End of term assembly

Tomorrow (Wednesday 27th June) is the end of term assembly, in school, at 2pm to which all parents are invited to attend. Following the assembly, weather permitting, there will be some drinks and nibbles in the nursery garden.

Hope to see you there!

Reading Folders

If your child has not returned their school fiction or non- fiction reading book, can I please ask that they bring it into school no later than Tuesday.


Sports Day!

What a brilliant time we all had at sports day, especially competing in the sunshine! Well done P3/4- you all had a very successful afternoon!

Please enjoy the photos!


If I was an adult…

Today in whole class reading, Primary 3 read an extract from a story called ‘When I’m Big’ which is about a little girl who dreams of being a grown up.

First of all, we shared our own ideas of things we’d do if we were grown ups… Brace yourselves!!

Craig: I would go to bed when I want!

Anna: I would go to the beach every day, even if it was raining!

Eloise: I would buy 3 puppy dogs!

Tom: I would watch James Bond films all night!

Rory: I would watch the late night football games!

Aidan: I would go to bed at midnight- every night!

Nicole: I would visit my friends whenever I wanted!

Daniel: I would go anywhere on my bike!

Daisy: I would eat as much chocolate as I wanted!

Ewan: I would watch as much TV as I wanted!

Hannah: I would stay up late every night!

Jamie M: I would play the Wii for as long as I wanted!

We then had a discussion with our Talking Partner about role reversal! In pairs, we spoke about what we would do if our parents were children and we were the adults! Below are some fantastic examples!

Craig and Tom: (Tom) I would tell my parents to tidy their bedroom. (Craig) I would tell them to go to bed at 6:00pm!

Anna and Hannah: (Anna) I would make my Mum and Dad go to school for the day. I’d pick them up from school and take Dad to Swimming Club and Mum to Brownies! Bed at 7:30pm! (Hannah) I would tell Mum to fill and empty the dishwasher and I’d tell Dad to feed the fish.

Ewan and Aidan: (Ewan) I would wake my Dad up at 7:00am and take him swimming! I would tell Mum to cut the grass! (Aidan) I would wake Dad and Mum up and take them to school.I’d tell their teacher to give them difficult addition sums!

Daisy and Eloise: (Eloise) I’d wake Mum and Dad up. If they said it was too early, I’d open the curtains and let the sun in!I would make them eat a plate of green beans, cabbage and peas!! (Daisy) I would make my Mum clean out the guinea pigs and I’d tell Dad to feed the dogs!

Rory and Daniel: (Daniel) I would put Mum to bed at 6:00pm. I’d tell Dad he had to eat all of his roast chicken! (Rory) I would tell Mum and Dad to tidy their room and Dad to feed the fish!


Just a quick post to thank Lesley Macphail for the edible Jubilee cake decorations!! Primary 3 had great fun making fairy… or Queen cakes today and even managed to make one for a P4 friend. Unfortunately our class camera has given up ( must be in Summer Holiday mode) so there are no photos. However, the cakes SHOULD make their way home so you can admire your child’s hard work and maybe even sample a small piece, but then again…

As we’re drawing closer towards the holidays, reading groups are starting to wind down due to the checking of all books in the library as well as putting books back. If your child has finished their latest reading book, they should have chosen a non-fiction book to enjoy at home/ find some facts on. I will continue to send these non- fiction books home until the end of next week and begin collecting all school reading books in from the class w/b 25.06.12.

There will be no set Maths or Spelling homework from this week onwards, although there may be an occasional piece of homework relating to something we are doing in class. Can I take this opportunity to Thank you all for the support you have given to your child with their homework over the course of the year.

Health Week

Next week will be Health Week. Children can come dressed to school in comfy, sporty clothes as they will be taking part in a number of different activities, as well as sports day which is on Thursday! On Friday, pupils can come to school dressed up as their favourite sports person/ favourite sporting activity or simply as something healthy!! (No money contribution- just for fun!)
We will be leading a workout for the children in other classes on Thursday. Here is the link to the music for our workout. Enjoy!!

Le petit dejeuner

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about French foods, in particular French cheeses and what the French eat for breakfast. We had a French cheese tasting session as well as our own ‘petit dejeuner’ sampling different pastries, croissants, brioche and pain au chocolat! We all had a great time!


Our topic for the next few weeks will be France.

So far in our topic, we have looked at different regions in France, we have spoken about the English Channel and all the wonderful ways people have tried to cross it in the past, the Eurostar and TGV trains, comparing the difference between their trains and ours. We also listened to the French National Anthem, which you can listen to below!! We looked for flights to go on a long weekend from the 4th May – 7th May and made our own passports to go on this trip! Next week, we are going to create a tourist leaflet for a selection of France’s main cities. We have been practising basic French (goodbye, hello etc) and will be learning French numbers too!!


Before the holiday, we worked with P1/2 on lots of different number activities. We worked in pairs to complete timed tasks such as how many times we could write our name in 1 minute, ordering numbers, ordering the days of the week and months of the year and fitness activities- how many times we could run the length of the playground in 1 minute.

P3 Football Festival

Primary 3 took part in a Football Festival at Haddington on Tuesday 13th March.

We were split into groups with children from other schools. There wwere lots of different activities we took part in, including headers, dribbling through cones, ‘men in black’ (a game of shooting), football tig and running over ladders. Then we had a well earned rest before playing a round robin of games.

We had great fun on the day and were all desperate to play more fotball!!

Aidan and Jamie M

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