Sanderson's Wynd Primary

Urgent communication from School leadership team

Communication from Sanderson’s Wynd primary school leadership team : The Health Protection Team have asked us to inform all families that children must remain at home for 48 hours following a fever and be 48 hours medication free before returning to school.  Please inform the school office if your child is unwell as soon as … Continue reading Urgent communication from School leadership team

Rosehill High School

Head Teacher Update 24/11/23

It’s 100 days since opening Rosehill, and there continues to be plenty going on…   Firstly, we’d encourage you to spend some time if you can taking a look at our Quadrant 2 Knowledge Organisers: Learning: Knowledge Organisers – Rosehill High School ( If your young person’s preferred response to asking what they did/ learned … Continue reading Head Teacher Update 24/11/23

What are East Lothian school students learning today?