The nursery children are having great fun with their next chosen theme – ‘Minibeasts’! They are carefully watching their own caterpillars grow and can’t wait until they can set the butterflies free!
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St. Andrew’s Day

The nursery children learned about: St. Andrew, the origin of the Saltire, painted their own Saltire and finally enjoyed a St. Andrew’s Day snack.
St. Andrew’s Day on PhotoPeach

It’s a Jungle in here!

The nursery children had great fun learning about life in the jungle. They helped to make their own jungle in the nursery and enjoyed learning about the animals that live there. They made some lovely jungle art and thoroughly enjoyed learning to sing and dance the ‘Animal Boogie’!
It’s a Jungle in here! on PhotoPeach

Farming and Harvest

The children are enjoying learning about farming including the types of crops a farmer might grow. They have listened to Rosie’s Walk and are working on some farming artwork for display. In addition, they are enjoying ‘The Little Red Hen’ and are using puppets to recreate the story. The story is helping them learn about how crops are harvested and bread is made. We are grateful to Mrs Jane Gray for bringing in some wheat for the children to grind into flour (which they are thoroughly enjoying!) and then we will bake some bread.

Farming on PhotoPeach