Week 9 update

Hello all,

I have added 12 posts the children have written over the last few weeks which will tell you about some of the exciting things the class has been doing. This week was dominated by Shake, Ripple and Roll, Sports Day and the new P7 profiles.

Remember that all those who are going to Knox next year will be going there to visit on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Everyone needs a PE kit for Wednesday. The meeting for new S1 parents is on Monday 18th at 6.30 pm. Also happening this week is the violin concert on Thursday at 2 pm. A number of our class will be performing and you are welcome to attend.

The following week P7 is taking part in a hockey festival at the school on Monday 25th so the children will need their outdoor PE kit. And here’s a wee reminder that the class’s Leavers’ Assembly will take place on Wednesday 27th June at 2pm.

I will start to send home artwork, jotters, artshirts etc over the next week or so. Phew, it’s all happening here!

It was lovely to see a number of parents at the show or, briefly. with the profiles on Friday. I hope to see you all sometime in the next few weeks to say hello. It’s great to be back!

Mr Devereux

Here’s an amazingly tall and strong tower which was constructed in Golden Time on Friday:

My view on Shake Ripple and Roll

On the first night I played a customer to the ice cream parlour as Martha was playing Deanna. I liked being a customer on the 1st night because then I got to see how everything happened, and how the lighting went and how many people were coming.

On the second night I played Deanna. I was very excited during the day about the performance but when I was back stage I was getting really nervous about remembering my lines and singing without my throat going croaky.

When I got out there it was great fun and I remembered most of my lines. My throat didn’t go croaky and the audience seemed to love it! I am very proud of myself for doing it and having fun! It’s a real shame Shake, Ripple and Roll is over because I really enjoyed it.

By Evie


This year Yester has picked another group to go to Meadowbank. There were a lot of activities to do but there could only be a certain number of people going because of the cost. Here are some activities that people took part in:

80m boys: Robbie, girls: Jemma

150m boys: Andrew, girls: Martha

600m boys: Conal, girls: Brigid

High jump boys: Andrew, girls: Evie

Long jump boys: Robbie, girls: Martha

Cricket ball throw boys: Alexander, girls: Rebecca

Relay boys: Robbie and Andrew, girls: Jemma and Martha

It was so fun because we won the small schools competition and we got a trophy and a plaque.

By Murran

Sports Day

It was Sports Day on Thursday the 15th June 2012. We started off the day by being put into teams for the Potted Sports. The team’s names were:




Great Britain

New Zealand



South Africa





We went through different courses in our groups like basketball, relay racing, hockey and more.

Once we had done that, we got our lunch. There were quornburgers, hot dogs and BBQ chicken.

Once we had had an hour to play and eat, we started to get set up for races. We got benches and chairs to make a racing course.

We started with just a normal race which every class took part in. Then we did egg and spoon race, then the skipping race, then the sack race and then the hoola-hoop race. It was really fun.

Then we found out which team had won the potted sports.

1st – Spain

2nd – Germany

3rd – U.S.A

It was a lot of fun and I think everyone enjoyed it.

By Evie

Orienteering at Lagganlia

We did orienteering first at Lagganlia. We started talking about the map and how it worked. Then we got in to partners and then we did a competition. Each orienteering post had a certain amount of points depending on how hard it was to find.

By Robbie

More exciting science experiments

In P7 we have been doing science. We have been focusing on forces. The first force we focused on was friction.

FRICTION We did an experiment to see which shoe had the most grip on a table top. It turned out that trainers were the best shoe for the surface. The next week we learned how you can use balloons to look at static electricity.

STATIC ELECTRICITY We rubbed the balloons against our jumpers and did a series of experiments with the balloons like seeing how static electricity can affect salt and pepper. Then we discussed our results.

GRAVITY Then we looked at gravity by dropping different shaped, weighted and sized balls down from the top of the stairs and seeing which hit the ground first. We found out that size and weight do not matter but shape does.

We are enjoying out science project and we are looking forward to next week’s experiment.

By Kara and Morven

Talk about Knox

On Monday the 21st of May Miss Bulloch came in to the school to speak to us about Knox. She told us about the school uniform, the school day schedule, free time and teachers.

School Uniform

We need to wear a Knox tie, a white shirt, and either a skirt or trousers. We only need one pair of shoes, but they have to be black. S5s and S6s must wear a school blazer.

School Schedule –

Three people were chosen to go up to the board and decide what they think the school schedule is. They were given about 10 cards each with school subjects on them and they were given a timetable.

Free time –

We get a Break at 10:50 – 11:05. That is our time to go to the library, go outside or chat with our friends. We have lunch at 1:05 – 2:00 (S1s go at 1:00 to beat the crowds). We are allowed to go out for lunch like to Gregg’s or Subway but you are also allowed to go to the school canteen.

We were shown the Knox tie and homework diary. We were given school clothing order forms and a letter to parents as well.

I’m sure after that talk we are all much more excited about going to Knox!

By Evie


A lady called Ginger who came in earlier in the year to talk to us about safety and electricity. She said that the most common mistakes were touching the light switch with wet hands or sticking a knife in the toaster. The proper way to do it is to tip the toaster upside down. At the end of the talk there was a quiz and Morven won.

Saoirse and Robbie

The School Fair

The school fair was on Saturday 19th of May. Most of P7 ran stalls including: bakery, stalks, games, refreshments and raffle tickets. Some adults did stalls as well as P7s.The bakery included many nice thing both sweet and savoury!



Grimm’s Fairy Tales

We have been learning about Grimm’s fairy tales. Grimm’s fairy tales is all about fairy tales but they are a lot more violent. They started to change it because lots of people were complaining and they put it in a Disney version, a much more for little children.

From Robbie