Panto Pandemonium

The  school  show  was  Awesome.  The cast had a lot of fun. It was an amazing  experience.  We liked all the songs. Everyone liked practices. We all  enjoyed taking part. The costumes were amazing  and we really liked performing in front of the parents.


Primary 6 Rugby

Wednesday the 3rd of December 2014  P6 went to the Rugby Festival on the Ross High field. They learned about how to play Rugby and they  played games of Rugby like Shark’s and Fishes. Which is a game like British Bulldog’s. We had lot’s of fun at the Rugby Festival we really enjoyed it. :D

P5/6 class

This term we learnt about victorians and science.  For victorians we had a victorian day and paintings, we drew some  thistles.For science we did dissolving ,floating,sinking and melting experements.


p7 panto pandemonium

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of November P6/7 and P7 showed 3 viewings of panto pandemonium.

All the people in the show were either in the  choir or had main parts. The show was very good especially on the 27th as it was dark outside so the lights looked better for on the stage.

main parts:

John  - Ewan T p7a

Alison – Hannah J p7a

Martin - Sean C p7a

Sara – Danielle M p6/7

Witch -Abigail R p7a

Good Fairy -  Cara W p6/7

Spotty – Kieran L p7a

Grotty  -Emma S p7b

Boo -Euan S p7a

Hiss – Amy G p7a

Jack – Nathan T p7a

The Giant – Abby K p7b

Cinderella – Rebecca D p7a

Magnolia – Rachael S p7a

Apple White -  Hayley R p7b

Aladdin – Filip B p7a

Moo -Adil F p7b

Tail -Ethan G p7b

The 7 Dwarfs -Matthew T p7a, Jake B p7a, Ryan A p7b, Dylan B p7a, Jenna S p6/7, Millie D p7b,Jordan G p7a

p7 panto pandemoniem

This year  p 6/7 and p7 performed panto pandemonium.  In our practices we all went through a lot of hard work. We were learning all of the songs and the main characters had to  learn there scripts off  by heart which must have been hard.  After the three shows we felt that all the hard work was worth it because it was lots of fun. Thank you to all the helpers that helped and to our teachers for helping us in our practices. Also a big thank you to our audiences. We all hope you enjoyed it!!

Primary6 Hockey festaval

On Wednesday the 12th November all primary 6 pupils went to the East Lothian hockey tournament. Windygoul’s teams were Otters, Deer, Beavers, Stoats, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Wolves, Rabbits, Owls, Hares, Bears and Beatles. The other schools were Humbie, Sanderson Wynd and St. Martins. The tournament started at 10:00 AM and finished at 12:00 PM. The festival rules were: You may only use the flat side of your hockey stick, The stick must not be lifted over the shoulders, Each game lasts 8 minutes, Each team may only play four players at a time and HAVE A GREAT TIME! We all had a great time at the tournament and many of us won our games against the other schools! This was Logan, Aaron T and Aaron S reporting for duty.

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