1+2 Update



At our recent 1+2 Meeting all clusters reported that basic training would be their first priority. Beginners courses will therefore be offered to all ELC staff next session.

The North Berwick cluster has volunteered to become our pilot cluster from October 2014 to inform practice for 2015/16. Updates and resources will be posted on this site throughout next session.

Early Learning of Chinese Celebration

Over 400 children gathered at the Brunton Theatre earlier this month to demonstrate how much they had learnt this session with the Chinese students from the University of Edinburgh.

The P1 pupils are very enthusiastic as you can see from this video of one of the songs performed by some of the P1 pupils from Law Primary.

Early Language learning in East Lothian

We already have a lot of Early Language Learning going on in East Lothian. The Mandarin Project has been very successful this year and teachers have been impressed with how well the children have retained the language and how much they have benefited from having  the Chinese students visit their classes.

Dirleton Primary have also been introducing Spanish from P1 for a number of years. Parents and teachers are also very positive about this early language learning experience. The pupils are learning through games and songs and are thoroughly enjoying their lessons. Here is a video of them singing one of their songs.

Guidance for P1


1+2 is intended to be simple and pratical and will lie within the wider remit of Literacy. Teachers are not expected to be fluent in the language but to embed simple, basic, daily language into their classroom practice.

For more information

Guidance for P1

Language Learning in Scotland A 1+2 Approach

“We will introduce a norm for language learning in schools based on the European union 1+2 model – that is we will create the conditions in which every child will learn two languages in addition to their own mother tongue. This will be rolled out over two Parliaments and will create a new model for language acquisition in Scotland”
(Scottish Government manifesto commitment 2011)

“Today’s children are growing up in a multilingual world and the ability to communicate effectively in social, academic and commercial settings is crucial if they are to play their full part as global citizens.”

(Education Scotland)

All children will be learning a second language (L2) from Primary 1. This will be the main language pupils will be exposed to throughout primary and to the end of S3. A third language (L3) should be introduced no later than P5. By 2020 all schools in Scotland will have embedded the 1+2 policy.

The full recommendations from the Scottish Government Working Group are available on the link below.
Language Learning in Scotland A 1+2 Approach