Last Week’s Blog P5A

This week in Art we have been drawing Scottish scenic pictures of landmarks and landscapes. First we had to draw the outline and the reflection on the water next we coloured it in using pastels.


This week in Maths we have been looking at equivalent fractions. We have been recapping what we have done using fraction walls.


This term our Topic is Home and Away. This week we have been looking at the traditional dress of Scotland and China. We had to research the different dress.


Our Blog

This week we have learned about Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the monkey. Next year is the year of the rooster. The main religion in China is Buddhism and we learned some Mandarin from P5C at their assembly. Within our Maths we have been learning about Fractions. This week we were calculating equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and some of us were looking at mixed numbers and improper fractions. We also did some really challenging calculator questions in problem solving. We all thought it was going to be easy because we could use a calculator but we had to think carefully about what numbers and operations we put into the calculator.

We also watched a live link with Tim Peake at the ISS in Space!

By Anna and Joshua


P7C Update

PE:  In PE we have been practising gymnastics with the acrobatic equipment. Miss Seymore has travelled all the way from New Zealand to join our family at Windygoul. Congratulations to Mr Thomas and his baby boy Harris. Miss Seymore has allowed us to make our own free running courses. We have been using a variety of different equipment ranging from springboards to hurdles.

Maths:  In maths we have been learning about triangular and squared numbers. Some people found this a challenging but they persevered with everything.

Writing: In writing we have been writing about diary entries, third person stories and imaginative writing. Some people found this challenging as well but they got through eventually.

Camp: P7 are very excited for camp at Benmore. Some of the P7 pupils have already planned their dorms. Let’s hope they don’t cause any mischief!

RME: We have been learning about Islamic birth ceremonies. We have been planning our RME learning wall section. The pupils in P7C have been contributing their amazing ideas for the learning wall.

Literacy evolve: P7C have been reading Millions read by the wonderful Mr. Mitchell. This book is about two boys called Damien and Anthony. They find a million pounds. ……….

Topic: In topic we have been learning about inventions, job interviews and running a successful business. We have also taken on the roles of engineers and are going to design our own gliders

Kavelle and Dylan, P7C



This week we have learnt to do simple algebra 5 + c=15   c=10. In algebra you get a letter and then that letter is a number and you find the number that the letter is. Algebra is easy once you understand. Next week we are learning more algebra.


On Wednesday we did there, their and they’re in literacy. We learned different there words.

There- Over there

Their- That’s their sock

They’re- They’re being nice.

In French we learnt how to say the names of animals in French. A cat is un chat, a dog is un chein, a hamster is un hamster but you don’t say the h. We also learnt how to say I have a pet and I don’t have a pet in French.

In writing we done reviews on the Cinderella show at the Brunton Theatre and wrote what we thought about the show .

In PE with the new teacher we did basketball and in gymnastics we did performances in partners.


By Hannah and Dionne

Scot’s week

Happy New Year and welcome back to P1D’s blog! Since coming back, Primary 1 have been learning about Scotland. As you know, we have been set the challenge of learning a Scottish poem at home. Our class judging will take place this week.  Here’s a little insight into what we’ve been doing in  class relating to Scotland:

“We have been doing crafts in class, like making our kilts” – Honore

“We have been learning how to paint Scotland’s flower, the  thistle” – Courtney


“We learned about Highland Cows” – Beth

We tried to guess the link between the pictures below and this helped us to learn about Scotland.



“We have been learning what’s famous about Scotland, like Shortbread and irn bru” – Kai

“We learned that two Scottish people invented TVs and telephones” – Willow

“We learned Scottish dances” – Niamh

“We have been learning about the Loch Ness Monster from Inverness” – Ollie

To finish this mini topic we also made a Scotland poster in our co-operative groups. Everyone in the group drew a picture to add to the poster. We had a checker to make sure no-one drew the same picture. At the end we all got stickers and voted for our favourite poster. The poster with the most votes was the winner.SDC11860

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Please feel free to leave and comments.

Primary 1D

P5A’s Weekly Blog

This week we have been learning Scottish poems. Here are some of them: To Messy for Nessie, Fireworks aff the Castle and O Hearing of the New Scots. We have also been learning about Nessie. We wrote our own imaginary stories about someone finding a monster somewhere in Scotland. We had to think about what our monster would look like and where it would live. We also needed to include lots of connectives to make our writing more sophisticated. We have also been using atlases to plot different towns and cities on maps of China and Scotland as we will be comparing the two countries in our new topic Home and Away.

We have been learning about fractions. We have learnt that the smallest number should be on the top. We also learnt that fractions can be used on basically everything, like sharing food, or resources equally.

We were also very excited to find out that some of us would be getting filmed for the Education Scotland website this week! We were working in our co-operative home teams to tackle problems to do with multiples. Miss Lindsay was also filmed teaching P7 fractions, decimals and percentages.

By Samantha, Maisie and Jack

P7a Weekly Blog.

This week in P7a we did……


We made Scottish pictures by using a technique called pointillism,

Pointillism is when you make a picture of tiny little dots. Some people did a highland cow, Irn Bru, Scottish flag (saltire), thistle etc.


Everyone in the class enjoyed doing this activity and everyone did really well. This gave us the opportunity to realise how beautiful a picture can come from a few little dots. We would love to do this activity again.


Percentages & fractions

In maths we are doing percentages & fractions

At first some of us were a bit confused but we caught up really quickly and now some us can do the sums in under 2min because they are that aware of the questions. We are also doing these questions in the morning during mental maths.



In drama we made a play in are co-operative groups. It was about children who wanted a dog but their mum and dad said no. Then they went to the park and someone was trying to throw a puppy in the water but they saved it. They tried to hide it at their granny and granddad’s but they said no. So then they hid it in the shed. There was a burglary and the dog saved them and then they kept the dog .



We are reading a book about two boys who find a lot of money and they spend it but it turned out that it was stolen and nearer the end a man called ‘Glass Eye’ found out and robbed them. We are really close to the end and it is all gets tense.


In music we were learning about a music peace called ‘Zadok the Priest’ and it was written 298 years ago and it was made for Goerge II and it also gets played when the Champions League is on TV.

By Ewen & Ciara

First week back in P5A

This week in Maths we have been looking at fractions. When we were looking at fractions we had to work out how much of the shape was shaded and how much was not shaded. Also in Maths we were doing maths comprehension cards which are word problems. This week some of us decided to challenge ourselves by trying the extra spicy tasks!

In grammar we have been looking at the three theres which are there, they’re and their. We also looked at when to use the three to’s which are to, too and two.

In Literacy we listened to a description of Mr Eejit. The Eejits is the Scottish version of the Roald Dahl book The Twits. We discussed the description and then drew what we thought Mr Eejit looked like. We labelled parts of his face using the Scottish words like een for eye, neb for nose and lug for ear.


By Liam & Jessica

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