P4 Trip

On Monday P4a and P4b visited Prestongrange Mining Museum. We went to take part in a clay workshop as part of our Ancient Egypt topic but also to see how much we remembered about mining from our first topic, East Lothian. We split into different groups. The clay workshop was really fun and we had to try and make a canopic jar. The best part was trying to design the top of the jar to look like one of the gods! We also went to see the Beam Engine and got to go inside. We couldn’t believe how old it was. We saw a huge spanner which was bigger than most of us!

P4 had a great time and learned lots of new facts. We can’t wait to get our canopic jars back to school so we can paint them!

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Benmore 2014 – Day 4

We have had another eventful day here at Benmmore and were very excited to see Mrs Wilson when she arrived this morning. She joined in with the High Ropes this morning and had a fantastic time at the Caves this afternoon.

Mr Reid – This morning I was with Group 8 and managed to conquer my biggest fear – heights! The children were a great support and cheered me on as I climbed up the biggest ladder in the whole of Benmore before reaching the ‘walk of doom’!! I was really proud that everyone in the group managed to overcome their own personal challenges and pushed themselves to the limit. Their determination really shone through.

Mrs Bell – Group 9 went for a Forest Walk this morning and we had great fun jumping in the mud and going through a tree assault course. There was a great example of team work when Lewis H lost his welly boot in the mud and we had to work together to get it out. However, there were more laughs than encouragement when the instructor and I fell over….but don’t worry, it’s only another bruise to add to the collection. We had great fun building a den to take an Extreme Selfie of the whole team; Cooperative Learning at it’s best!

Mr Lewis – It’s been a really rewarding week seeing the children thrive in the outdoors and overcoming their own personal challenges. The stories around the dinner table have had us all laughing and there has been a real sense of the Windygoul Team. Today I went Caving and Mountain Biking…both very muddy! The Caves were challenging for some but we all managed to try some of the caves. Mountain Biking was fast and furious and at times quite competitive. Rhys S was determined to be the champion and succeeded!

Reyanna A – Today I went Caving and Orienteering. When you go into the caves it is a bit squeezy and you keep bashing your head off the top. I felt really squashed but I kept going and made it to the other side…Phew! I have had a really good week trying things I have never tried before and feel really proud of myself. I am really looking forward to the Disco tonight.

Jaime AR – Today we went Biking and did the Ropes Course. The Ropes Course was really good as we went very high and it was a bit scary at the top. I am normally scared of heights but I managed to jump off from the very top and feel extremely proud of myself. My week has been really good as I feel I have become more independent and have conquered some of my fears.

Marcus S – We went Cycling with our instructor this morning and went to a rock beach where we skimmed stones. We came back through loads of muddy puddles and although I nearly fell off my bike I made it the whole way round. This afternoon we did Orienteering with our instructor and Mr Reid. Liam and I managed to overtake two groups and put one off the track!! This week has been really fun and I have had lots of challenges. Probably the most challenging was the Ropes Course.

Lauren S – We went to the Ropes Course today and it was really high. I managed to get to the end of the course and jump from the top. I felt really scared but now I feel proud of myself. During the week, some activities have been hard but some have been easy. I enjoyed the Gorge Walk because I was the only girl in my group to go under the Stone of Africa. I also enjoyed the bike ride because I got to go over lots of bumps and got really wet. I can’t believe it is nearly over!

Sam P – After I while I realised I should have maybe packed more socks as I seem to be running out!! I am looking forward to going home but have had a great week. The best parts have been going to the Caves. I like the Paper Cave where the Duke of Argyll’s documents were hidden from the King and I managed to overcome my fear of tight spaces. It seemed easier than caves I had been previously. We also had hot chocolate. I also enjoyed the Forest Walk because it was quite peaceful. The Gorge Walk was brilliant and I managed to stick my head in the Keyhole. I also helped look after Mrs Blair who needed a helping hand! I saw some deer while we were doing Orienteering. All in all I have had GREAT fun!

Callum v Ms MacKenzie…..the latest score is 7-5.
Ms MacKenzie got a point this morning for being the fastest at Abseiling. Callum then got points for exploring the caves but both got points for going through the cave with no light. Callum also got more points for going head first in the practice cave and both got points for going through the ‘Lake of Tears’. With the score being 8-5 as we got into the minibus, it seemed like it was all over. However, Callum then lost a point for falling asleep! The final score is now 7-5 but there is still the Disco Dancing challenge to go.

We are all looking forward to the disco this evening and are wondering how we are going to get our clothes back into our suitcases. It may take some time!

See you all very soon!

Benmore 2014 – Day 3

The weather today has been sunny and dry and totally awesome! It was great to see the sunshine and we enjoyed being out and about.

Rhys Smith – Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee, Happy Birthday to me!!! I have had a great birthday. It started with everyone singing Happy Birthday, then Gorge Walking and then a Forest Walk. We have just had Birthday cake and I got a great present from home.

Lewis B – This morning we got the chance to go in Canoes because the weather was so wonderful. We had really good fun; we were splashing each other in the boats and got really, really wet. Our group leader and Miss MacKenzie thought it was great fun to splash us back and I think they actually won! We had to find a Crannog in the middle of the loch and then we had to paddle to the shore to have our hot chocolate. After that, we had to duck under branches and paddle home. We were very, very, very wet but it was fabulous fun!

Callum – This afternoon we went Biking around the grounds of Benmore. We went through Puddle Lane and got really soaked. I went through a really deep puddle and managed to soak Miss MacKenzie so she got me back by beating me in the race. I soon changed that around though and I won the next race!! We worked on our wheelies and back jumps. I managed a bunny hop and felt good. We then went to the river and skimmed stones and had juice. This is where the competition ended as I got 5 jumps and Miss MacKenzie only got 3. On the way back we went along really muddy paths and got splashed again. My feet were really wet because I thought I would wash my shoes in the river. I was glad to get home!

Liam M – We went to the Rope Course this afternoon and I thought it was brilliant. We went on the low ropes and I was the captain of the ship. Unfortuately I let my ship mates sink…..Oh well! We then had to put a harness on for the High Ropes and challenge ourselves to balance really high up and then jump up. We had to make up a dance before we jumped….I did Gangnam Style mixed with Karate kicks. We then went on the trapeze where I was Libby’s buddy. I didn’t count properly and said 3,2…Go so we jumped at different times. Don’t worry though….I am fine!!

Lauren B – This morning we went on the Rope Course and played some games on the low ropes before we went onto the high ones. After we had learned how to keep our weight in the right place so we wouldn’t fall, we got our harness on and went on the high ropes for real. I went up on the easy one first but didn’t do the Cat Walk. I was a bit scared so didn’t do the jump at first but the second time I felt better and jumped off while doing a ballerina turn. I eventually plucked up the courage to do the Leap of Faith but it was a bit wobbly at the top so I came down and let Chloe S do it by herself.

Chloe S – I was at the Rope Course and I did the easiest route first. I had a harness on and we were clipped in so we wouldn’t fall. We also had to make sure other people didn’t fall and we worked hard as a team. The Leap of Faith was scary and I found it quite hard to do it by myself. However, my team cheered me on and I managed to jump. I was a bit freaked out but I am very proud of myself.

Mrs Blair – I had the most awesome morning with Group 5 and went Gorge Walking. Getting ready for the activity was challenging for me as my waterproof jacket disappeared……….. Who took it????? Nobody has owned up yet! When we got into the gorge, a few children felt a bit apprehensive as they looked up the gorge and saw what they would be encountering. I am pleased to report that the support and encouragement the group gave each other (and me!)was second to none! So many children overcame their fears, especially on the way back down when we were sliding down waterfalls.

Mr McCann – We went to the caves this morning with Group 9. The journey up was challenging but we all worked together and pushed on to the top where the caves were. Josh helped me up the hill….. I’m getting on a bit you know! People were terrified when they arrived at the caves and couldn’t believe that their bodies could fit through such small spaces. However, everyone did their best and overcame their fears.

The children are all looking forward to the evening activity as we have made some great friends with the other school that is here.

Benmore 2014 – Day 2

The Night Walk was amazing last night. We went out at 8pm and it was so dark that you couldn’t even see your friend infront of you. However, we found out that our eyes adjusted to the darkness and we could see more and more as time went by. We were then taken into the forest where we had to work in teams holding onto a rope and helping each other around the course. Some people were really scared but everybody was having fun and made it through. Go Team Windygoul!

Jake – We went out on the bikes this morning. It was raining but good fun. We all cycled along the road together and then we did a racing competition around a very muddy, slippy and wet course. I won!! I felt really proud and happy! After the fast race, we did a slow race where the last person to cross the line won. Miss MacKenzie and Francesco were in the finals and Francesco won…he was very, very pleased!

Ben – This afternoon we did Orienteering, It was quite challenging at times and to start with we had to find lots of letters on posts. It was hard because we had to cover a large distance. However, I won and feel very proud of myself.

Josh – We then did a HUGE Orienteering challenge – 2.4 miles. We had to find three letters that were hidden. We only had a map of the Benmore area and there were 11 posts to find. We had to work in a team and I was pleased to be on the winning team…Team 9.

Dylan – We did Caving this morning. We had to travel along a really bumpy road to get there and then climb up the side of a mountain. We talked about how the mountain was created and I thought that this was really interesting. I was nervous about the caving as the first cave was small and in the second cave you needed to slide down to get out of it. Not only did you have to slide down feet first, but it was an extremely small space. I managed to do the whole activity and feel proud and confident.

Daniel – Our group did the Gorge Walk this morning and the Forest Walk this afternoon. During the Gorge Walk we had to climb up the rocks while fighting against the river and ducking under tree branches. There were a lot of tight spaces to climb through but the group somehow managed it. This afternoon we had an exciting Forest Walk all the way to the top of the hill where the views were brilliant. Our hot chocolate was just as brilliant. We then went down by the river and visited a Lagoon where we got to jump into the water. Unfortunately, although my feet left the water to search for dry land, my Wellie boots decided that they preferred the bottom of the Lagoon. Oops!

We are having a Treasure Hunt tonight as the weather has improved and it is no longer raining. We can’t wait!
Our teachers are really hoping that we manage to get to sleep earlier tonight and sleep past 6am tomorrow morning. We tried to tell them that clean and tidy dorms that earn top points need an early start, but they remain unconvinced!

Benmore 2014 – Day 1

We have arrived safely at Benmore after an exciting ferry ride, lots of singing (#yellowbrickroad) and a great game of football. We have all received our challenge for this week; extreme selfies!

Once we had our lunch at Benmore, we faced our first real challenge……making our beds. Some of us managed this really well but several people took longer than the allocated 40 minutes! Infact, we think some people might still be trying.

After getting into our Activity Groups we headed out to explore the local area. It was beautiful and we learned a lot about the trees and plants. We even had to listen to a tree to see if we could hear water noises from inside. We had a mini Gorge Walk, which has really put us in the mood for the real thing and we drank water from the waterfall and made a wish.

We are looking forward to our Night Walk and are hoping you don’t hear us screaming from Tranent.

Hannah M, Lewis H, Emma C

Museum Visit

On Monday 3rd of March, P4a and P4b went to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Our topic in school is Ancient Egypt so we wanted to find out more about it. During the day we looked at the Ancient Egypt displays on floor 3, we took part in a workshop and we had some spare time to explore the rest of the museum. We thought it was exciting because there were lots of things that were new to us. We had a great day!

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Operation Christmas Child

Last year, with your support,  Windygoul Primary School successfully sent over 100 shoe boxes to children in other countries as part of the Operation Christmas Child Appeal.  We are looking to be involved with this appeal again this year, but with a shorter timescale for our challenge!

Your child will have brought home a letter today outlining what is required within the shoebox and when the box has to be handed in to school.  We are aiming to put together a shoe box per class, with the children donating a variety of items. Please find a copy of the letter below incase it has not made it out of the school bag and a link to the Operation Christmas Child website.


Operation Christmas Child

P4 Scientists

Today P4A were investigating how toys move. We looked at a number of toys, old and modern, and had to predict how they would move. We used lots of verbs to describe the movements. After we had made our predictions we tested to see if they were correct. We then recorded our findings in a table. P4A learned about forces and friction.