First Days of Primary 5A

It is now the end of our first full week in Primary 5A and we have lots of news to share!

We are very lucky to be one of the classes to have a classroom in the brand new extension, so our first days were spent discovering our new surroundings, getting lost and exploring our new resources. Our classroom is on the second floor of the extension so we are definitely getting lots of exercise when we move around the school! From our classroom we can see the eco friendly sedum roof from the original building. We will keep an eye out throughout the year to see how the colours change with the seasons. We are also very excited to have a fully kitted kitchen opposite our classroom. We look forward to doing lots of baking and cooking throughout the year! We have also been given a new touch screen whiteboard to try out which we are very excited about using. It looks like a big TV screen!

As well as exploring our new surroundings we have also been learning all about each other this week and realise that our differences will allow us to all bring different skills and qualities to our new class. We have started our topic The Sky Above Us and we have been learning lots of interesting facts. We have learned that gravity is a force that keeps us on the ground. That stars are made of burning balls of gas and that the sun is a huge glowing sphere of hot gas. In Maths we have been doing lots of work on Place Value. We have been looking at numbers as big as hundreds of thousands!

Remember to check our blog next week to see what we have been up to!



This Week In P6B And Transition Days

On Monday we talked about transition days and how we felt about going into our P7 classes. We also learned more about negative co-ordinates and played co-ordinate Bingo. It was really fun. We also finished of our Keeping Myself Safe topic and we now know exactly how to keep ourselves safe. Monday was a really fun day as we also lay silently on the grass listening to the different noises we could hear in nature. This was because we are taking part in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Challenge.
On Tuesday we had French with Mr Reid we learned more about how to say different family members in French. We also did pond dipping for our 30 Days Wild Challenge . We also tidied up the classroom for the transition days.
On Wednesday we were all split up into different classes for the transition days we made up rock bands and we did lots of art. P7A was with Miss Lee, P7B was with Mr Mitchell and P7C was with Mrs Idle. We went on tours with our bands to Glasgow, Edinburgh, America and Sydney. We did not have a budget limit so we could spend as much money as we wanted. It was great fun.
On Thursday we finished of our band tours and pictures and we got to sit on the benches at assembly :0! P7A did not get to sit on the benches as there was no room left for them. We then got ready to leave P7 and go back to our original classes.
On Friday (that’s today!) we have had a spelling test and we have reflected on our learning for the week. We are about to go and watch a fashion show with all the winning hats from the design a builder’s hat competition and then we will have golden time.

By Stephanie and Josh


On Thursday the 21st of May the Primary 6s went to Amazonia in M&D’s Theme Park, Strathclyde. We got to walk around the theme park and it was teasing us because we wanted to go on the rides. When we got there we didn’t get to go into Amazonia straight away because another class were in it at that moment so we had to do some worksheets to do with the rainforest and we got to do a word search. When we got to go in the Amazonia part it was very warm inside because all the animals have to be in a similar climate to the rainforest. There were lots of animals such as monkeys, toucans, piranhas, poison dart frogs and lots more. When we got half way through Amazonia we got to go in the nocturnal area it was very dark so the nocturnal animals thought it was night time. There were lots of animals in there too. There were snakes and spiders and there was even a cage on the ceiling so the kinkajou could crawl over our heads, it was kind of creepy! When we got to the end we went in the handling room we got to hold animals like snakes, cockroaches and tarantulas. Then we got to go to the Amazonia interactive room where we took photos and played games whilst learning a bit more about the layers of the rainforest, it was really fun!
By Katie and Grace 

Tribe Celebrations, Opera performances and lots of Sport!

Last week in the class we played coordinate bingo. The way the game works is you plot 6 coordinates then you roll a dice twice. The first time you go along the corridor and you go up the stairs for the second roll. We also made monkey masks by following coordinate instructions. Some of our class went to Meadow bank. Some of the events were cricket ball throw, long jump, high jump, 600 meter run, 150 meter run and 80 meter sprint. Our school came 5th overall. That week we also had an Amazon rainforest celebration because we stopped Amazon loggers cutting down the trees, where our tribes have been living, for palm oil plantations. During the celebration some of our tribe members got their faces painted. Excitedly we did an opera show for parents and some other classes with the Scottish Opera. The day of the show people from Scottish Opera came and taught some dance moves to go with the songs. We had a dress rehearsal in front of the P3s to P7s. We will be writing a review of our work with the Scottish Opera tomorrow to tell you in more detail all about our day! We were given costumes to wear for the two shows. We have now started doing cricket in P.E and we are really enjoying it.

This was Ellie and Katie McD

Cups, time travel and rainforest tribes!

It has been a few weeks since our last blog and we definitely have lots to share! Over the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to have 2 teachers! We have still had Miss Lindsay teaching us but we have also had Miss Douglas teaching us too. Miss Douglas has been teaching us all about the rainforest and the people who live there. We made a rainforest in our classroom and we made our own tribes in our co-operative home teams. We have been making decisions about their beliefs and values. We got quite a shock on Tuesday when we came into our classroom to find our rainforest had been closed off as it was due to be destroyed for deforestation. We are now researching palm oil and how it can affect the rainforest and the people and animals that live there. Hopefully we will manage to save our rainforest! Today we went on a trip to Amazonia and got to see lots of animals that come from the rainforest. We will write another blog telling you all about our trip!

Since our last blog we have also been working on two performances. We have been doing lots of singing in preparation for our performance of Warriors! The Emperor’s Incredible Army with the Scottish Opera next week and we are all very excited about it! We have also performed our Music Through The Decades Assembly to Primaries 4-7, parents, carers and grandparents. We started our assembly with the cup song and then travelled through time looking at the events and music from different decades. We loved performing and have received lots of great feedback about our performance.




Summer Holiday Adventures

STRiVE SCHOOL OF ADVENTURE an East Lothian charity for outdoor learning and adventure

Summer Holiday Adventures in East Lothian

We have some really exciting and adventurous holiday programmes this summer with activities including rock climbing, coasteering, skateboarding and mountain biking.

Surf Rescue

A course running on Friday afternoons from May 29th – end of term for to gain confidence, respect and knowledge about the ocean environment, learn surf rescue and first aid techniques and to be part of a surf rescue training team.

Please see the 3 posters below for more information and contact details.

Many Thanks


Sally Harris | Senior Youth Development Worker

STRiVE Adventure

Holiday STRiVE Zombie STRiVESTRiVE Adventure Surf Rescue Poster

April Update

Pupils should be bringing home their copy of April Newsletter Update today.  Unfortunately a photocopier glitch meant that we were unable to get it out in time for our morning Nursery children to take it home, but we have sent it out to all other classes this afternoon and a copy is available to download below.

School newsletter April 15


New Lunch Menu

The new lunch menu starts on Monday 27th April, you should have received a copy home this week via pupil post, but you can also download a copy below.

Please take time to look over the menu with your child as there are quite a few changes for this coming term.  In particular, please note the choice for soup, this is not available every day, and the Baked Potato fillings are not all available every day.

This menu will continue through until October.

Summer Menu


Euro Quiz

In February we talked about an upcoming quiz especially for P6. The quiz was all about the Europe and the European Parliament. This year was the first year that Windygoul entered a team. The people who went were Ellie, Luke, James, and Niamh S. They were asked questions about Languages, Maths, Flags, Parliament and Countries. They did really well, scoring 34 out of 60. This was above the average score which was 30. Well done guys!

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