New Term

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. This is a quick update about what we will be looking at this term in P2/3.

Maths and Numeracy – We will be learning our multiplication tables and practising counting forwards and backwards up to 100 starting at various numbers. We will also be learning about measurement and capacity and hope to get outside to do this on a big scale!

Literacy РWe will be using traditional tales to learn new reading and grammar skills. We will also be predicting and sequencing using different stories. We will be doing Art and Drama around these stories. We will also be focussing on learning common words to improve our reading and spelling skills.

Science – We have chosen to look at forces and movement as our topic this term and will be learning about push and pull and electricity.

Health and Wellbeing – We are learning about being safe around electricity after our visit last term from Ginger who works for Scottish Power.

Gym – Our gym days are alternate Tuesdays with Mr Clelland – our first one was Tuesday 24th April and will be alternate weeks from then. We also have gym with Miss Kinsella every Thursday and alternate Fridays on the weeks we do not have Mr Clelland.

Music – P3 will be continue to work with Ms Trail on Wednesdays.

We are looking forward to a busy term working hard!

Miss Kinsella


One thought on “New Term”

  1. Dear Siobhan,

    Hope you are feeling better, campbell tells us that you have the flu:o(((

    Thank you so much for letting us know what the kids are doing this term. It is so useful for us parents to know what our little ones are up to.

    Take care of yourself
    Shirley Mack xx

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