Useful websites

City of Edinburgh resources

(This site is now password protected. Please contact DOs.)

BBC Primary French

Northern Ireland Curriculum


Northumberland Grid for Learning

(£35 subscription)


The digital platform of the Institut Français

British Council

There is also a wall poster for the classroom.

British Council Wallchart for Schools


Songs and stories

Pierre et Monsieur Bonhomme de Neige

There are also e-books on the Education Scotland website

Les aventures d’Angus


Grupo Encanto have Spanish songs on YouTube


Videos for Primary French

Le petit âne Trotro eg

Les voitures futées – videos about fruits and vegetables  (site licence required)


French Primary School sites

Comptines et Chansons

A nice little song  to practise “Je m’appelle” and “Bonjour”.

La Maternelle de Moustache

Lots of ideas for the classroom on this site for parents of young children.


Les fêtes




Education Scotland

Videos showing good practice in modern language teaching and learning.

Taking the register in French

This resource is designed as an L2 learning journey, aimed at second level learners and involves Astérix on a journey to Scotland, based on the story “Astérix, chez les Pictes”.


Puppet shows in French for young learners



Free resources to help embed French into the daily routine of the classroom – weather, classroom commands etc

Remember also to check the assistants’ resources on Education Exchange.


Poster of France

Poster from Oxford University Press


Ebooks in Mandarin

The Happy Emperor and other stories.



A website with sections on Russian language, space, history, science, ballet etc.




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