Who’s who?

Members of the Council 2016-17
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Clerk                                     Arabella Harvey

Chair                                     Gordon Crawford

Vice-Chair                          Ed and Meg Macfarlane (shared)

Treasurer                            Eileen McBain

Fundraising                        Meg Macfarlane and Sarah Gold (shared)

Fundraising Support       Erin Melbourne, Helle Kilkenny, Lottie Brown, Eileen McBain, Lynda Loveday, Marion Hamilton and Nicola Kay

Knox Liaison                      Anne Hunter

Comms                                 Anna Derricourt and Lynda Loveday

Community Liaison         vacant

N (am) Rep                         Mike Campbell

N (pm) Rep                         vacant 

P1                                           Marion Hamilton

P2                                           Lottie Brown

P3                                           Martha Middlemiss

P4                                           Jane Calder

P5                                           Erin Melbourne

P6                                           Jamie Kelman

P7                                           Helle Kilkenny

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