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P6/7 Weekly Update 12.5.17

This week in class we started a new project, it’s called World of Work. In World of Work we have been looking at different jobs. We looked at the process of applying for a job and being interviewed. We applied for jobs as leprechauns!

Within Maths we planned a holiday using a budget. Our budget was £4,000 and we had to book a holiday for 2 kids and 2 adults as well as leaving money for aspects such as transport, insurance and spending money. We used our ICT skills combined with our numeracy skills to stay within the budget. Teams picked a range of locations from Lanzarote to Croatia. We discovered that holidays are a bit more expensive that we thought.

In Art we drew lions step by step. A lot of us found this tricky. Once we finished drawing the lions we coloured them in with pastels and crayons. We drew the mane by doing lots of different sized triangles and coloured them in brown, orange, red and yellow. We have included some pictures.

With our buddies we have been working on learning about Fairtrade. We made leaflets and they are on display outside our classroom with some of the other work that we have done this year within our citizenship group.

Written by Kenzi, Samantha, Kibi, Ben, Keira and Rio


P6/7 Weekly Update 5.5.17

This week in Art we have been continuing to build up our Abstract Art pictures and so far added 3 layers to our pieces. We then mounted our work and had complete freedom of how to arrange them. Now we need to come up with creative names for our master pieces!!

We have just started a learning wall and are now exploring the world of work. So far we have done think, puzzle, explore. We also had an interesting reading comprehension and we got the choice out of reading about being a vet, postal worker, electrician, or a paramedic. All the pupils in P6/7 have successfully completed our task. Did you know that paramedic’s in Australia fly to their casualties? Our new theme of our learning wall is the lion king and we all voted fairly to come to this decision. We have got Rafiki which stands for what we have learned and we have got a hyena which stands for our next steps. Mrs G is even letting us write directly on to the wall this time.

In drama we were each given a script from the Lion King and in groups we chose scenes and then acted them all out to the class. We really got into character and it was great fun. Our next step is to work on moving more.

Finally, below is a sneak peak at a banner we have been making for the P7 show… can you guess what the show might be?

Written by Cammy, Dylan, Stuart, Sophie, Kacie and Charlotte



P6/7 Weekly Update

In Maths this week we have moved on to learning about money. We had lots of discussion about what we know already and things including taxes, bills, banks and buying houseswere discussed. We then explored how rounding can help us complete calculations with money.

We have started working on our Drama skills this week. We have been working on the Lion King script and trying to get into character. The P7’s have their auditions for the actual show coming up!

As part of our Co-operative learning we also learnt a new activity, we did the ‘Factory Line’. It involved everyone playing an essential role in the line to complete the task as a whole. We were finding out about the importance of bees and when Mrs G stapled all of the shapes together they made a dodecahedron they are now displayed on our Learning Wall. We think they look quite cool. Did you know bees will have flown the equivalent of twice around the world when creating just one jar of honey!

Written by Sehj, Joshua, Phoebe, Kieran, Reuben and Charlie

P6/7 April Update

This week we have been learning all about Pie Charts in Maths. We decided to investigate the colour of sweets in a range of packets to identify the most common colour. The results were very similar apart from Wine Gums which had very little in the way of variety. We now know that to calculate the number of degrees for each section it is 360degrees divided by the total, then multiplied by the number found. We had to use a compass and protractor to construct our pie charts.

In Topic we made posters with our learning partners. Before we create the posters we found out some new information about Earth Day. The poster are for Earth Day and we stuck them up around the school in the hope that other pupils might take part.

In Art and Design we drew penguins and polar bears. We also had a go at some Abstract Art. We have created the first layer of our work. In Abstract Art you are free and you paint with freedom! We look forward to sharing some of the finished articles!

In spelling we used a range of activities to learn a new pattern and then we had an additional challenge of solving some anagrams.

Written by Harry, Charli, Stefan, Corey and Ruby

P6/7 January Update

Last week was Scots Week in Windygoul Primary School, we have a tradition that every P6/7 has to learn a Robert Burns poem and present their poem to the class to celebrate his birthday which is the 25th of January.  The way the competition works, is that you would perform in front of your class.  After that your teacher would decides the best presented poem to go to the finals and present their poem to the judges who decide who wins from each age group and then the winners are revealed on Scots Night. We enjoyed listening to everyone’s poems and learning a little about Robert Burns in the process. Charlotte, Keira and Harsehj

This week, we have been doing technical drawing, and since it is Scots Week we drew Robert Burns as a Lego figure step by step. We used squared paper and watercolours and made a pixelated effect. We made different shades of yellow, red, green, brown, black and white and used them for the perfect pixelated effect.  We used black pen for the eyes and mouth and finally wrote the poems we are learning in the background. Check out the photos below! We even had a go at making Lego Burns. Sophie and Ruby

In Literacy we have learned how to plan stories using a flowchart. We drew boxes with the plan spread out across the boxes and joined them up with arrows. We wrote our own Scottish Myths. We have also been reading a book called ‘Eye of the Wolf’ for Literacy Evolve.  It’s a very emotional book with lots of feelings in it we’ve also been reading non-fiction books and are learning lots!

In Numeracy and Maths we have been learning about time. We played games on the whiteboard including ‘Stop the Clock’ and ‘Bang on Time’. We have been learning how to read analogue and digital time and also learning how to write both 12 and 24 hour time. As an extra challenge we have also been learning about Speed, Distance and Time and completing a range of calculations. Stuart, Reuben and Charlie

P6/7 November Update

In Numeracy we have been focusing on multiplication and division. In Numeracy time we have been rotating between working with the teacher, completing sums out of textbooks and playing numeracy games on the whiteboard and at tables.

This week we have been joined by P1C to make poppies. We made poppies for Remembrance day which is on Friday. Although it was hard for the P1’s to do, they got through it with some help from us. At the end we were all happy with how they had turned out and had fun making them.

Every four weeks on a Friday we go to P2 for our Citizenship Groups. We are working on Fairtrade. In March we are hoping to do a Fairtrade Tuck Shop. We made the Fairtrade logo using tissue paper. We really enjoy working with our P2 buddies.

Our new topic is about inventors and inventions. In this topic we will learn about famous inventors and inventions and how they have impacted on the world. We already know some of the first inventions, including the wheel which was made in 5000BC. We all think this topic is going to be very interesting.

We have started a new learning wall this term. So far we have written down what we think we know, questions for our new topic and what we will use to explore it. Our learning wall is about Shrek, Donkey, unicorns and stars (random we know!) Our learning wall has lots of different aspects of our learning. Each person in the class has an input about what is on the learning wall.

Primary 6/7 🙂

As you can see from the picture below, our last learning wall was full of exciting things!



P6/7 Week Beginning 19th Blog Update

This week in Numeracy we have been working on bunk bed sums. We learned how to add and subtract. We also learned how to borrow and carry from other numbers.

Ruby: I think that maths this week has been really fun and easy.

We have also have been doing poems about WW2. In our poems we used onomatopoeia, onomatopoeia is a word that is a sound. Once we had written them, we then used ICT to type them and add picture.

Reuben: I think the poems were a bit hard but I enjoyed writing them.

In RME we are learning about Islam, we’ve learnt about their god Allah, who they never draw because they think it may cause offense. We also learned about the five pillars, they mean Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Giving and Pilgrimage. Now we are going to create prayer mats with patterns and symbols.

In PE this week we have been working on invasion games, we have been doing netball and basketball. On Wednesday we had tag rugby in preparation for the upcoming Rugby Festival.

We have a busy week and learnt lots of new things!

By Samantha, Ruby, Reuben and Stefan.

P6/7 Learning Update

Wow! What a quick couple of weeks it has been! P6/7 have made a great start to the new session. We started the year by creating dream jars about what we aspire to be in the future and then we wrote recipes for success and set achievable goals and targets.

Our topic in P6/7 has been WW2. We have been looking at WW2 through lots of different areas of the curriculum. Within Literacy we have created propaganda posters. In Art and Design we made our very own felt and used this to create landscapes linked to evacuation and we researched, in our Cooperative Learning Teams, to find out information about Anderson Shelters and why children had to be evacuated.

We have been working hard on our Maths and Numeracy. We have explored different strategies to help us complete sums in our heads. We have also worked on our rounding and tables. Not forgetting we also looked at old receipts from the time of the war and completed problem solving question about them. Did you know there used to be 240 pennies in a pound?  We are now moving on to work on written addition and subtraction sums.

We have also been working on our Talking and Listening and in particular we have started to learn some French. So far we have explored greetings and have learned a new song!

We used soap studs and mixed them with hot water to make our felt pictures. It was lots of fun to do. Ben

I have been enjoying learning French because my sister is also learning French so we can work together. Phoebe

I have been enjoying maths because the sums were hard at the start but I have got better at them. Kacie

Our class novel ‘The Last Wild’ is really exciting, it is an adventure story! Corey

I enjoyed learning the French song this week. Rio

In PE we have been working on Invasion Games and in particular basketball and rugby. Olivia

As you can see we are busy bees in P6/7! Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

Mrs Grzybowski and P6/7