Diwali in P2C

We have been learning all about Diwali.

We worked in our cooperative groups to retell the story of Rama and Sita using puppets – some of us were very nervous performing in front of an audience!

We enjoyed a workshop from Tesco where we got to try different foods.  We made raita using yoghurt, mint and cucumber.  We also tried some new foods such as houmous.dscf1248

One of our favourite activities was making the lanterns.  We started by making some out of paper and then used clay to make our own.  We got to bring them home yesterday. dscf1249 dscf1250dscf1251


Nativity !

Preparations are in hand for our upcoming Nativity performances. What an amazing cast of actors, narrators and singers we have in P.1 ! We are hoping lots of Mummies, Dads and Grandparents can make it.   It will be a special Christmassy treat for everyone. Keep learning your words and keep singing in the car, shower, bed ! ( and that’s just the Teachers ! )

Maths and Numeracy

We have been doing money. We added some coins like 50p, 20p, 10p, 1p, 2p and £1. We have done some change so if you went to the shop you could be like Sally. Her mum gave her 50p and she spent 48p. Her change would be 2p. At the beginning of change I did not really get it and now I know how to do it. I think it is quite easy now.



I like reading because it helps me read more big books. I like reading because you get to read books that you never would read. At the moment I am reading Horrid Henry. I like Horrid Henry because it is my favourite TV cartoon. I am reading Gangsta Granny and it is very good because it is funny. I like Gangsta Granny because it is by David Williams. I love his books. In class we are reading altogether The Person Controller by David Baddiel.



We have been making calendars for Christmas and we had to make our own pictures for the boxes and colour them in. Then we got numbers to colour in and it was fun. Today we have Art and we are making Christmas decorations. We are making little presents and then decorating them.



We have been doing words that have a silent w. For example wrote, wrestle, wren, wreck. We have also been doing wordsearches as well.



In French we have been doing fruits and veg. We have been doing quizzes. It has been a lot of fun .


Golden Time

In Golden Time we do lots of fun stuff like play games and art and lots of fun stuff.



In library we pick a book and read it. I always pick big, thick books because I like hard books. I pick Horrid Henry books because they are fun.


This week in P1d

This week P1d have been learning about toys that we can push and pull. In our co-operative teams we came up with great suggestions:

‘You push a (toy) train around the train track’ (Sarah)

‘You can push a swing’ (Lily)

‘You can push a baby’s buggy and pull it’ (Cleo)

‘You push and pull a (toy) car’ (Ollie)

‘You pull a (Christmas) cracker’ (Kyle)

‘You push buttons’ (Isla And)

We practised pulling and pushing toy cars and had a car race in the classroom. We pulled the cars back and then we pushed the cars to make them cross the finish line. We tried to see who could push their car the furthest.


We also had great fun making a toy puppet that we can push and pull.


This week we had a lovely time reading with our P7 buddies. Our buddies read lots of stories to us in the Library.

dsc04003 dsc04001 dsc04002

P1C learn about push and pull

P1C have enjoyed starting our new topic, we started by looking a shops and shopping as well as people who help us. We voted and decided we would like a toy shop for our role play corner and have enjoyed being a shopkeeper or customer. We have also made tags to show how much each item costs.


We have now moved on to look at toys that move here are some of our comments on our learning.

The pram can be pushed and pulled. Eva – Rose.


We push the pedals of a bike when we go to meet someone. Freya.

When we’re on a bike and a there’s a road you get off and push it. Louisa.

The dog can pull the lady along. Owen.

We can push toy cars. Nathan.

We sticked the things on that were push and pull. Skye.



We have also been busy practicing our songs for the nativity next month. We look forward to performing for you all then.

Sports Hall Athletics

Our Primary 7 Athletics team performed very well at the recent Sports Hall Athletics event finishing fourth overall. The whole team performed well in the different events and all contributed points for the team. Our relay teams both did particularly well with both the boys and girls teams finishing in second place. All of the pupils selected were a credit to the school and we are looking forward to the outdoor Athletics event in May.


In Literacy we have been reading about the Spiderwick Chronicles and in our spelling we have been doing kn words


In Art we have been doing our placemats for the Christmas Fair for this Saturday and we are doing our own advent calendars.


In Gym we have been doing central net games, hand tennis and we are using tennis rackets.


In Maths we have been doing subtraction sums and number lines.

Nursery Making Dercorations for the School Fair

sun-art moon-art moon-art-2

The boys and girls in the Nursery have been very busy making salt dough tree decorations to sell at the school fair this Saturday. 

“We painted them when they were hard. They are for the boys and girls at the fair. We have to raise money at the school fair!”  Ruby 

“We put them in the oven to make them all hard. People are going to grab them for the school fair. I think they are really cool!” Lucas D

“I painted a star” Chloe W

“We want the people that want them to come to the fair” Tilley

The children are so excited about selling their beautiful decorations.  We look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday! 

3rd of November P7A

This week we did P.E with Mr.T. We played tennis and took part in athletics. This our new block. We learnt how to use a protractor so we could make a pie chart. We do the mile run every day. We are currently doing suffixes in spelling. We count up the data of what people had for lunch with the choices of baked potato, main or veggie and then find out what percentage of people chose each option. In Co-operative groups we are making spooky stories. We have been learning about Day of the Dead using laptops, the Internet and slide shows. We watch news round every day.

By Amar Al-Sharif & Dylan White

Our week in P7A


On Monday we did spelling in the morning about plurals. Like, ies, i, s, es, ves, y, full changes and no changes. Next we went to the library to read our books for a bit and then Miss Lindsay read some of our class novel, called The Witness. After break we watched newsround. Then we were simplifying fractions until lunch. After lunch we did a science experiment to see which objects would float and which would sink. We then wrote up our experiment. We had to remember to include the title, aim, hypothesis, diagram, method, results and conclusion.


We had P.E first thing. Then we updated our JASS. After break we watched newsround, then done some maths, decimals and percentages. After lunch we did reading in our groups.


Today we got to dress in yellow and/or spots for Children in Need. We decided to take part in the mannequin challenge while we were dressed up.

By Adam M and Robyn

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