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Vacancy No of opportunities Vacancy Location Closing Date IT Support Engineer 1 Edinburgh 17/10/2019 Digital Resourcing 1 Edinburgh 17/10/2019 IT Support Analyst 2 Edinburgh 17/10/2019 Sales Assistant   1 Musselburgh 18/10/2019 Sales Assistant   1 Edinburgh 18/10/2019 Sales Adviser 1 Craigleith 18/10/2019 Business Support Assistant 1 Edinburgh 20/10/2019 Chef  1 Edinburgh 21/10/2019 Chef 1 Edinburgh 21/10/2019 Scottish … Continue reading Apprenticships


S5 NBHS Careers Talk 2019

Good morning everyone and welcome to your careers talk. Mick Burns and Jennifer Jones Careers Advisers North Berwick High While you are waiting here S5 tiny 2017 Today we are going to cover: What destinations students from North Berwick High follow. Why Career Management Skills are important. What type of animal are you! How you … Continue reading S5 NBHS Careers Talk 2019


NBHS S4 Careers Talk 2019

Hello everyone. Mick Burns/Jennifer Jones Careers Advisers North Berwick High School Learning Objectives Presentation PDF S4 NBHS 2019 PPT S4 NBHS 2019 What happened to the 2018 leavers? Make a note of the words you would use to describe yourself under each of the CMS jigsaw headings. Career Management Skills explained You need to … Continue reading NBHS S4 Careers Talk 2019

What are East Lothian school students learning today?