P6/7 April Update

This week we have been learning all about Pie Charts in Maths. We decided to investigate the colour of sweets in a range of packets to identify the most common colour. The results were very similar apart from Wine Gums which had very little in the way of variety. We now know that to calculate the number of degrees for each section it is 360degrees divided by the total, then multiplied by the number found. We had to use a compass and protractor to construct our pie charts.

In Topic we made posters with our learning partners. Before we create the posters we found out some new information about Earth Day. The poster are for Earth Day and we stuck them up around the school in the hope that other pupils might take part.

In Art and Design we drew penguins and polar bears. We also had a go at some Abstract Art. We have created the first layer of our work. In Abstract Art you are free and you paint with freedom! We look forward to sharing some of the finished articles!

In spelling we used a range of activities to learn a new pattern and then we had an additional challenge of solving some anagrams.

Written by Harry, Charli, Stefan, Corey and Ruby

P6C Blog – Week Beginning 17th April

In P6C, it has been a busy but positive first week back. We all changed tables for our last term in P6. We are ready to make our final term the best one yet! In Literacy we did some writing about the fun we had over the Easter break. We learned some new words for spelling linked to our new Human Body project. In Drama, we played lots of different games. It was hard and our highest in the number game was 5 so we had to keep starting again. In Maths, we were looking at compass directions. We have produced some very detailed mind maps about our class novel, Midnight Gang by David Walliams. We also had to write a review about our favourite film. We enjoyed that because we were interested in the film. Miss McKay is hoping this will help us to write better reviews on the books we have read. We have started our new Science project about the Human Body. We started out making Skeletons with split pins and we have done some Listening and Talking to learn more facts about how amazing our skeleton is. We learned that there are 206 bones in our body, the skeleton is stronger than steal but weighs less than 10kgs, the hand has 27 bones therefore has the most movement of all and we learned that the foot has 26 bones and 33 joints. We also managed well to keep up with our Daily Mile. In assembly this week we were thinking about aspirational leaders. We were discussing the fact that every single person in our school can be a leader.

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P6B 21.04.17

P6B 21.04.17

This week P6B have been enjoying preparing for their class assembly. They created masks for the different historical figures they have been learning about and practised their class songs.

The children have enjoyed starting their new topic about the human body and have come up with a wide range of questions that they would like to answer.

In maths the children have started working cooperatively  to create group questionnaires utilising frequency tables, giving the children a chance to practise making tally marks. They then went to individually creating bar charts to display the data.

Mrs Blair had a fantastic lesson with us about using kind words and the children found this really interesting.

We are continuing to run our daily mile with Mrs MacDonald’s class which helping us get faster and faster.

The children are looking forward to next weeks performance.


P4B Blog by Kayla and Fraser

This term we have been learning about lots of different things. In Topic we have been learning all about East Lothian, it’s history, heritage and archaeology. Some jobs they did in the past here are mining, fishing and farming. For our school trip we went to the National Mining Museum. We found it really interesting and had lots of fun. In Maths we have been learning all about Fractions. We have been playing games with our fractions rods , comparing them and working out what fraction our partners are thinking of. In Art we have been looking at Zentangle patterns and have created some stunning art work. In English we have been learning to write interesting stories and information texts. We have discovered that using synonyms and technical vocabulary makes our writing more interesting for our readers.




On Monday, we got a message from Mrs Wilson saying that we have been chosen to do a special project. We learned about all of the qualities a Windygoul pupil needs which I really enjoyed because I got to decorate a hand with some of the qualities. We also played a teamwork game where we got into teams of four and we held 4 ends of a piece of string. We ended up having a square in the middle and had to get 6 cups into a pyramid shape only using the string!


On Tuesday, we wrote down all of the reasons why literacy is important. We did a Class Builder where everyone wrote 3 clues about themselves and scrunched it into a ball. We threw the ball into the basket and Mr Bryant picked on out and we all had to try and guess which person it was. It was really fun, but hard at the same time!


On Wednesday we looked at a presentation made by Ailee and Hannah about bullying and why we should not be one. We made a massive chain with all of the things we are interested in to prove we don’t need to be the same. We also looked at how to be a good friend and what a good friend really looks like and does to help you if you ever need it.


On Thursday, we learned about why maths is important to others in the future and now. We were in co-operative groups where we wrote down as many topics in maths as we could. Then we went into pairs and did a problem solving challenge which was pretty hard.


By Daniel

P3B’s Red Nose Day!

P3B helped Windygoul celebrate Red Nose Day for Comic Relief on Friday 24th March. The class tried really hard to wear something red – some of us even changed our hair colour for the day!

We watched a video on why we were asked to raise money for Comic Relief and saw some children who benefitted from the money we donated.

Our challenge for the day was to create a brand new red nose. We spent a long time being creative and no one’s idea was the same. The photos show us working hard!

Miss Love and Miss French had a very hard time choosing the winners! Branden won the competition and Niamh and Abi were very deserved runners up.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped us celebrate.

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