More from our trip!

After our time in the telescope room we went downstairs to the balcony where we got a spectacular of Edinburgh! We even got to look through a telescope at the different buildings. It was a beautiful day so we were able to spend quite a long time out there looking at the city from all different angles.

After this we went in to a classroom and showed off all of our learning about how the Sun, Moon and Earth move around each other. Morgan, Rorie and Jasmine volunteered to be the Sun, Moon and Earth and demonstrated how this works.

Then we made our own sundials and used a torch to check they work!

Finally we got to hold some real meteors that have been in outer space – some of them had magnetic metals in them!

We had a fantastic day out – we hope you have enjoyed reading about it and looking at the pictures!

Miss Kinsella x

Our Trip!

On Tuesday 1st November P2/3 along with Miss Kinsella, Mrs McKerron and Mrs Nicholson (Jemma’s Grandma) all went to the Royal observatory in Edinburgh. We had been looking forward to the trip while we had been learning about Day and Night. We knew we could find out lots of exciting things during our visit. We got on a big coach at school and it took us straight to the Observatory – some of us were able to point out where we lived en route! Others were excited when we saw McDonalds but we stuck to our yummy packed lunches!

When we got off the bus we walked for the last bit because the bus was too big to turn around at the top of Blackford Hill. Then we were met by Will who showed us round. We had our snack in the shop, then put our packed lunches in a special lift to the top of the Observatory. We had to walk! There were a lot of stairs on the spiral staircase but we all managed really well and were glad to get to the top.

In the tower there was a huge telescope that astronomers use to look at the stars and planets at night! The roof opens up and Will opened the roof and spun it round so we could see how it works. This was very exciting! Some of us felt as though we were moving though and not the roof! After Will explained how things worked and we answered lots of questions – Miss Kinsella was very impressed! – we got to have a play! There was lots to do and lots of things we could investigate. Here are some snaps –

 the telescope

George and Jasmine volunteered to help with an explanation too!

We got to sit in the chair astronomers used to use so that they could be high enough up to see through the telescope.

There were even different areas where we could make rainbows using light!

We enjoyed finding out what the telescope can do!



Hundreds, tens and units

Some of the children in Primary 2/3 have been learning about Place Value in Numeracy. We have been learning about how different numbers are made up of hundreds, tens, and units. Here are some pictures of us ‘being’ hundreds, tens, and units. This helped us to understand, for example, that 10 units is the same as 1 ten and that 10 tens is the same as 1 hundred. We have been counting in 10s too.

Moon Phase Art

Here are some photos – finally!- of our moon phase art. We used chalk and charcoal on black paper to create images of the different phases of the moon we have been learning about. We used smudging techniques to show the craters that we can see on the moon from earth. We hope you enjoy looking at them!

Miss Kinsella

Royal Observatory Trip

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a lovely holiday and are ready to start the new term! On Tuesday I went on a visit to the Royal Observatory to find out all about what we will be doing while we are there – it was very exciting! There are lots of fun activities for us to take part in to help us round off all of the fantastic learning we have been doing in class about Day and Night.

We will get to see and touch meteors that have been in space and make our own sundials! We will find out all about the telescopes that the scientists use at the Observatory to look in to space.

It is quite cold all the way up in the room where the telescope lives so please remember to bring something warm and cosy to wear during our trip, we will also have to climb quite a few stairs so can you make sure that you wear sensible footwear? This will help to ensure an enjoyable trip for everyone.

See you all back at school on Tuesday!

Miss Kinsella

Sharing our learning with P1/2!

We had a very exciting time last week where we shared our learning on time and shape with P1/2.  We all got together and participated in a variety of activities with Mrs Jamieson and P1/2. 

Can we complete out challenges before the sand timer runs out?Some activities included:- blindfold shape challenge, making 2D and 3D shapes with construction, time bingo and computer time games.

We had great fun!









As we have been working on telling the time on analogue clocks, I would like to share a great website with you. It explains clearly how to use it and it is easy to change the tasks. Good luck and beware of the monsters!

Let me know how you get on.

Have a great holiday.

Mrs McKerron


At last we’re live!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for being so patient while we waited for our blogs to be updated. I’m sure you have heard about the problems that EduBuzz has been experiencing! These have now been fixed and Mr Devereux has set up our new class websites! We are looking forward to sharing all of our learning with you – we’ve had a very busy term!

Miss Kinsella and Mrs McKerron are also looking forward to chatting to all of the parents and carers who will be coming to school tomorrow!

We will upload some excting photos of our work soon!

Miss Kinsella

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