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Solving Problems

Today Primary 2/3 have been working hard solving tricky maths problems.

We had to read the problem carefully, draw the important parts, and then

check we had answered the question! Well Done everyone!


working hard!

right angles!

Today we have been very busy looking for right angles inside the classroom.  We used special “checkers” to help us. We were amazed at how many there were!  Later on, we then went outside to find even more.


is this a right angle?

“jazzing” up our sentences!

Today Mrs McKerron put up a boring sentence on the board.  We were all given a challenge to make it more interesting using adjectives. We worked in small groups and thought of as many good describing words as we could to describe the noun.  We were all amazed with the results!

working in groups
working in groups. What adjectives could we use?



















Today we have been working really hard making and reading digital

clocks. We worked at 3 different stations, each with a different activity or game.

We have been really busy!


In class we will be using a great website to help us connect analogue and

digital clocks that I thought I would share with you.  click on maths and “stop the clock”. I hope you enjoy

the games.


Sharing our learning with P1/2!

We had a very exciting time last week where we shared our learning on time and shape with P1/2.  We all got together and participated in a variety of activities with Mrs Jamieson and P1/2. 

Can we complete out challenges before the sand timer runs out?Some activities included:- blindfold shape challenge, making 2D and 3D shapes with construction, time bingo and computer time games.

We had great fun!









As we have been working on telling the time on analogue clocks, I would like to share a great website with you. It explains clearly how to use it and it is easy to change the tasks. Good luck and beware of the monsters!

Let me know how you get on.

Have a great holiday.

Mrs McKerron