First days of P7A

Hi I am Rhys and I am new to the school. I am going to be telling you about my first week in P7.

  1. The first day was my favourite because I got to play football with all my new friends.
  2. The second day I played 1,2,3 help me with all my friends.
  3. All the friends I was playing with were Reece, Matthew, Daniel, and most of 7B.

Hi I’m Claire and I came to this school in P6 and I will be telling you about my first week in P7.

  1. The first day was fun because I got to see all my friends.
  2. On the second day I got to do Boggle which is my favourite Spelling game.
  3. On day three we got to do a fun Maths game


A week in P7A

This week we have been doing a lot of work about WW2. We were learning about when the war took place which was from 1939 to 1945. Hitler the Nazi leader committed suicide before the war ended because he knew he would not win.

In Maths we have been working on the speed that we can recall our times tables and we marked our shoulder partner’s work.

In Art we did some pointillism Art with matchsticks. We dipped our matchsticks in paint and made our entire picture out of dots.

By Hannah and Reece

Mandarin in P5

Today we said goodbye to our fantastic Mandarin students, Hao and Gaodan. They have been working with P5C since November and the children have made fantastic progress with their Mandarin. We can now say basic greetings, colours, numbers, animals and family members. It was tricky at first but we have all worked incredibly hard to get to the standard that we are at now!image

Xie xie (thank you) and zai jian (goodbye) Hao and Gaodan!

P7A Blog


This week in P.E we have been outside playing cricket and also in P.E we were playing basketball.  In basketball we were playing games against each other.


In Maths we were learning angles and bearings. In angles we were drawing and measuring them and labelling for what they were like acute, right angle, obtuse and reflex. In bearings we were doing compass work in our evidence jotters which we just started.


In Literacy we were doing Haiku poems which have 3 lines only and the 1st and 3rd lines are 5 syllables and the 2nd line has 7 syllables. We have been doing e-profiles in which you can discuss about you and what you have been doing in and out of school.


Each year we do WGT and first you do it in your class and then you go against the year group then in front of the whole school. In our class the people who have got through are Ciara, Neve, Ellie, Deryn and Hannah and we came runners up.

By Sam and Skie

What We Have Been Doing in P3B

In our home teams, we wrote a little bit of information about what we have been up to recently.  We each chose a different subject.

Maths – Isla, Amy, Emma & Jay

We have enjoyed learning about multiplication because we have been doing times tables challenges.  We have learned about time and division, they were both quite hard.

Topic – Callum, Anna, Hannah & Finlay

In our topic we have been learning some weapons that were used in castles, like halberd, longbow, mace, sword, catapult, crossbow and battering ram.

We painted castles in Art and we’ve made our own coat of arms.  We’ve been learning the different jobs people did in castles.  We wrote about what we would like to be or not like to be.

French – Fraser, Calum, Olivia & Connor

We have been learning about French in class.  We have been doing numbers and colours.  We learned parts of the human body.  We can sing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French.  We have been singing songs about the days of the week and the months of the year.  We have just started looking at the weather.

Trip – Iona, Mia, Aiden & Cameron

For our school trip we went to Holyrood Palace and the National Museum of Scotland.  We liked it because Kayla was a servant at the palace.  She had to clean the floor and it was funny.  I think most of us liked it when we saw the animals at the museum.  We smelled skunk spray – it was stinky!  We looked at comets and saw special stones.  We even weighed ourselves.  Summer weighed the same as a snake and Isla weighed the same as a penguin.


PE – Emily, Kallum, Ethan & Kayla

In PE we enjoyed doing hockey and football with P3C.  We liked doing running outside with Ms Seymore and doing football for 4 weeks with David.  For Christmas, we got to do Christmas dodgeball and we liked it because it was really fun and entertaining.  We also enjoyed racing.  It was really funny because people kept falling over.

ICT – Summer, Ryan, Jack & Eva

We have been learning about Scratch.  In Scratch we are learning to program our own animations.  We have been doing a PowerPoint about castles too.  We have been using the woodlands website to find information about castles for our PowerPoints.  We have enjoyed learning about how to get on to hit the button.

Maths Challenge: Challenge 1

Test your Maths skills and develop strategies with the new fortnightly Maths Challenge.  Every 2nd Monday a new challenge will appear here.

Older pupils can attempt the problems independently and younger pupils may wish to work together with a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or older sibling.

Answers should be submitted to Ms McKenzie by the date stated.  All entries will looked at and a prize awarded to one lucky pupil.

Good luck.


Challenge 1

Answers to be submitted to Ms McKenzie by Friday 10th June 2016.

It is the year 1784. As the teacher hands out the day’s mathematics assignments, he notices with irritation the 7 year old Carl Friedrich Gauss had already finished. He decides to set him something so difficult that it will surely keep him quiet for the whole day.

 “Now then Gauss, before you go home today, I want you to add up all the numbers from 1 to 100. When you have finished that, you can go – “

 Before he could finish his sentence Gauss had given the answer!

How did Guass work this out this so quickly, centuries before electronic calculators? What strategy did he use?

 C.F Gauss was one of the greatest mathematicians of  his generation. Can you find out more about him?


P5A Blog

We’ve been learning about the different categories of animals, for example mammals, invertebrates, reptiles and birds. We have also been writing stories but with a sentence to start with. For maths we have been grouping data and we have recorded everyone’s height and the tallest 2 people are Calum with 156 cm and miss Lindsay with 156 cm. We also have changed our group reading book. We have been using IZAK9 which is a cube that you can do lots of Maths games with. We have been doing really well with AR we have read 8,509,366 words this year. Our target to reach is 6,250,000 by the summer holidays and if we get it our party will be a water balloon fight. In P.E we have been playing golf we have been doing a full launch, a chip shot and a putt. We have had people from Edinburgh university helping us.

By Caitlin and Harry

Welcome Back

In P7C this week we were learning about Mean, Mode, Median and Range in our maths.

We were also building electronic circuits to make a light bulb light up using different objects. Metal materials like paper clips and nails were conductors but materials like rubber were insulators. Then we wrote the results in our jotters.

We also learned about keeping myself safe from people who try to persuade you to have alcohol.

In PE we were practising for the high jump for meadow bank. We were practising at first and then had a knockout stage.  The people who got in the top 3 were Becca S,

Niamh M and Jamie A there was no winner out of those 3.

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