Language Learning in Scotland A 1+2 Approach

“We will introduce a norm for language learning in schools based on the European union 1+2 model – that is we will create the conditions in which every child will learn two languages in addition to their own mother tongue. This will be rolled out over two Parliaments and will create a new model for language acquisition in Scotland”
(Scottish Government manifesto commitment 2011)

“Today’s children are growing up in a multilingual world and the ability to communicate effectively in social, academic and commercial settings is crucial if they are to play their full part as global citizens.”

(Education Scotland)

All children will be learning a second language (L2) from Primary 1. This will be the main language pupils will be exposed to throughout primary and to the end of S3. A third language (L3) should be introduced no later than P5. By 2020 all schools in Scotland will have embedded the 1+2 policy.

The full recommendations from the Scottish Government Working Group are available on the link below.
Language Learning in Scotland A 1+2 Approach