Paper Aeroplanes!

Today P2/3 made paper aeroplanes – they were learning about reducing the drag on the sides of their planes to make them move more quickly through the air.

First we made our special aeroplanes, we had to be very precise. We had to think about right angles and symmetry. Here we are concentrating on our folds!

Soon we had a plane we could fly!

We took our planes outside to see how well they worked – we flew them 5 times and recorded how far they travelled each time using our footsteps as a measurement! Once we had recorded our findings we looked at which attempt had been most successful and thought about why this was.

Once we had finished flying and recording our results we had some time to work on our throwing technique outside – we were thinking about the type of throwing we have been doing in gym with the javelins! We tried to work out what the best way to throw a paper aeroplane is – some of us stood still and used our arms, some of us did running jumps to give our planes extra height!

 The next steps for our budding engineers will be to find out:

Did the breeze affect our flights?

Do the folds pull the plane to the left or right?

Is there a better design that we could use?

What is the best throwing technique?

We will keep you informed of our findings!

Miss Kinsella 🙂
































Chemical Reactions!

Last week P2/3 got together with P4/5 to make chemical reactions! We had a fantastic time and learned lots of new things!

We met up with our buddies and collected  a tub from Miss Kinsella, then Mrs Thomas poured some vinegar in to our tubs and we were given some bicarbonate of soda – we had to put our lids on quickly as a reaction started to happen straight away! When the bicarbonate of soda mixed with the vinegar the mixture fizzed up and exploded out of the tub!

We created an ‘acid-base’ reaction. The baking powder (a base) reacts with the vinegar (an acid) and makes carbon dioxide (a gas). The carbon dioxide builds the pressure within the plastic case until eventually its lid pops and it flies into the air!

Here are some pictures of us in action!

A big thank you from P2/3 to their wonderful P4/5 buddies! They really looked after us!

Miss Kinsella 🙂

Letters home!

Just to let you know that there are a couple of notes in reading and school bags today!

One is an invitation written by the children about our open morning on Tuesday 20th March between 9am and 12noon.

The other is a permission slip for you child/children to take part in our 1 mile walk for Sport Relief on Friday 23rd March. These were given out to the oldest and only children so please fill it out on behalf of younger siblings too. We are not asking for sponsors on this occasion as the children have been buying sweatbands in school to support the charity. However, if you or someone you know would like to make a donation we can add it to our fund. We are looking for lots of helpers to walk with us so please let us know if you would like to join us!


Miss Kinsella 🙂


It’s Science Week at Yester and today we learned about hovercrafts! We watched a short film on Youtube of some hovercrafts in action and then we made our own!

The children have asked that I post the instructions on the website so here they are.

You will need: a CD, blu tack, a balloon and a push/pull bottle top – the kind you would find on a water bottle or a lucozade sport bottle.

What you do:

1. Make a ring using the blu tack and use it to make an airtight join between the bottle top and the CD (keep the shiny side facing down).


2. Stick the bottle top, using the blu tack join, to the CD.

3. Put the CD hovercraft on to a large, smooth surface.


4. Blow up a balloon and pinch the end so that the air doesn’t come out.

5. Stretch the balloon’s opening over the bottle top.

6. Now let go of the balloon and give your hovercraft a gentle nudge. 

We learned that this works  because air escaping from the balloon lifts the CD, this makes an air cushion that the CD can float on along the table. It reduces the amount of friction between the CD and the table. If we didn’t have the cushion of air the balloon would not move so easily.

We finished by drawing and writing about the steps we took to make our hover balloons. We know that real scientists would record their findings so we did too.

Fantastic fun and hard work P2/3!

Miss Kinsella

Money Week!

Last week was Money Week at Yester Primary and each class spent some time learning about money. In P2/3 we made vending machines – these had pictures of things we wanted to sell on the front along with a price. Once they were dry and ready to use we went around the classroom in pairs buying things from each other’s machines. We used 1,2,5,10p coins to do this. We had to think about the combination of coins that would make the exact price as our machines don’t give change.

We worked really hard! Well done P2/3!

Miss Kinsella


Today, a lady called Ginger came to visit us to tell us about being safe with electricity. She came from Scottish Power and she told us all about the hazards that can be found around our homes and out and about. We answered lots of her questions and we answered questions that a bird called Sparky asked us too! We know we should never touch light switches with wet hands or put cutlery in to the toaster. We also found out that we have to be careful around substations especially as these can be located near to our homes, parks and schools.

We will continue to learn about electricity – how it works and it’s dangers- after the Easter holidays.

Miss Kinsella 🙂


In gym we have been improving our running, jumping, throwing and ball control! We are all ready for the 2012 olympics – Team Yester!

Here are some pictures of us honing our skills!

We all had great fun in gym today!

Miss Kinsella 🙂

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