Hometime Arrangements


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A letter was put into schoolbags today about hometime arrangements. Please complete and return to school as soon as possible. Thank you. 🙂

Our First Learning Areas


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After all the hard work this morning, we went to explore some of the exciting things we have to play with in Learning Areas…..
Our First Learing Areas on PhotoPeach

Learning to Read


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We started to learn to read today!
We looked carefully at some of the characters we will meet in our reading books and saw what their names looked like. These were our first keywords! Mrs Jamieson gave us all a sticker and we had to tell her what the word said. Next, we had to find the other children in the class that had the same name on their sticker. It was good fun! If your name is still on your jumper, maybe you could tell the grown-ups at home what it says?

Some children also got their first reading book! (If your child did not get theirs today, they will get it tomorrow – there wasn’t enough time to teach all the groups today!) I’m sure everyone will enjoy reading their first story at home!
Learning to Read on PhotoPeach

For parents….

Everyone will get a reading bag to store all their bits and bobs.


Inside the reading bag you will find some tips and ideas to help your child read at home as well as a copy of their first set of keywords. Keywords should be part of the nightly reading routine. There are some ideas for games to play on the sheet.

The reading diary is our main form of communication between home and school. It will detail the tasks I would like you to carry out at home. Please write a little comment to let me know how you got on!

Most importantly – the reading book!

There should also be an “extended story” to go with each book until your child reaches stage 4. You should read the extended story to your child – any words printed in bold are the words your child should try to read from their reading book. There are no words to read in the first stage of books. (See notes included in bag!)

Please look after these exended stories. They should be returned in the reading bag along with the book. Please try not to fold them as the laminate will start to crack and peel away!

Hope you enjoy your first reading book! If you have any qustions, please get in touch and I’ll to my best to answer them! 🙂



Penguin 1


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Today we learned how to write number 1. We heard a story about a little penguin who loved to slide on his tummy in the snow. It left a dirty mark, just like a number 1!
Penguin 1 on PhotoPeach