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Modern Apprenticeships (Edinburgh & Lothians)

Vacancy Vacancy Location Closing Date Assistant Hairdresser Edinburgh 26/12/2017 Bar and Waiting Staff South Queensferry 22/12/2017 Business and Administration Assistant Edinburgh 31/12/2017 Business Apprentice Edinburgh 28/02/2018 Chef South Queensferry 22/12/2017 Childcare Assistant Edinburgh 31/12/2017 Design Engineering Technical (2018) Edinburgh 28/02/2018 Design Engineering Technical Apprentice Edinburgh 28/02/2018 Hairdressing Assistant Dalkeith 23/12/2017 Hairdressing Assistant (Edinburgh) Edinburgh 23/12/2017 … Continue reading Modern Apprenticeships (Edinburgh & Lothians)


Visual Support Project

The Visual Support Project, established in East Lothian in March 2016, is a joint venture between Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) and the Educational Psychology Service. The project involves an initial training session with the whole nursery team to discuss how to implement and embed visuals creating an inclusive communication environment. This universal approach aims … Continue reading Visual Support Project

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