7.30pm
Music Auditorium, George Watson’s College. Edinburgh, EH10 5EG
(Enter Music School via Tipperlinn Gate on Tipperlinn Road)

Scottish Love in Action invites you & a senior colleague to an evening
specifically for teachers to introduce SLA & our successful Schools Programme,
tailored by teachers for Curriculum for Excellence.

Flyer: Let’s work together flyer

Invitation: Let’s work together invitation

Scottish Love in Action – Caring for children in India

East Lothian Poverty Commission wants to hear from people affected by poverty in East Lothian

Is money a constant worry for you?

The East Lothian Poverty Commissioners are a group of people who care about the issue of poverty in East Lothian. We want to find out more about people’s experiences of poverty and how is has affected them. Our job is to find ways of tackling poverty.

Chair of the Commission Annette Bruton says:

‘The Commission has such an important job to do and we really need to hear from people who are experiencing it first-hand. It’s a big ask – I know people don’t always want to talk about what’s happening to them. But if you do get in touch, we will treat whatever you tell us in confidence and with respect and sensitivity.

‘We need your help most of all and I hope that you will tell us what’s happening with you so that when we come to make our report, it will be based on people’s real experiences, helping us to make recommendations that will be effective and meaningful.’

We want to hear from you. Tell us your story and your experiences of living in poverty. Tell us what life is like for you.

We would like to hear how poverty affects your life, what worries you have and how it makes you feel.

We would also like to hear from anyone who knows or works with people living in poverty.

We also want to hear ideas and suggestions for change. What can be done to make things better? What would help people to move out of poverty?

We will use your stories and ideas to help us to suggest new ways of tackling poverty and to change negative attitudes towards poverty. You can share your story with us through an online form or you can contact us in any of the ways below.

Find out more about us at the Commission

For more information about the Commission or if you have any questions about our work please get in touch:
• Visit
•Phone 01620 82 7134
•East Lothian Poverty Commission Facebook page

Science, Art & Writing (SAW) Workshop, 20 April 2016

Calling all primary school science teachers!

Would you like to help bring art together with some cutting-edge science to create an exciting workshop for your pupils?

Then you are very welcome to come to the first SAW Training Workshop

Where: School of Biological Sciences, King’s Buildings, University of Edinburgh

When: Wednesday 20th April, 9.30 am – 3.30pm

Interested teachers can come along for the entire day or just at the end to have a chat and see what ideas have been generated. It is therefore most suited to teachers in Edinburgh City and the Lothians.

Most importantly, the teacher must be happy to run the activity in their school when it is fully developed.

Edinburgh University will pay for materials and the costs of the artists and writers.

This is the first time that this event has been run at the University and they would love you to help get it off to a good start.

Since 2005, the Science Art and Writing (SAW) Trust has been bringing people together from science and the arts to work collaboratively designing and delivering high quality outreach projects, which have been particularly well received in schools (see ). It also builds interdisciplinary understanding, synergies and innovation for the individuals that participate. SAW offers a range of training packages to enable use of the initiative through higher education institutes and their communities, creating a national network of SAW practitioners.

A SAW Training workshop gives a hands-on introduction to the SAW philosophy and extends learning into practice by creating teams of participants to work together in their own time to design a novel Science Art and Writing project that communicates scientific research. Course materials and a project checklist will help teams through the process and ensure they maximise the impacts of their achievements.  Participation in a SAW initiative builds on a range of transferable skills, including communication, project design and team management.  It also provides first-hand experience of designing and delivering workshops in schools.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Liz Fletcher on 0131 650 7292 or for further information.

SAW Teachers Flyer

CPP Seminar “Are we on the right track to improve educational attainment in Scotland?”


Connecting Policy to Practice “Are we on the right track to improve educational attainment in Scotland?”


The attached flyer contains details of a half-day conference cppSeminars Scotland running with the Commission on School Reform.

This will be of interest to education professionals in East Lothian Council.

Education conference pdf

EIS/East Lothian Council Health and Wellbeing Event – Saturday 5 March 2016

EIS/East Lothian Council Health and Wellbeing Event – Saturday 5 March 2016

The EIS East Lothian Learning Rep, Jay McGlacken, and East Lothian Council have organised A Health and Wellbeing event to be held at Knox Academy, Pencaitland Road, Haddington EH41 4DT from 9 am to 12.20 pm. Refreshments will be available.

This event will feature workshops to give practical support to participants. If you wish to attend you should email Joyce Baldwin indicating which 2 workshops from the list below you wish to attend – please give a third option in case any workshop is full.

Please also give your name, schools, contact details and indicate any special requirements you may have e.g. dietary or access to allow you to attend the event.

Workshop 1

Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight

Although we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we don’t seem to very good at it. Sleep is when the body and especially the brain regenerates and repairs itself. Sleeplessness has been identified as a factor in an endless list of afflictions including hypertension, obesity, memory loss, reduced immunity, mood swings, depression and substance abuse. This workshop will look at why we are poor sleepers and how we can improve the quality of our sleep.

Presenter Kathryn Sinclair is an NHS Lothian Healthy Working Lives adviser who provides advice, support and training to organisations across Edinburgh and the Lothians interested in supporting staff well-being.

Workshop 2

Back pain….. avoid it, feel great!

Lower back pain is the single biggest cause of disability in the world causing more disability than cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart disease and Alzheimers combined.

Gavin Routledge is an osteopath with 25 years of experience and an MSc in the Clinical Management of Pain who is on a mission to help reverse the increase in back pain in young people in Scotland whilst continuing to raise awareness of the importance of how to have healthy, pain free back in adults. As well as giving guidance on how best to use our backs to avoid pain, he is developing, an experience-based programme for use in the classroom to promote understanding of how well-being depends on how children use and take care of their backs.

Workshop 3

Using Your Voice

Our voices are essential for communication and self-expression yet voice problems are common, especially in people who have to use their voices under conditions of stress or background noise. Does your voice sometimes feel sore or uncomfortable or it doesn’t sound as good as it could? Then this workshop might help.

This workshop will explore some of the causes of voice problems and provide you with information and some simple strategies to help you keep your voice healthy.

Workshop 4

Introduction to Hypnotherapy

This workshop is designed to introduce the practice of hypnotherapy for personal health and well-being and will incorporate an overview of how hypnotherapy works, the misconceptions surrounding it and the conditions and problems it can help. The workshop will also explore the links between personal health and well-being and will include a taster session for relaxation.


There will also be a Market Place’ area with various stalls which will include, for example:

EIS Benevolent Fund
Citizen’s Advice
Health and Beauty Shop – Massage and Eyebrows
Occupational Health – Blood Pressure and Cholesterol testing
Employee Assistance Programme
Belhaven Bikes – East Lothian Cycle Scheme
HSF – Health Cash Plan supported by ELC
Capital Credit Union
Podiatrist information
Health smoothies
Teacher pensions
PayPlan – Debt solutions

This is an excellent opportunity to attend a very practical and supportive event, do not miss out.

Please email as soon as possible to ensure your place but no later than Wednesday 24 February 2016.