P6A Blog 17.3.17

Last week we went on a trip to Amazonia. We were told to eat our snack on the way in to Amazonia. When we got in a woman took us around. She told us that there were some free-flying birds, like a toucan, and she told us to try to be quiet so that we didn’t scare the animals. We went in to the Nocturnal Animal section and saw fruit bats, tarantulas and other nocturnal animals. After we had walked around Amazonia we went into the Handling Room. We held a Breaded Dragon called Mel, a Corn Snake called Sprite and a Hissing Cockroach. We were very brave. After the Handling Room we went into the Interactive area where we played some Rainforest games. Then we had our lunch and then it was time to go home. Continue reading P6A Blog 17.3.17

Storytelling Takes Flight

Storytelling takes flight

The National Museum of Flight is offering parents and carers the chance to become storytellers. Storytelling is not just about reading fairy stories, storytelling skills are a huge advantage in all our communications; at home, in the workplace and in our social interactions.
Over 20 weekly sessions participants will hear stories and learn how to tell traditional tales, stories from real life, brand new stories and their own personal stories. Sessions will include regular craft activities and games for the children attending.
The comprehensive training will give participants skills they can apply in everyday life and work.
The fun and educational course, led by professional storytellers John and Noreen Hamilton, will give unique access to a wide range of video and audio material through the projects own private Facebook page.
The sessions will be held at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune near Haddington, and will provide a chance to see the museum’s collections and access unique stories from some of those who have been part of Scotland’s flying traditions.
The project will end with an event where the new storytellers can share their skills with friends and family.
If you would like more details please contact:
Adam Love-Rodgers
0131 247 4185


P4A has had a busy couple of weeks since the February break. We have been practicing working as a good team in our co-operative learning groups, and thinking about how we can show respect to each other. We have been writing leaflets about healthy eating and we made our own challenges for keeping healthy.  We put these on our Respect posters, because it is also important for us to show self-respect by looking after ourselves.  In RME we have been looking at Bible stories (Jonah and the Whale, The Good Samaritan) and thinking about how love was shown in the stories.

An important skill we have been practicing this term is to tell the time in digital and analogue and usage our skills to plan our day. We have filled in our own timelines and we even discovered that we could change our shoes in less than one minute!

In spelling, we have been practicing using pronouns (words that replace nouns), which will improve our writing. In Art we have been illustrators like Quentin Blake this week, drawing pictures of faces to show different expressions.

On the 2nd of March it was World Book Day and we dressed up as book characters and discussed our favourite books.  Don’t forget to spend your World Book Day token!

We’ve also been learning about East Lothian and it was very interesting to look at old maps of Tranent to see how it has changed over the years. We will be learning even more about our local landscape over the next few weeks.

By Iona, Sammy, Jessica, Ruth, Mia, Ethan and Jay

Message from Mrs Atkinson: this was my last week in P4A.  Thank you very much for having me in your class – I have enjoyed seeing all the learning that has been going on!  I hope you enjoy the rest of primary 4!

PE Fitness Week

This week the pupils have been undertaking a fitness week in preparation for our Athletics block which begins on Monday. Our focus is on speed and motivation with a wide variety of different games and activities being undertaken by the pupils.

What an adventure!

Spruced up and ready to party, a perfect end to a great week. 😊

Last night of an amazing camp. Fantastic children, motivated staff and inspiring instructors, a perfect combination for a successful camp. The children have pushed themselves to reach their goals, had a real sense of pride at what they  have achieved and learned so much about themselves and each other. The last day saw  us do a combination of two activities from climbing, abseiling, forest walking, orienteering, shore scrambling, mountain biking, ropes course, caving, canoeing and problem solving. Staff and pupils reached new heights, quite literally at times and were all tired, dirty and happy!! Parents will be impressed with their skills of tidying and organisation on their return, dorms have reached the dizzy heights of ten out of ten at morning inspections and chores around the house have been completed with diligence every morning. Packing before the disco this evening was an interesting experience without parental help but with a lot of encouragement and sitting on each others cases everything is in, washing machines at the ready for our return.

We have said our goodbyes to some of the Benmore staff who wont be there to wave us off tomorrow morning and thanked them for an experience that will hopefully last a lifetime. Everyone is tucked up dreaming about their magic moments and ready to head home to share all their adventures with you. We are leaving this beautiful place knowing that when we take on new challenges and   believe in ourselves we can do more than we ever thought possible.


We will keep in touch with school and you will get a group call alert when we are closer to home and have a better idea of our estimated arrival time. Roadworks on the M8 might make us a bit later than normal but you will be kept posted as soon as school has an update.

See you tomorrow

Avril Wilson


World Book Day in Nursery

We have had a fantastic day in Nursery today talking about our favourite characters in books. Lots of children dressed up and were able to tell us which character they were. The pre school children are using words related to books such as illustrator, author and title.

We often read a book to the children in Nursery and deliberately don’t share with them the title of the book at the start. Once we have read the book to the children we ask them what they think the title of the book might be. This lets us know if the child has understood the main idea of the story! It’s a great way for us to learn more about their understanding. Have a go at home… their ideas are always so creative!

Camp blog

Just a quick update about the blog. I would absolutely love to be able to work with every activity group each day at camp but I hope that you will appreciate that unfortunately it is impossible. We try to get a selection of children from a variety of activity groups to write the blog each night to ensure we are talking about the different activities going on through out the day. We have taken many photos while at camp and these will be shared when we arrive home. Unfortunate the blog does not allow for us to post many at a time. The children have learned so many new skills during their time here and we are all proud of everyone’s achievements. They cannot wait to share all of their stories on their return home.

Benmore Day 3

Today in Ali’s dorm his room inspection was much better from yesterday as we got a 9 and a half and yesterday we got a 7. So this was a big improvement. Harry’s dorm didn’t do so well yesterday because Harry put clothes on the radiation  when he could of set the room on fire. But today we got an 8 but we could of got a 9 but Euan didn’t make his bed.

Group two’s first activity was the forest walk and it was really fun and funny. While we were in the forest Harry tried to clear a puddle and slipped mid air and went face first in the mud. The second activity was caving and it was really fun and it was really scary but everyone done it and we had the biggest group and a few people done it 2 or 3 times.

Liam’s group went orienteering, and he got lost twice. They got cards and they needed to beep them on the scanners. He took the wrong path and ended up getting lost. Then they went on the shore walk and we had to walk around this big loch. Underneath there was water that was 5 m deep. Liam fell and smashed his knee of a rock….but he is okay.

Kiera, Ross and Shea’s group went on a minibus for 20 minutes to Ardentinny, a rock beach. We scrambled along the rocks. “Kiera did really well” said Ross, because she managed to jump a big gap. Today it was Shea’s birthday. He had a nice birthday breakfast and opened lots of cards. Later he celebrated with a cake with SHEA written on it. It was scrumptious. They then cycled to puddle lane and did a few races. Shea did really well and Ross did not lose one race. Ross has been exceptionally supportive of his team today.


Photos to follow.

Blog written by Kiera, Shea, Liam, Ross, Alister and Harry.


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