Butterfly World!

In science, P1d have been learning about mini beasts and we enjoyed visiting Butterfly World yesterday. We were learning about the exotic butterflies and saw caterpillars and beautiful butterflies in the indoor tropical rainforest. We enjoyed handling a snake, tarantula and millipede.
‘Millie the millipede tickled my hand when she walked over it’ (Lily)
‘the tarantula was so hairy and had 8 legs’ (Sarah)
‘I got to hold the snake and it was so slippery’ (Ollie)
‘We had to pretend to be a tree when we held the snake’ (Scott)
 Take a look at some of us handling the different animals!

P2D Botanics Trip

P2D visited the Botanic Gardens on Monday. These are some of our favourite parts of the trip:

Rebecca learnt that pandas eat bamboo.

We went on a hunt to find panda’s perfect place says Sam.

Khloe learnt about Chinese dragons.

We had lots of adventures and I saw a fox says Alfie.

Lexi enjoyed playing the dragon game.

We got to be scientists says Ibrahim.

Melissa saw lots of things which are made from bamboo.

We saw the ducks says Jack.

Darcy learnt that bamboo can grow to more than thirty times taller than us!

We found out that pandas have an extra thumb and that you can make socks out of bamboo says Hannah.

Tyler says we had lots of fun.

Cole learnt about what pandas need to survive.

Bamboo can be thin or thick says Skye.

Leo says we saw some squirrels.

Eilidh remembered that we heard thunder.

Now Daniel knows that banana plants have very big leaves.

We went into the glasshouse says Isla.

Lewis D says we saw a tanatula!

We saw nice flowers says Amelia.

Samuel thought that the squirrels were very fast.

Nathan saw big trees.

Lewis A says bamboo can be made into soft or hard things.



P5B Weekly Blog


We watched Mark’s story about him getting scammed. His friend got a new game called Deal or Death 2 but a week later it needed an update so he downloaded an update and it said ‘just click here and Deal or Death 2 will update’. So Mark clicked it and it said ‘you have updated Deal or Death 2 and it said ‘click here to get Deal or Death 3’. Mark was shocked. Deal or Death 3 shouldn’t be out by Christmas. So he clicked it and it said buy Deal or Death 3 for only £19.99 so Mark went and got his mum’s credit card and got Deal or Death 3 but when he clicked on it the game didn’t arrive. So he went to see his mum and she was on the phone talking to the police. Mark had spent £500. His mum was upset and angry. We learned we shouldn’t click on things we don’t know what they are on the internet or use a credit card without permission.

Josh and Alix

P6A Weekly Blog (19.5.17)

In Art we were drawing a self-portrait. We had to include as much detail as we could. We were not allowed to draw it in pencil, we had to draw is straight on in pen. The portrait was of our faces, not our whole body. We tried to draw more detail than our P5 portrait.

In Maths we were working on frequency tables and bar charts. We used the information from our frequency table to make the bar chart. Continue reading P6A Weekly Blog (19.5.17)

P6/7 Weekly Update 12.5.17

This week in class we started a new project, it’s called World of Work. In World of Work we have been looking at different jobs. We looked at the process of applying for a job and being interviewed. We applied for jobs as leprechauns!

Within Maths we planned a holiday using a budget. Our budget was £4,000 and we had to book a holiday for 2 kids and 2 adults as well as leaving money for aspects such as transport, insurance and spending money. We used our ICT skills combined with our numeracy skills to stay within the budget. Teams picked a range of locations from Lanzarote to Croatia. We discovered that holidays are a bit more expensive that we thought.

In Art we drew lions step by step. A lot of us found this tricky. Once we finished drawing the lions we coloured them in with pastels and crayons. We drew the mane by doing lots of different sized triangles and coloured them in brown, orange, red and yellow. We have included some pictures.

With our buddies we have been working on learning about Fairtrade. We made leaflets and they are on display outside our classroom with some of the other work that we have done this year within our citizenship group.

Written by Kenzi, Samantha, Kibi, Ben, Keira and Rio


P7A World of Work

P7A are learning about the world of work just now. We recently had a visit from PC Brownlee to tell us about a career in the police. We would love if any parents, carers, aunties, uncles, grandparents or anyone else wanted to come in an talk about their own careers. Please get in touch with Miss Lindsay if you would be willing to do this.


P6A Weekly Blog (12.5.17)

This week we watched our P1 Buddy class rehearse for their assembly. It is about French. They were doing French songs, days of the week, numbers 1-10, colours and they had a short conversation with each other. We thought that it was quite cute and they had learned French quite fast. They have even taught us some things in French.

In Art we drew our thumb prints. We had to look closely at our thumbs to see what the thumb print looked like. Then we drew it with a pencil. Then we went over it with black pen and finally we coloured each section in a different colour to make it bright. Continue reading P6A Weekly Blog (12.5.17)

P6/7 Weekly Update 5.5.17

This week in Art we have been continuing to build up our Abstract Art pictures and so far added 3 layers to our pieces. We then mounted our work and had complete freedom of how to arrange them. Now we need to come up with creative names for our master pieces!!

We have just started a learning wall and are now exploring the world of work. So far we have done think, puzzle, explore. We also had an interesting reading comprehension and we got the choice out of reading about being a vet, postal worker, electrician, or a paramedic. All the pupils in P6/7 have successfully completed our task. Did you know that paramedic’s in Australia fly to their casualties? Our new theme of our learning wall is the lion king and we all voted fairly to come to this decision. We have got Rafiki which stands for what we have learned and we have got a hyena which stands for our next steps. Mrs G is even letting us write directly on to the wall this time.

In drama we were each given a script from the Lion King and in groups we chose scenes and then acted them all out to the class. We really got into character and it was great fun. Our next step is to work on moving more.

Finally, below is a sneak peak at a banner we have been making for the P7 show… can you guess what the show might be?

Written by Cammy, Dylan, Stuart, Sophie, Kacie and Charlotte



P6A Weekly Blog (5.5.17)

This week we had our class assembly. We were all nervous but we got there in the end. We think that everyone enjoyed it because their eyes were fixed on us. The assembly was about the rainforest. We worked in teams of 4 and 5’s to make the scripts for our assembly. We made posters and posters to decorate the gym hall. We made up our own scripts. Our P1 Buddy class came to our assembly.

This week we have started Keeping Myself Safe. We watched our first video. It was called The Town. The story was about a girl who wanted to go to the shopping centre and her mum wouldn’t let her. She ended up going anyway. We were learning strategies like, Be Strong, Let Someone Know and Risky Business. Continue reading P6A Weekly Blog (5.5.17)

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