We all learned about tenths of decimals and hundredths and a little bit of fractions. We even drew some boxes to show what the whole numbers where we even did some large boxes for a whole number and medium boxes to show how many tenths were inside a whole number and we did small boxes for hundredths.


We practised the show every day for about 1 hour each lesson for about 6 weeks then we did the props like tickets, posters and programmes. We also worked as a team to make it work and have had a great time. We enjoyed it. We did a dress rehearsal in front of P4, P5 and P6. Everyone was involved, also a big thank you to Emma and Nikki and to all the teachers that helped set up the stage and with the makeup.


We did some athletics sport at Meadowmill. Sports Centre with 14 people. We had relay, the speed bounce, high jump, long jump, chest push and the team came fourth in all the schools. There was a lot of running races. The people that went were Liam, Logan, Billy, Robbie, Holly, Rachel, Deryn, Lucy and when they go back it was gym and we played football at gym .


We did some angels for the Christmas tree. We also decorated a poster with bells and music notes and Christmassy pictures and things.

Talk time

We shared the photos we took at the rugby a few months ago and from the show and the McMillan charity in the cooking room.

Numeracy In The Nursery

We are thinking about numerals, recognising and ordering numbers within our play experiences and routines. We can collect “moon rocks” and show the correct amount when an adult or friend gives us a certain number to count out. We had great fun creating a backwards number sequence on our amazing space rocket 10-1 and this has helped us not only to count forwards to 10 and beyond, but backwards too ! We love to take the “Number Challenge” and to put the numeral cards and the number puzzle pieces in the correct order. We are going to make new registration plates for the bikes outdoors, identifying, recognising and matching numbers. Often at toothbrushing time, we squirt out the minty toothpaste in a pattern of ten and can tell you how many more blobs are needed if Mrs. James only does 7 !   Just a few examples of our Numeracy and Maths experiences that help us build our understanding.

Why not have a look at the numbers all around in your street (with a Grown -Up) and see if you can name as many as you can ? What is the number on your front door ?  My door number is a 3 and a 9, thats 39.

This Week in P5A

This week we have been learning more about Mary Queen of Scots’ life and we now know the reason Mary Queen of Scots was executed. We found out her lips were still moving when she died because she was praying. On Wednesday we read a bit of a book called the Spiderwick Chronicles and in the book there were 5 characters and they lived in a Victorian house. For fitness in class we have been doing something called Five a Day fitness but we do it in French. Have a look at the picture of us doing it below this post! We have also managed to reach our reading target of 131,000 words! We have actually bet our target as we have now read 519,776 words!

This was Cody and Bryonne. Please feel free to leave us a comment!


This week in P5A

This week we have learned how to spell plurals that are the same as the singular or completely different (like foot and feet). We have also being reading the Spiderwick Chronicles as part of our Literacy Evolve. We have learned to draw/paint like a Scottish Colourist and we have been working on portraits in this style. We have new reading buddies who are in P2b. We have also started A.R and we are trying to reach 131,000 words by Christmas. We have done 80,000 words so far. Our new topic is Stuarts and Tudors and we have been learning all about Mary Queen of Scots’ life. We also got our JASS folders this week so we can start putting in our evidence that will go towards getting our bronze award by the end of Primary 5. We have also been learning new songs on the recorder in music.

This was Anna and Scott.

P5B update (13.11.15)

This week we have been working on the topic ‘Mary Queen of Scots’. We have been investigating what happened in her life and we have been making a timeline. We have been acting this out to help us remember things that happened to her.

During our writing lesson this week, we wrote a newspaper article about the birth of Mary Queen of Scots and the death of her father, King James. It was very interesting. Continue reading P5B update (13.11.15)

The Rocky Monster Show

The Rocky Monster Show is our P7 Pantomime/Show and we have been working really hard on putting LOTS and LOTS of effort in to this. We are practicing the show every day of the week for your entertainment. We have been getting our costumes ready and we think all the P7 costumes are amazing. Also all the teachers have been helping us practice and are really good at helping us for this nerve racking experience. We have been going through a lot of effort to learn all the songs, and we think the entire choir and actors/actresses are so awesome.


In Maths we have been working on fractions, times tables and dividing. We have done co-ordinates and have mastered it. Every morning we do a maths challenge which includes a variety of maths questions. Every week we also do a sheet that has 60 questions and we have a minute to answer all of them the questions are mostly times tables. And we are getting on well with that we feel that most if not all of us are confident about our Maths.


Our new topic is called World of Work and we have just started this topic and we are very excited about this because we are interested about this because we want to learn about mortgages and how much money you need to have to actually get a house and things like that so it can prepare us for what’s to come. We also feel that we must know this for the future if we want to get an amazing job (apparently).


In PE we have been doing indoor athletics with Mr. Thomas and Miss Borthwick. There is standing long jump, triple jump, standing high jump, chest pass throw and speed bounce and of course running. We have been very competitive about the running and you have to run really fast to win and let’s be honest everyone wants to win.


This Week in P5A

This week we have been continuing with our learning of time we have been looking at 5 and 1 minute intervals.

We were researching Mary Queen of Scots we found out that her cousin beheaded her.

We were doing portraits in the way of Scottish colourists they looked amazing and we have started using accelerated reader. We set a target of reading 131,000 words by Christmas. If we get there we get to have a PARTY!!! There is a thermometer up on the wall were Boggle used to be showing how many words we have managed. This week we have read 16,000 words. We are continuing on our French speech (bonjour Ça va, Ça va bien, merci) that’s most of what we know. We have been bringing in food to help the Tranent Food bank.

Here are some examples of our portraits they are by Jack and Jessica.




Make sure to keep check our blog next week until then it’s bye from Jack and Jessica.

P7A BLOG 5/11/15

This week in P7A we have been doing….

We have been doing improper fractions to mixed numbers and very much enjoyed it. We have also been doing the equivalent fractions; we are now almost experts on them.

This week we have been practising on our P7 show called The Rocky Monster Show. Some of us have a big part including Mrs. Danvers and Fenton. |All of us have been enjoying it. it has been a lot of fun.

We have been going out to spend our break with the P1’s; it is fun but can also be quite tiring. Lots of people have been playing games but of course since we are P7’s we are the ones that get chased. This is our second time of being out to play with the P1’s and this is out last weekJ.

This week we have been watching Goodnight Mr Tom, and our teacher has been reading it as well. We have only got a chapter left and we are excited for it to finish.

In PE this week we have been doing central net games, tennis for example. And we have been doing PE with the other classes, and it’s a lot of fun.

In our groups we have been speaking and reading and answering our reading comprehension in our groups. It has been quite fun and it has made us think a lot harder and it has been quite easy for us.

This week in French we have been doing numbers one to fifty and after that we have been playing bingo in the French numbers.


By Josh and Skie

October 2015


We have enjoyed building our own inventions as part of our Romans Topic. We used the technology trolley with hammers, saws, hand drills, etc, to build a moving 3D model. It was great fun! Quinn, Liam, Molly and Nicole’s groups project was “a complete and utter fail” (Quinn’s words). Leo was chuffed that the Banta Turtle invention got a deal on Dragons Den for £2 million!!


Expressive Arts

We have enjoyed doing Autumn Art work. We have developed our skills of shading, sketching, silhouettes, tone, colour and pencil texture to add detail to our work. Shea “At first we were messy with the paint but then as we practised we have got better and better!”



We have Matthew visiting us every Tuesday morning to help us learn French. We can say the days of the week, numbers up to 30, the colours and can have a small conversation in French. Sean feels his work in French is “outstanding.” He enjoys doing his number sums in French!!


Reading Buddies

We meet with P1A every week to work on literacy skills. We are partnered with a P1 pupil and help them with their reading, decoding, sounds and enjoy reading stories to them! We like getting to know our buddies.


Butterdean Woods

Butterdean Woods was amazing! Quinn was convinced he would be able to light a fire quickly but found this challenging! He persevered and eventually managed to do it!! Well done Quinn!! Liam worked well in his group and managed to light 3 different fires!! Expert!! Iona enjoyed playing different games and enjoyed “extra support” from Mrs Bell. Nicole enjoyed the team building and worked well in her team to use Michael Jackson moves to obtain all the water bottles from shark infested waters!! Leo liked making the dens. He had to go out and find different bits of wood and make a den big enough to fit in his whole group!

Picasso Inspired Portraits


The class of P6A looked at the work of famous artists and used different styles of Art to inspire these pictures.  Looking at Picasso and Klimt, we noticed hidden details in their paintings and had a go at incorporating our own ‘hard to find’ details in our own art-work.  Now in term two, our topic is Science and today we carried out a science experiment to learn about the Water Cycle. We learned that all the water on earth is millions of years old and that salt is just too heavy to move with water.  More science experiments to come!

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