Events and key dates

Today we have updated the school website, making sure that all sections are accurate. We have added all the important dates of events we have already planned for January to June to the What’s On? tab on the website. Please use these to help plan ahead. We will add to these pages as new events are arranged.

Silent Night – celebrating peace at Christmas

This morning, P4 participated in a unique live webcam conference with pupils from Qworzo school in Belgium, and Freie Schule Kassel in Germany.

One hundred and two years ago at Christmas, while WW1 was raging, soldiers in the trenches of France and Belgium were thinking about their families and wished they weren’t fighting. One of them placed a small tree with candles out of their trench, and soon other trees and candles appeared. Eventually and incredibly that Christmas Eve, it wasn’t long before the soldiers from both sides laid down their weapons and joined together to sing songs and even play a game of football! One of the songs they sang was Silent Night.

We wanted to remember this occasion, and so the three countries joined together today to sing songs, including a special version of Silent Night, sung in Dutch, German and English!

Watch the recorded live webcam conference here and perhaps even join in with some of the singing!
Belgian pupils get ready to sing!
2 Yester pupils sing Silent Night!

Note: If you have any problems getting the link to work, please try this link here, and click where it says “Go to the Replay”. Note, this won’t work on a phone – it needs to be a laptop or a PC.

School buses

Please note this announcement from the Council’s Transport Services Department:

The current Mainstream Home to School contract for all closed contracted transport (non-public service) will end in July 2017. The new contract will start in August 2017and run for four years, after the tender process, which will start in January 2017.

Any feedback on current routes is welcome, however, and is required by 31 December 2016 to

The Young Scot cards used on public service routes will be re-programmed in June 2017 for the next school year. A more detailed plan will be agreed with high schools in the new year.

Yester Primary School Christmas Post


Let Primary 7 take the strain for you this Christmas!

If you have cards to deliver in Gifford, please use our Christmas post. Cards can be handed in to the village hall on Saturday from 2.30-5.00pm, or handed in to Beech and Birch. It’s a bargain price of 20p per card and all cards will be delivered with a smile and festive cheer on Wednesday 14th December.

All money raised will go towards our fundraising for school camp.

Thank you, from Primary 7.

Inclement/severe weather procedures

A letter was sent out on the 21st November 2016 asking parents to complete a form for their child/children in the case of a school closure.  A large number of parents have not returned this form. We would appreciate it if this form was returned to school by Friday, 9th December 2016.  As always the safety of the children is paramount to us. Please help us to ensure that.

Nursery – P2 Nativity

Nursery – P2 parents:

We have a few tickets left for the 11.00a.m performance of  ‘Wriggly Nativity’ on Thursday, 15th December 2016.

If you would like an extra ticket please contact the school office on: 01620810435

Friday 2nd December

It’s December and the tinsel is up…Christmas has landed in P7!

We have had such a busy week, mainly taken up with INCAS and finishing off our campaigns for our political parties.

I think INCAS was fun but hard. By Taylor B

Here we are hard at work in our parties:


I liked making badges and putting posters up around the school for Top Class! By Alistair

We are looking forward to our trip to Parliament on Monday, remember to bring a packed lunch please everyone.

We have also been decorating the postbox and sorting out the school Christmas post schedule which starts on Monday.

I liked sorting out the Christmas box. By George

It was fun moving classroom every hour as we never knew where we would end up! By Anna

Great primary school maths event!

There’s a great event on in Edinburgh this weekend which will give children an opportunity to develop their maths understanding and have lots of fun at the same time. One of our P7 pupils has been before and thought that it was excellent.

The Edinburgh Maths Circle is a free drop-in session where children aged 5 to 16 and their families can join in with exciting mathematical activities, games and puzzles. Students and members of staff from the School of Mathematics will be on hand to help out, and tea, coffee and juice will be provided.

The event takes place on Saturday 3rd December 2016 from 13:00 to 16:00.

Find out more at the Maths Circle website.

Update on vomiting virus

We continue to have a number of children absent with a sickness bug. The symptoms of the latest cases are now consistent with norovirus. We are in regular contact with NHS who are giving us excellent advice about controlling the outbreak. Click on the link below for a letter about the outbreak from Dr Willocks from Public Health Medicine.


Christmas Cards

If you would like to place an order for your child’s Christmas Cards please remember to order online by Sunday, 23rd October and return the artwork on Tuesday, 25th October. If you are experiencing problems with ordering then pleas call APFS on 0800 027 1939 and they will be able to help.

Eileen McBain (Parent Council)

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