Pencil Grips


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Literacy, Parent Information | Posted on 27-08-2013

Today, Lesley and I gave some of the children pencil grips to help them hold and control their pencil properly. This is an important skill which the children need to make pencil control and letter/number formation easier.

It would be very helpful and beneficial to the children if you could support this at home. Here is a whistle stop guide to the correct “pincer” grip the children are encouraged to use at Yester Primary School.

1. Make  a crab’s pincer shape with the thumb and pointing finger.

2. Ask your child to grip the pencil/pen with their pincer. Try to encourage a bend in the joints at the thumb and top part of the finger. If your child is finding this bit tricky, ask them to “pull” the tips of their finger and thumb closer to their hand.

3. Curl the other 3 fingers around the back of the pencil. Please try to make sure that the side of the third finger is  supporting the pencil rather than sitting on top of it.

Good luck! I realise this may be a little confusing – if you would like a personal demonstration, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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