Benmore – Day 1

As we left school we were very excited and a little bit worried. We had a real adventure on the bus as it broke down at Harthill. However, the new bus arrived very quickly and after the teachers had transferred all the bags again, we were off!

We stopped at Luss for lunch. It was a beautiful place to stop and some of us took the opportunity to read in a picturesque place and appreciate the stunning landscape while we ate. However, the local wildlife obviously wanted to join in with the picnic as the ‘biggest swan we had ever seen’ wandered around. Our sandwiches were obviously too appealing to resist – we made a sharp exit!

 When we arrived we were introduced to our instructors, shown around the centre and then made to make our own beds…..from scratch!! Most of us managed this :0)

We then went out for a walk around the grounds in our Activity Groups and learned about Redwood Trees, Monkey Puzzle trees, a U shaped valley and ways in which we could and should look after our planet. We were all ready for our chocolate cake and juice at 5pm.

 After a short game of football and further exploring the grounds we had Macaroni, chips, peas and salad followed by melon and yoghurt.

We then began writing our diaries to help us earn the Adventure section of our JASS award before heading out for our Night Walk. We are SUPER excited about that!

And later on…

Our Night Walk was as amazing as we thought it would be. We walked along the paths beside the centre and were surprised how quickly our eyes got used to the dark; some of us wished we had carrots for tea instead of peas! It was a different story when we went into the woods. We had to rely on our team mates, listen for instructions and trust the people ahead of us. We all got very muddy and had a few bumps, falls and lost shoes on the way – but we are proud of our communication skills and by the fact that some of us overcame our first challenge of the week.

 Miss Brown and Miss MacKenzie would like to report that EVERYONE is in bed and sleeping and it’s not even 11 o’clock!! Woo Hoo!

P.S. We have tried to put some pictures up…but the computer says NO! We will look into another way of doing this tomorrow. Night Night!




21 thoughts on “Benmore – Day 1

  1. Granny ann and papa george and me missing you loads hope your enjoying yourself lots of love xx

  2. Hi Jay
    Nana here. I am sure that you are having the best time ever. Take care my wee boy. Enjoy this big adventure. Will hear all about it when you come home.
    Cuddles and kisses. xxx

  3. hi jodi hope you are haveing lots of fun i heard you got stuck on the way their. but how was your day on day 1 and 2 and have fun on day 3 and 4 and 5 i hope you have fun at p7 disco lots of love all time love ciara xxxx4

  4. Hi Sameer. Hope you are having lots of fun at Benmore. Missing you alot. The house is toooo quiet without you:(
    Enjoy the rest of the week, can’t wait to hear all the stories. Don’t forget to take loads of pics.
    See you soon. Lots of love..Mum,Dad and Zain!!

  5. hi Sarah, hope you’re having a good time, we’re all missing you lots, especially Ruby! Wish Caitlin a happy birthday from all of us, see you soon
    Love Mum, Dad, Rachael and Ruby Xxx

  6. Hi Robbie and everyone, hope you are all having a great time and you enjoyed the night walk. I hope you and your pals managed to get some sleep!!! Have a brilliant time. Love grandma & papa. xx

  7. Sounds fab. Glad your all having so much fun. The house seems a wee bit strange but still very noisy. Isaac is wondering where Jodi is and i think Ciara and Livy are missing you too. Have fun and i’ll keep checking to see what you’re up to…. Dad is making the most of his wee window of peace but i think he’s missing you more than anyone. xxx

  8. hiya Caitlin(Ritchie) can’t believe you’re away for your birthday but bet it’s the best birthday ever!! just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and send you loads of embaressing cuddles! have fun and take plenty pictures, love to you from kieran Murron and me <3 xxxxxxx

  9. Hi Lewis, Hope you are having a fab time and enjoyed the night walk. We are all missing you. I’d like to say the house is quiet without you but we still have Jen here!!! Enjoy the rest of the weeks activities, look forward to hearing all about it when you get back on Friday.
    Love Mum, Dad, Jenna & Brodie xxxx

  10. Glad you all arrived after an adventful journey, hope you are well Caitlyn and enjoying your first full day at camp, we are all missing you, but we will hear all abour your experiences on Friday, take care, love all the familyxxx

  11. Hi Buddies!

    We hope that you are enjoying your camp. We miss you so much and can’t wait to hear all about it next week.
    Hope you are keeping your rooms tidy and don’t make too much mess!

    Have lots of fun from Miss Innes and P1c xxx

  12. Hi P7s glad that you arrived safely. Hope that you are all having an amazing time,
    Josef , Daniel and the beasties been fed and watered and Mykah’s looking forward to getting her teeth into you :). Hope you and Jay are looking out for each other.
    Granny hopes you will have good time and she misses you loads already.
    Hope you have lots of great stories to tell Tony Holli Becca and me lots of love mum xxxx

  13. Hi all and Hi Jay,
    Sound like your having a ball…..really wish I was there. Missing you so much wee man….can not wait until Friday to hear all about it. Hope you boys are behaving in your dorm and there’s no nonsense haha. Have fun Jay.
    All miss you lots
    Mum, Dad and Gracie xxxxx

  14. Great to hear everyone arrived safely. Nothing like a bus breaking down to kick start an adventure! Sounds like everyone having a brilliant time with lots going on. Libz, hope you are having the best time. Take care, we all miss you lots. The cats say Hi ” prr prr”. Love, Mum,Dad,Kim & the catz. XXX.

  15. Hi Chloe, hope you are having a great time and you and lauren looking after
    each other, bet the night walk was great fun ! Missing you loads, cant wait
    to hear all about it on friday, love you , mum, dad, abbie and ozzyboy, xx

  16. Hi Ewan hope you are having a fantastic time and enjoying all the activities. We all miss you already especially jake and becca, look forward to hearing all your exciting stories on friday. Love you lots mumxxx

  17. Hi P7 and teachers
    Sounds like you are all having a brilliant adventure so far. Hope that night walk was a lot of fun. I can just imagine all the giggles going on throughout it! Bethany we are missing you loads. The house is far too quiet without you! Enjoy your activities today and the rest of your week. Can’t wait to see and hear you on Friday, Love Mum, Dad, Rachel and Maggie xxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Hi p7, glad u all arrived safely and enjoyed the bus trip, Emma I hope u were not too scared on the night walk, the house is quiet without you, will catch up with your activities soon, have fabby time, lots of love mum,dad,Kieran,Jodi,kiba and lacey xxxx

  19. Hi everyone – so glad that you all arrived safely at Benmore – no wonder it took you so long to get there !!! Sounds like your all had a great adventure on your first day. Danni, hope you are having a fab time and you & Ellie are looking after each other ! Enjoy your week, we can’t wait to hear all your stories on Friday when you get home. Love you toots – Mum, Dad, Connor & Nana xxxx

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