This week we really enjoyed spending a morning with our P6/7 buddies, who helped us to cut and stick our scary pumpkin faces and played some Halloween themed games with us! P1 showed great perseverance when threading our spiders webs and cutting out our ghosts to decorate our classroom with!


It was great seeing P1’s Halloween costumes. We did some Halloween yoga to get ourselves moving! I hope you all have a great weekend and lots of fun on Sunday!

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Thanks to our wonderful Parent Council who managed to get every child at Whitecraig Primary School a pumpkin!! Lots of happy faces leaving school this week.

Click on the link below for our recommended pumpkin soup recipe.

Pumpkin soup recipe



We had lots of fun creating our skeleton art work yesterday. We had to work cooperatively with our new talking partners to complete this task. We used cotton buds to make the skeleton bones!

It was great seeing everyone dressed up and all excited for Halloween. We created spider webs and danced in the dark! I hope everyone has fun on Sunday!

Halloween Hunt

This week we had a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. We hid a variety of Halloween pictures around the nursery garden and the children were able to find these both independently as well as helping others.
The children were matching the picture they found to the picture on their checklist and making a mark to show the found the image.

#literacy #maths #cooperation #teamwork


The children have been busy engaging and talking about different devices we use to measure time. We are beginning to use the sand timers when we would like a turn on the nursery bikes .

“The timer” “a phone” “Alexa” “the nursery clock” “my tablet tells the time” “mine clock changes colour in the morning”