A mysterious arrival in P2B

Happy new year everyone!

We have been working incredibly hard in class since returning from the Christmas holiday. In writing, we are learning about imaginative stories. Ask any of us about a story burger and we will be able to tell you all about it! We all now know the important parts needed to make a good story.

In number we are working hard with bigger numbers and are all trying our best with our adding and taking away. Some of us have been looking at fractions too! We know not to panic if we struggle with our learning. Sometimes we fall into the learning pit and that’s okay!

On Wednesday something very strange happened. Mrs Wilson delivered a parcel to our classroom that was addressed to us.  It even had ‘top secret’ written on it. We were so excited that we had to put our handwriting work away quickly so that we could open it! Inside we discovered a chest. When we opened it we found a letter from a man called Professor Past and some strange looking objects. Poor Professor Past has broken his time machine and needs us to become professors to investigate objects from the olden days! We were so excited to explore the objects he had left for us and hope that he will maybe leave us more things to investigate soon.

It is all go in P2B…watch this space!




  • Maths
  • We have been doing factors, Mathletics and Numeracy. We were practising time on mini clocks and whiteboards.
  • Topic
  • Our topic is Mary Queen of Scots. We have been learning about Scottish history.
  • Gym
  • In Gym we have been doing Parkour.
  • Daily Mile
  • We have been doing 4, 3 and 2 laps in fifteen minutes.
  • ICT
  • We have been using Microsoft Publisher and making leaflets.
  • Reading
  • We have been doing our reading for 15 mins each night.
  • Owen & Aaron

P2C Update – January 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of January already! The class have come back from the holidays ready to learn and have shown lots of enthusiasm in everything that we have been doing.  We started off the term with our Scots Week where we made our own tartans and designed kilts for Robert Burns.

Everyone made a huge effort to learn their poems and I was very impressed with the high standards in the class – thank you to everyone at home who supported the children with this.

This term we have a History focus looking at Life in the Past and are currently working on creating our own museum – more information to follow.  After the February break, we move on to a Health and Wellbeing focus looking at Keeping Healthy.

The class are currently preparing for their Class Assembly and we look forward to welcoming you into school on Friday 10thFebruary at 10.45 to share this with you.  Look out for invitations this week.


We had a fantastic competition at the end of last term as to who could design the most trendy and practical high visibility jacket. We had over 500 entries from the school in total. The winners have been informed and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part.

As a school we are now crossing the boarder out of Europe and into Asia on our walk around the world.

Keep an eye on this space for future exciting events and competitions.

27.01.17 P6B

P6B have had an exciting week of learning.

We have enjoyed learning about 3D and 2D shapes and their different properties. We have made quiz sheets and clay models using 3D shapes. We have also enjoyed learning about tessellation.

In numeracy we have been looking at fractions and how they can be equivalent using fraction walls.

In topic we have been looking at the rainforest, where they are, what layers exist , examining the habitats of animals as well as looking at animals themselves. We ad a fantastic talk from Andrew who talked to us about marine life and showed us some hermit crabs.

In art we have been listening to instructions to create really cool parrot pictures.  We also had a lot of fun creating rainforest sound in music. we used our hands, clicking and hitting the ground to make it sound like there was a storm.

In evolve we have been looking at characters feeling and trying to understand how people would have felt during the second world war as our book is Michael Morpurgo’s friend or Foe.

We have also found learning about important people involved in human rights. We have looked at Nelson Mandela and now are looking at Martin Luther King Jr. who had a famous speech called ‘I have a dream.’ We got to think out what our dreams would be for the world to be a better place to live.

We are also learning how to animate our Powerpoint presentations about the rainforest in partners.

Daniel, Olivia, Ellie B, Joe, Boydd all had a lot of fun at Burns night and Olivia even won an award.

We have been trying to get better with our daily mile by trying to beat Mr. Bryant 7 minute challenge.





Shane and Finlay’s blog.

Topic Our topic is Mary Queen of Scots.

We are learning about her life.

She was born in Scotland.

She went to France.

She got married at 5 years old.


Gym we are doing gymnastics and Parkour.

We are using apparatus to do Parkour.

The things we use are benches and tables and stools.

We are making routines in groups of 3


Reading We have 4 groups for reading called the blues, the greens, the yellows and the reds.

The blues are reading a book called Tall Story. It’s a very good book.

The yellows are reading farmer Alien Invasion.

And we all have silent reading books for in class because every Thursday we go to the Library and choose a book such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Gruffalo and many more.


Literacy In Literacy we are reading a book called Invasion.

It`s about a boy called Rollo and he is a page for William the Conqueror and it’s an amazing book



Maths In Maths we are doing time.  We do o`clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to.  We use clocks and our teacher tells us a time to make and we do the time.


Art In Art we are doing Charles Rennie MacIntosh.  We made designs and roses and we are looking at some of his work.


P6/7 January Update

Last week was Scots Week in Windygoul Primary School, we have a tradition that every P6/7 has to learn a Robert Burns poem and present their poem to the class to celebrate his birthday which is the 25th of January.  The way the competition works, is that you would perform in front of your class.  After that your teacher would decides the best presented poem to go to the finals and present their poem to the judges who decide who wins from each age group and then the winners are revealed on Scots Night. We enjoyed listening to everyone’s poems and learning a little about Robert Burns in the process. Charlotte, Keira and Harsehj

This week, we have been doing technical drawing, and since it is Scots Week we drew Robert Burns as a Lego figure step by step. We used squared paper and watercolours and made a pixelated effect. We made different shades of yellow, red, green, brown, black and white and used them for the perfect pixelated effect.  We used black pen for the eyes and mouth and finally wrote the poems we are learning in the background. Check out the photos below! We even had a go at making Lego Burns. Sophie and Ruby

In Literacy we have learned how to plan stories using a flowchart. We drew boxes with the plan spread out across the boxes and joined them up with arrows. We wrote our own Scottish Myths. We have also been reading a book called ‘Eye of the Wolf’ for Literacy Evolve.  It’s a very emotional book with lots of feelings in it we’ve also been reading non-fiction books and are learning lots!

In Numeracy and Maths we have been learning about time. We played games on the whiteboard including ‘Stop the Clock’ and ‘Bang on Time’. We have been learning how to read analogue and digital time and also learning how to write both 12 and 24 hour time. As an extra challenge we have also been learning about Speed, Distance and Time and completing a range of calculations. Stuart, Reuben and Charlie

Happy New Year!

This week we have been learning how to write story openers. We used connectives, exciting adjectives and powerful verbs.  We wrote the story about a picture of a girl under water.  We will post some of them next week.

In Maths, we have been learning to work out equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are 2 fractions that have different denominators but are same fraction.

In PE we have been doing gymnastics. We have been learning how to balance on our joints.  It is not that easy because we have to stay still for 5 seconds without falling over.

In Music we have been learning how to play the recorder. It is fun to learn but it is really hard.

We have been going to swimming lessons at the Loch Centre every Friday. We have been playing games in the pool.  Today we were playing tunnel tig.  We had to use our swimming skills and had to hold our breath to swim under water.

We hope you will have a great 2017

Iona and Joshua

New Little Owls and Pupil Voice!

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our newest and youngest children who have recently started with us here in the Nursery. We are learning the routines and getting to know our new friends. Here we are enjoying ‘Toast Friday’ where we all sit down together and have snack with our friends. Mrs James, Miss Dodds and Mrs Laycock have been so impressed with how the new children are settling in.

The children across the Nursery are continuing to meet twice a week for their ‘Talk Time’ where they talk about whatever interests them. This week we are looking around the rooms and having a think about what we might like to change or improve.

The Suns have asked to get a roof and a door on the house corner! That might be a challenge but we will see if we can problem solve this with the class! They have also expressed an interest in babies and would like more baby related items in the Nursery. Isla has requested cushions to make the story corner more cosy and William has asked for a couch!

In the Moons, Ruaridh has asked for some instructions for building to help  people at the wooden bricks and Ava has asked if we can have some more dancing in the Nursery. And both Connie and Millie have noticed that we have dolls that don’t make any sound and they would both like a crying baby.

In the Owls, Ryan is getting into the holiday mood and is keen for us to add buckets and spades to the sand area. Marcel and Struan have been thinking about how to improve the water tray and Marcel would like to add polar bears and ice while Struan is keen to have some people in there. Not sure how well the bears and the people will get along but we look forward to seeing them using imaginative play there!

We launched our Early Level Online Line Learning Profiles last week and we had a very enthusiastic group of parents attend the talk. Please just ask for a form if you’ve not signed and returned the form already. We are very excited about this new way of sharing learning in real time!

Mrs Short

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