P6B up their reading target!

This week we started our new target to read 5 million from January to the Easter holidays. So far we have read around 3,240,000 words. We also have started to learn about our new Living and Growing topic. In spelling we did same root spelling words for homework, this helps us work out the meaning of unknown words. In Literacy Evolve we wrote a diary as David the main character of Friend or Foe. We also went over the cup song and sang a couple of the songs we have learned for Music Through the Decades. Finally we started to make posters of famous human right campaigners we have been learning about.

This has been Aaron T and Logan

Benmore Day 1

We all arrived safely, having enjoyed our bus drive through some snow and hail followed by a smooth ferry crossing despite the choppy seas!

Quick juice and a biscuit before heading into our groups to get kitted out in waterproofs, wellies etc for a walk through  the Benmore grounds.  It’s a wee bit chilly up here but we are all wrapping up warm and layering up before we go out.

We enjoyed a dinner of fish and chips before sitting down to write our daily diary.  Mrs Wilson has offered some prizes for best presentation in the diaries and best reflections so we are all trying really hard.

It started snowing about teatime so that meant we had to get lots of warm clothes on for the night walk.  It was pitch black when we set out but some great teamwork got us along the rope, past the obstacles and safely through the woods in the pitch black, no torches allowed!

We got back to the centre and were hosed down to get some of the mud off and then it was straight to bed. Lights are out and hopefully everyone is asleep as we write this up, dreaming about our activities tomorrow…

“when we got here we had to make our own beds!”  Sean

“tonight we went on a night walk, I couldn’t wait!” Mia

“it was a long journey to get here, but it was still really fun” Emma



Tents, onesies and lots of reading!

We were so busy on the last day before the February break that we did not have time to write an update of what we had been doing! We were too busy having a tent and onesie party because we reached our target of reading 2 million words by the holiday (we read 2,730,705 words in five weeks and two days)!
We also did gymnastics in P.E and we were showcasing our final performances for the class. We also did the cup song in Music and we have nearly managed to get the whole class passing cups in a circle during the song! We also took part in the RSPB big school bird watch and spotted many different birds such as crows, seagulls, pigeons and a robin. We think that the building work on the school might have had an effect on the number of birds we saw.
We have also made a small intestine out of newspaper and tights so that we can show that the small intestine is 20 foot long! We are amazed it fits in our bodies! In our co-operative learning teams we were predicting what would happen next in our story and writing the next chapter of our Literacy Evolve book Friend or Foe.

This has been Logan, Aaron T and Aaron S reporting for duty 



Measuring Heights P6B

This week we have been measuring our bodies and heights as part of our human body topic. 165cm was the tallest and the smallest was 124cm. We found out that from our wrist to our elbow is the same size as one of our feet. Our arm spam is also the same as our height. Another thing we have been doing this week is making posters to advertise learning French. All the East Lothian schools are competing to see who can make the best poster to advertise Primary 1 starting French lessons in October . The winning school will get money towards French supplies. We have also been doing reading comprehension questions to help with our reading skills. We found this quite tricky but it helps us think more about the stories we are reading.
In art we enjoyed drawing 3D hands this week.
As our cup song was so successful last week, we have starting learning a new cup song to the song Royal by Lordi. We are finding it quite tricky but we are sure we will be successful in the end!
We have nearly reached our target of reading 2 million words from January to the February break and have currently read 1,793,282. We have got 206,718 words to read next week!

This has been Aaron T, Aaron S and Sam.



Our Learning P6B

This week we have been doing the cup song in music and trying to keep in beat, this might give you a hint for our assembly in May. Scots night was a massive success with our own Sam and Logan competing. Logan was doing a poem and Sam was singing. Also Logan is now through to the Lothian’s Burns competition at Tynecastle High School in Edinburgh. We have also been learning about the human body in class. So far our topics in the human body have been the organs, the digestive system and bones. In P.E we have been learning gymnastics on the apparatus and floor routines. Also we have set ourselves a target of reading 2,000,000 (2 million) words by the February break. We have recently passed our half way mark and now look on target to completing it!
This has been Logan ,Aaron T, Aaron S reporting.

Scots Week

The first week back after Christmas was Scots week in school. We learned lots of different Scottish words such as fantoosh, breeks, drookit and clarty, and we enjoyed using them in the classroom and the playground. We have made a Kist for a Scottish display in our classroom and have been busy drawing pictures of Scottish stereotypes and Mr Eegit to go inside it. We have also used our new knowledge of Scots words to help us follow clues on a haggis hunt around our classroom. We have learned Auld Lang Syne, Loch Lomond and Flower of Scotland in music this week and we had a competition to see who could sing the best. It was between the people sitting on the carpet and those sitting in their seats. The people on the carpet won!

We have also set a new reading target and we are challenging ourselves to read 2 million words by the February holiday! We are hoping we will manage as we will get to have a celebration if we are successful!
This has been Logan, Aaron S, Aaron T

Changes to Windygoul Parent Council Constitution

Please find a copy of proposed changes to the WPC constitution.

WPC Consitution Jan 2015 Proposed amendments

The extraordinary meeting to approve these changes will be held on Tuesday 13th January 2015 at 18:30  within the school.

All Parents and Carers are welcome to our meetings. If you are unable to attend and would like to put forward a suggestions please email our Chair Lyn on parentcouncil@windygoul.elcschool.org.uk.

Panto Pandemonium

The  school  show  was  Awesome.  The cast had a lot of fun. It was an amazing  experience.  We liked all the songs. Everyone liked practices. We all  enjoyed taking part. The costumes were amazing  and we really liked performing in front of the parents.


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