Parent Zone

Information for parents on 1+2

This page is to allow us to share our learning in French in P1/2 with  parents and carers. It is intended to help you support your child at home in any way you feel able to do so as he/she is learning French. Please note there is also a “Story time” page on our blog which lists the stories read in school, with links to some of the stories being read on YouTube. There is also a “Videos of class work” page where you will be able to listen to many of the songs and see many of the activities.


ELC P1 Core Vocabulary

ELC P1 Song transcripts


ELC P2 Core Vocabulary

ELC P2 Song transcripts

Your child will also play games to help him/her learn the vocabulary,  including some traditional French games. These could be played in the park or at parties.

Playground games