Happy New Year!

This week we have been learning how to write story openers. We used connectives, exciting adjectives and powerful verbs.  We wrote the story about a picture of a girl under water.  We will post some of them next week.

In Maths, we have been learning to work out equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are 2 fractions that have different denominators but are same fraction.

In PE we have been doing gymnastics. We have been learning how to balance on our joints.  It is not that easy because we have to stay still for 5 seconds without falling over.

In Music we have been learning how to play the recorder. It is fun to learn but it is really hard.

We have been going to swimming lessons at the Loch Centre every Friday. We have been playing games in the pool.  Today we were playing tunnel tig.  We had to use our swimming skills and had to hold our breath to swim under water.

We hope you will have a great 2017

Iona and Joshua

New Little Owls and Pupil Voice!

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our newest and youngest children who have recently started with us here in the Nursery. We are learning the routines and getting to know our new friends. Here we are enjoying ‘Toast Friday’ where we all sit down together and have snack with our friends. Mrs James, Miss Dodds and Mrs Laycock have been so impressed with how the new children are settling in.

The children across the Nursery are continuing to meet twice a week for their ‘Talk Time’ where they talk about whatever interests them. This week we are looking around the rooms and having a think about what we might like to change or improve.

The Suns have asked to get a roof and a door on the house corner! That might be a challenge but we will see if we can problem solve this with the class! They have also expressed an interest in babies and would like more baby related items in the Nursery. Isla has requested cushions to make the story corner more cosy and William has asked for a couch!

In the Moons, Ruaridh has asked for some instructions for building to help  people at the wooden bricks and Ava has asked if we can have some more dancing in the Nursery. And both Connie and Millie have noticed that we have dolls that don’t make any sound and they would both like a crying baby.

In the Owls, Ryan is getting into the holiday mood and is keen for us to add buckets and spades to the sand area. Marcel and Struan have been thinking about how to improve the water tray and Marcel would like to add polar bears and ice while Struan is keen to have some people in there. Not sure how well the bears and the people will get along but we look forward to seeing them using imaginative play there!

We launched our Early Level Online Line Learning Profiles last week and we had a very enthusiastic group of parents attend the talk. Please just ask for a form if you’ve not signed and returned the form already. We are very excited about this new way of sharing learning in real time!

Mrs Short

Welcome to Madison & Irva’s blog

Literacy!-Last week Mrs Short came to our class because Mrs Idle was sick.We were doing a Powerpoint about a Scottish character called Oor Wullie. We had to go on the computer to look up facts.


Reading!-We are doing AR in class. We have different reading groups but both enjoy our reading books. Our reading groups are Greens, Yellows, and also Blue and Reds.


Maths!-We have been doing division and time. In division we were doing addition division and subtraction division numberlines was our strategy this is time. We have been learning o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to. We are enjoying time. These are our maths groups Trapeziums, Rhombus, Kites.


Spelling! –This is our groups for spelling Suns, Stars, Moons and Rainbows. Last week the class had Scottish words to do for spelling and this week we have Frys words.


Art!-This is what we are doing this week in art . . . Charles Rennie Mackintosh art. W e are making creation with pen or pencil

Thank you for reading our blog from Irva & Masdison

January Update for P2D

Primary 2D have made a great start to 2017! We have been thinking about examples of symmetry in nature and completing patterns to make them symmetrical . We have been really enjoying our Scots focus.  It has included dancing the Canadian Barn Dance and hearing some well known stories with a Scots twist. ‘We’re Gangin on a Bear Hunt…We’re no feart!’ was great fun to join in with. We have been learning about Robert Burns and beginning to think about how different life in Scotland was when he was alive. It has been a pleasure to hear the children recite and sing their chosen poems, thank you for working on them at home. We plan to have our next update come directly from the children (with a bit of typing from Mrs Kinnoch!)

Mrs Kinnoch and Mrs Duke

P.2A are looking forward to their Assembly!

Happy 2017!

Thank you very much for reading the Scottish poems at home with the children. They have been so enthusiastic when we have been saying them in school.

On Friday 20th of January, we hope that you will be able to come to our Assembly, (9 o’clock in the school hall) and hear not only some of the poetry, but some songs as well.

We hope to send you home with a smile, to cheer up a cold and dreich January.

Christmas fun in P2B

We have had a huge amount of fun in P2B over the past few weeks. Rehearsals, carol concerts, our party, a pantomime…not to mention the arrival of a very cheeky and mischevious elf! He arrived in our room from the North Pole at the start of December and we said our sad goodbyes to him today.

He has kept us amused with his weird and wonderful antics and has even been leaving us jobs to do. Today we had to draw ‘elfies’ of ourselves so that he would remember us when he goes back home. Have a look at some of the different things he has been doing in our classroom over the past weeks.


img_3755      img_3757

img_3866 img_3875

Here are a few more pictures of our fun and activities over the past few weeks, although we have had fun we have still been working hard. Miss Coventry and P2B wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year when it comes.






Christmas Cheer!

Well done to all the boys and girls who participated in our Nativity performance. I’m sure you will all agree with me in saying they did a fantastic job!

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender img_0898

We all had a lovely time at the P1 Christmas party last Friday. We also had a very special visitor (Santa!) who came to our party and gave us all a present.  To thank Santa for coming, we sang some of our Nativity songs to him!

fullsizerender  img_0929 img_0931 img_0941 img_0962 img_0986

This morning, we had a Christmas breakfast with P7A- our buddy class. All the children sat beside their buddy and enjoyed a Christmas treat together. A big thank you to our Head teacher Mrs Wilson for providing all the lovely goodies for us to enjoy!


Have a lovely Christmas!

P3/4 December Update

It has been a very busy term for P3/4!  We have been learning all about Electricity with Miss Smith and Miss Innes has been doing some experiments with us which has been very exciting!  We now know how dangerous electricity can be and how to stay safe when we are around it inside and outdoors.  If you need any advice, just ask us because we’re experts!  At the end of our topic, Miss Smith challenged us to design a Christmas decoration that lights up.  We had some great ideas and had to make sure that we drew a circuit for inside with a light bulb and a switch so that it would work.


We were very excited to have Freddie the Teddy to stay with us for 2 weeks as a reward for being the class with the least number of children late into school.  He got to sit pride of place at the front of the classroom.

Also this term the Primary 4’s went out of school to plant bulbs at APOGI Park.  There are lots of stories to be heard about the town that we live in and lots of them are hidden in the cairns at APOGI Park.  We had great fun jumping on the mud to make sure the bulbs were nice and safe under the ground and are are looking forward to seeing the carpet of flowers that will be there next year.

img_0338  img_0340 img_0341  img_0343  img_0345 img_0346

It is almost time for all of the Christmas fun to start.  We have been practising hard for our Carol Concerts and are looking forward to our parties.  There was an extra surprise on Monday though when an elf arrived in P3/4!  Georgie came to ask us for some help so we have been made honorary elves, just for this year.  We’re not sure Georgie is working very hard though as we came in this morning and he was playing Connect 4 with Oli from next door.  Santa did warn us that he was a bit mischievous!


Hopefully he’ll tell Santa about all of the great things we’ve been doing and he’ll keep us on the nice list.


Our Enterprise Topic

Primary 3s took part in an Enterprise Topic during October and November. We looked at different roles within a business and how people are selected for jobs. As part of our topic, we created products to be sold at the Christmas Fair. The children came up with different products they would like to make in their cooperative groups. They then visited the other classes in the school with their ideas and carried out some market research to see what the customers really wanted to buy! The children worked within their classes to create salt dough garlands and tree decorations, reindeer and Santa gift bags and reindeer food and Christmas badges. The Fair was a great success and all our products were sold!


fullsizerender img_7721 img_7719 img_7718

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