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This week in topic we have been learning about Kindertransport and have heard about the amazing people who helped children in World War II. Kindertransport was something they did so they could sneak, not only Jewish children but many others out of Germany. They helped over 2,000,000 children. We were all very interested in learning all about Kindertransport!!!




This week in maths we have been doing Co-ordinates and have learned lots of skills to help us in the future. We have enjoyed learning Co-ordinates and other related activities in the future. We have also been practising our 9x table not only in school but at home.




This week in P.E we have been concentrating on some invasion games e.g football, bench ball, basketball etc. We have enjoyed working not only with our class but an other P7 class, this gives us more experience not just with classmates!!!


October Fruity Jams

After thinking  how yummy seasonal fruits could be used, we tried lots of different jams on crackers, pancakes and toast. We came up with ten different kinds of jam and  have  now set up our own jam -making factory !  When we read ‘Jam ” by Margaret Mahy, we laughed at how the family filled their teapots and vases with plum jam. We plan to use our numeracy skills by collecting information as to favourite kinds of jam and are thinking how to record this information.

At our daily meetings we are talking together about what excites us and what we need to find/buy to make our play even more interesting. We are encouraged to put forward our thoughts and ideas.

” Can we have real tools ?” asked Ryan

” I’d love to have everything to play at shops!”   Riley

“We should have small cleaning things, like brushes, so the children can get busy cleaning ”  Brodie


P5B update.

Over the past couple of weeks, Primary 5B have continued to work on ‘The Sky above Us’ topic. We mad an information grid on the planets, size, colour and how many days the planet took to orbit the sun. We used the internet and information books to find the answers.

During Maths, we have started work on Angles. We used post-it notes to find right angles in the classroom. We were learning the names of the angles. Their names are right, obtuse, acute and reflex angles. We have been using Mathletics on the computers and we really like it. 13 people in our class got certificates from Mathletics, well done!

In P.E, we have been playing games of knock out, bench ball, invasion games. We have been learning about dribbling and passing the ball. We have been learning about having bendy knees, looking for spaces, heads off chest and scanning. For our warm up we have been doing speed 1. That requires bendy knees, low down and looking for space.

For Music, Mr Piwowar has been teaching us how to play the recorder. We played the notes A and B from the musical alphabet. We had to read notes form a note book called ‘Red Hot’.

Please look out for future updates!

From P5B.


This week in P5A

This week we have been learning about some of the different types of plurals. Also this week we have been learning about the creation stories of different religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. We found out that one of the religions called God three names. This week we are going to learn more about space before moving on to a different topic after the holiday. We have been learning all the different names of angles such as reflex, straight, obtuse, acute and a right angle.

By Isobel and Beth

This week we got told that we could join the P7 football team for boys and girls in PE. In Art we did Propaganda Posters for our WW2 display. We have done division and learned how to do it in a different way that makes it easier and quicker. We got told different things that happened in the Battle of Britain. We have been doing WW2 diaries about what it felt like in WW2 when you were fighting. We learnt about synonyms in spelling. Synonyms are different words that mean the same. We tried to use them in our writing. We have been doing rugby every Wednesday and been doing matches and it is fun. Some of the P7s have been chosen for the hockey team and next week they are going for a festival.


Last week, as you know P7A held a McMillan coffee morning and we just want to tell you that we raised £320.  Thank you for coming along to support us.

Life in P3C

This week we have been learning about how to add and subtract large numbers.  We have also been learning how to convert centimetres into metres and kilograms into grams.   In literacy we have been learning how to write instructions and even made flavoured water and described each step of the process in the correct order.  In French we have been very busy and are all now able to have a short conversation with each other, recall the numbers to 30 and even say the days of the week!   We have really enjoyed playing the French game ‘onze’ and teaching the other children how to play it at break times.

P7C class blog

As part of our topic P7C have been learning about life on the home front. Each home team had a different aspect of it such as the blitz, woman’s   role, food rationing, clothes rationing, the home guard, daily life and evacuation. Each group made a presentation on their subject and then displayed it to the class. Afterwards we all did a mini quiz on each subject. We have now moved on to D-day which everyone is looking forward to!

In maths we have been solving different word problems which include adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying. We have also begun to look at code breaking, using multiples and factors to make and break codes.

We have also been practising songs for our show, the Rocky Monster Show, auditions are taking place next week.

We have linked our writing to WW2 and have been making propaganda posters which are looking great up on our wall!

We have started a new block of rugby which everyone is looking forward too as well as continuing our football/Basketball in PE!

From P7C

Astronauts, Superheroes and Simon Says

This week we finally got into our home teams. We got to know each other in our home teams by telling each other our favourite subject, favourite food and our name. Together we came up with a team name and hand shake. In our home teams we had to create a super hero that showed perseverance. During the task we could earn team dojos for working hard. The team with the most points will get cushions at their seat next week! We do our spelling test every week in the back of our homework jotters. This week was our last week on homophones before we move onto plurals next week.  We love reading our books in class and we have been busy reading books we have chosen from the library, our group novels and an E-book of Neil Armstrong’s life. Neil Armstrong’s biography helped us make a timeline of his life this week. During this task we used reading and writing skills to find the information and write it down. We also had to use our number skills as we had to work out how old Neil Armstrong was on each of the dates. Every Friday two people get to write the class blog and in order of the register four people a week have talk time with the teacher. This is where they share what they have learned this week and what challenges they have faced. Everyone else in the class reflects on their learning individually. This week we have also been learning about angles. We can now see the connection between angles and the points of the compass and have been using this knowledge to play Simon says.

Don’t forget to check our blog next week!

By Owen and Joshua


This week in P5C

This week we’ve been learning about right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. We learned that there are 90 degrees in a right angle and 360 degrees in a full turn. We have also recently been using mathletics. In literacy we have been learning how to write biographies and how to recognise homophones.  In topic we have been looking at the life of Neil Armstrong and how he got chosen for his space mission. We have been scanning for information to help us learn about him.

By Gemma


This week we have been learning about homophones and angles. We have also been learning about the music alphabet with our new music teacher. I really enjoyed drawing the perseverance superhero for Mrs Wilson.

By Olivia

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