Euro Quiz

In February we talked about an upcoming quiz especially for P6. The quiz was all about the Europe and the European Parliament. This year was the first year that Windygoul entered a team. The people who went were Ellie, Luke, James, and Niamh S. They were asked questions about Languages, Maths, Flags, Parliament and Countries. They did really well, scoring 34 out of 60. This was above the average score which was 30. Well done guys!

Matilda, Dorks and Cats in Hats!

This week we have had special visitors in our class from Primary 6/7 while the Primary 7s have been at camp. We enjoyed spending time with some of the other Primary 6s.
We have been working hard converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions and finding a fraction of a number in Maths this week. We have been learning this by completing questions in our jotters and playing games such as dominoes and connect four.
We have also been learning about different Human Rights Campaigners such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Desmond Tutu and Abraham Lincoln. We are making posters to share our learning with others in the class.
We also dressed up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day on Tuesday. Some of our characters included, Matilda, Gangsta Granny, Dorks from Dork Diaries and The Cat

Parent/Carer/Teacher Consultations

Your child will be bringing home a letter today with information about the new online system we are trialling for our Parent/Carer/Teacher Consultation appointments on Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th March.

There is a copy of the letter below incase yours has not made it past the cloakroom floor!

The system goes live tonight from 8.00pm until midnight on Thursday 19th March.

Windygoul parents night letter



Victorian topic
We learned about Victorians we had a Victorian day we had to dress up like Victorians. Teacher gave people a fake belt because a real belt is sore.
Science topic
We did a melting experiment we had to see how long the ice would melt.
We learnt the numbers in French and the letters in French it was cool.
Human body
We learnt about some of the organs: the heart liver the intestine, the stomach and more.

P5a Observatory Trip

In February P5A went to the Royal Observatory for their school trip about space we saw the big blue telescope and it is one of the world’s biggest telescopes. We learnt how rainbows are formed. We also made our own paper rockets in partners.
We launched them to try land on the cardboard Moon. When we were done looking at the telescope we got to Rome around the place and played with all the stuff for an example we had to try and form a rainbow with blocks.

P7 camp at Benmore

Enjoying the shore walk at P7 camp!
Enjoying the shore walk at P7 camp!
Freezing shore walk at P7 camp after jumping into the loch.
Freezing shore walk at P7 camp after jumping into the loch.
Jumping into the loch at p7 camp. (Kieran Leslie p7A)
Jumping into the loch at p7 camp. (Kieran Leslie p7A)
getting ready for activities!
getting ready for activities!                    


Primary 7 camp trip at Benmore . Enjoying the shore walk and activities!

p5b at the royal observatory

this is one of the several   constellations.
this is one of the several

P5b went to the royal observatory and had an inflatable dome with a projector. To show us the constellations. There was a really big telescope called a reflective telescope. It was very old and unfortunately it didn’t work.  We had so much fun learning about space.


Four people from P6 have been studying for the Euroquiz for weeks on French and maths and they done really well and studied hard. The Euroquiz is about other countries in Europe like France and Germany.
Well done everyone that took part.

Benmore Day 4

Our last full day of activities at Benmore has been really eventful and a very exciting way to round off our adventures…

Unfortunately it was a rainy, wet day but that did not manage to dampen our spirits.  We enjoyed another fantastic range of activities – Shore Scrambling, Gorge Walking, Biking, Orienteering, Caving and Forest Walks. Due to the amount of snow melting and the rain today it was very wet in the gorge and the waterfalls were very full but that all added to the experience.  The groups at the shore enjoyed some hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows toasted with a blow torch before heading up to search for pearls – some people are thinking of a new career as they were very good at spotting them in the tiny cracks between  the rocks.

After the activities we all had to match up our waterproof trousers and jackets (not an easy job in the sea of them in the drying room) and then it was time to scrub them down in the sinks before they were put away (yet more evidence that we can use a scrubbing brush and are not far off being able to use that washing machine mums and dads!)  Tonight it was the very exciting prospect of the last night disco, an opportunity to wear something other than our waterproofs, wellies and several fleecy jumpers.  Some people chose to challenge each other in the games room playing table football, pool, table tennis and Connect 4.  We came together for the last part of the disco and enjoyed mixing with our new friends from Yester Primary, raising the roof to a rousing rendition of The Proclaimers 500 Miles.

Tomorrow morning we will need to get all of our wet and soggy clothes back into our bags and get our chores done before we get back on the bus to head home.  We have missed home this week but have had an amazing time here at Benmore and will all be coming home with a real sense of achievement and feeling that we have challenged ourselves to do something that we never thought we would be able to.  We are looking forward to sharing all of our stories, showing you some of our bruises and getting our photos developed.

Night night, see you all tomorrow :)

“I was impressed at how the children were willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone in order to achieve new things” Euan – Benmore Instructor

“Enjoyable shore scramble but sadly no luck finding pearls” Mr Thomas

“Outstanding day in a wild, fast flowing gorge where all the children achieved way beyond their expectations” Mr McCann

“The disco was fab!” Kieran

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