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We’ve been learning about the different categories of animals, for example mammals, invertebrates, reptiles and birds. We have also been writing stories but with a sentence to start with. For maths we have been grouping data and we have recorded everyone’s height and the tallest 2 people are Calum with 156 cm and miss Lindsay with 156 cm. We also have changed our group reading book. We have been using IZAK9 which is a cube that you can do lots of Maths games with. We have been doing really well with AR we have read 8,509,366 words this year. Our target to reach is 6,250,000 by the summer holidays and if we get it our party will be a water balloon fight. In P.E we have been playing golf we have been doing a full launch, a chip shot and a putt. We have had people from Edinburgh university helping us.

By Caitlin and Harry

Welcome Back

In P7C this week we were learning about Mean, Mode, Median and Range in our maths.

We were also building electronic circuits to make a light bulb light up using different objects. Metal materials like paper clips and nails were conductors but materials like rubber were insulators. Then we wrote the results in our jotters.

We also learned about keeping myself safe from people who try to persuade you to have alcohol.

In PE we were practising for the high jump for meadow bank. We were practising at first and then had a knockout stage.  The people who got in the top 3 were Becca S,

Niamh M and Jamie A there was no winner out of those 3.

April 2016


This block we are reading a novel called ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’. It is about a young girl called Ayesha who is living in Lebanon during the Civil War. We have explored what she is thinking and feeling through role play. Mrs Bell divided our class into two groups; we were not allowed to talk to people on the other side of the room and could not access parts of our classroom.

Adam: “Loved acting what it would be like to be in a Civil War. It was fun to try and not talk to some of our friends.”

Alex: “I think Ayesha would have felt dreadful not being able to talk to her friends. I found it challenging not being with my pals.”



We have enjoyed using a new resource in school; the IZAK 9!! We have been learning lots of new mathematical language and can solve challenging problems in our co-operative learning teams.

Reece: “I really enjoyed the IZAK 9 activity. I enjoyed the challenge of finding different products, differences and totals of the rows and columns.”

We are continuing to work on our division and keep working with bigger numbers; some have even started working with decimals.

We can convert between fractions, decimals and percentages and can solve real life problems.

Some children have also been looking at algebra!

Kiera: “I found the algebra really challenging and difficult to grasp first time.”

Sarah: “I found it challenging at first but after it was explained more I found way easier!”

Nicole: “I like algebra…I can kinda do it!”


Expressive Arts

We have been learning about landscape drawings and using pencil to add detail. We enjoyed a lesson in the sun drawing landscapes around the school.

Molly: “I enjoyed doing art outside and looking at all the detail around the school; houses, trees, fields and the school building.”

Sean: “I enjoyed doing the landscape art because I like drawing pictures of things that are in front of me in real life.”



Shea: “I have really enjoying French and that we learn new things every week. I can now name body parts and count to 30 in French.”

We have been learning different songs and can even do actions to go along with the ‘penguin dance.’

We can now have a conversation in French and can write a short paragraph about ourselves and our families!

Amy: “I can say the weather in French and name some body parts.”


This block we are looking forward to our new topic on Land Use and Ecology. We are going to be researching and comparing our lives with the lives of others in Africa. We are also going to look at animals and their habitats and eating habits. We have asked lost of questions and are ready to work hard to find the answers.

We are really looking forward to our trip next Wednesday!!! We will put a blog up about it!

P5A Blog

On Monday we had people in to do a workshop called Streets Ahead. Streets Ahead is a project based within Tranent to allow us to have a say about what happens to our town. It is part of the Children’s Parliament and they tell us all about our rights. We had great fun doing it because we had to plan what we want Tranent to look like. Some of us did the bad side of Tranent and some of us did the good side of Tranent streets and some did both.

On Tuesday we went to John Muir’s birth place. We learnt a lot about him here are some facts. He lived in Dunbar for eight years then moved to America and it took 5 weeks to get there. He loved nature. His dad was strict because he followed the bible. On Wednesday we played the recorder for the P4s and some parents. It was really fun performing. On Thursday we did algebra we got some easy and hard ones.

Blog by Beth and Scott

P5B Update (15.4.16)

On Tuesday we had some visitors in the classroom from the Children’s Parliament. We were talking about Tranent. We had to think about being happy, healthy, safe and then think about all the places in Tranent that make us feel that way. We made up our own town with wooden building blocks. We then had to draw a picture linked to Tranent. All of our pictures will be going onto a mural and it will be on a wall in Tranent for everybody to see! Continue reading P5B Update (15.4.16)

Talking To Mum And Dad About My Learning

Our Nursery pupils did extremely well in discussing their learning with their grown-ups. We talked about things we did well, loved to do  and also what we could get better at. We thought about what we would like to change in the Nursery and anything we would like to do more of.

Ollie plans to play more number games. Anabelle wishes to do more dancing and Amie would like to set up a wee shop. Lots of people are going to try something new or take the tricky option in jigsaws and puzzles.

Lots of people are going to keep up their very good listening and put lots of effort into writing and drawing.

The Mummies and Daddies had big smiles and said they loved to hear about what we plan to do to keep up our amazing learning.

P5A Blog Last Week

Monday- Every week we check in with our shoulder partner, technically this is when we share what we did at the weekend. We also did algebra questions like 2a+a+3+7=22. To start off circle time we played a game called Have you ever / silent statements,where you had to swap seats if you had done the statement. This allowed us to move around and also get to know more about each other.

Tuesday- In P.E we ran lots and played a game called shark’s and fishes. We glued in our loose sheets into our jotters. We also started anti-bullying posters to put around the school to stop bullying; we did this for the Me and My World of JASS.

Wednesday- we had music, rugby and alegebra. At music with Mr Piwowar on the recorder we were playing “How about this”. Straight after music we went to rugby with Michael where the boys played with Michael first while the girls passed the ball to each other at the other side of the pitch and then we swapped over.

Thursday- On Thursday we made our Power Points for JASS on My Interests. We will do a presentation for it to the rest of the class. My Interests is about you sharing what you are interested in like baking cakes or making posters etc.

Friday- We went to the hall for P4C & Miss MacKay’s assembly about Commonwealth day. It was great, with lots of singing and dancing.

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P5B Update (7.3.16)

This week we had Mr Thomas as our teacher because Miss Macdonald was away at the P7 camp in Benmore.


In maths, we were learning about decimals and we played a place value game with decimals. We also did some work with adding decimals to make numbers and we also carried numbers over.


In topic, we finished our Scotland leaflets and we made leaflets about China so we can compare them together to see the similarities and differences. Continue reading P5B Update (7.3.16)

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