St. Andrew’s Day and Scotland

The children enjoyed learning about St. Andrew and about Greyfriar’s Bobby, Edinburgh Castle and the legend of the Saltire. They created some beautiful artwork, added to their ‘Talking and Thinking Floorbook’, enjoyed Scottish themed snack and a St. Andrew’s Day meal.
St. Andrew’s Day and Scotland Theme on PhotoPeach

Seashore fun!

It’s been a busy start to the new school year and lovely to see our previous children and welcome our new children and families. We hope they all enjoy their time at Whitecraig.
The first theme the nursery children have chosen is the Seashore and they are enjoying learning about it, making a ‘Talking and Thinking Floor-Book and creating some wonderful artwork.
Seashore on PhotoPeach


How quickly this has come around again! It will soon be time to hand our Pre-school children over to their P1 teachers. Our transition programme is a great way to introduce the children to their new class, teachers and P2 classmates and helps ensure a smooth start to P1 in August. Good luck boys and girls, we will miss you!
Transition on PhotoPeach


The nursery children have enjoyed learning about ‘Minibeasts’. They listened very well to stories and Group Time work and created some wonderful models and artwork for display. There were many budding Entomologists searching for all things crawly both indoors and out! Mrs Simpson even made some wonderful Very Hungry Caterpillar sandwiches for our very hungry ‘bug hunters’! The children have been eagerly watching our own Painted Lady Caterpillars grow in size, ready for their transformation in a couple of weeks!
Minibeasts on PhotoPeach