Monday, 2nd September


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Parent Information | Posted on 29-08-2013

I’m looking forward to working with the children ALL DAY on Monday! Everyone has settled really well and I’m amazed at how much work we’ve managed to get through already.

Just a few reminders about Monday…

  • The photographer from the East Lothian News will be in school on Monday morning to take our photograph for the paper.
  • We will be going for lunch with our P7 Buddies for the first time on Monday. Please make sure that your child brings a NAMED packed lunch box or purse. The price of a school lunch is £1.90. It might be a good idea to go over the menu choices with your child before they come to school. (We also have a pictorial menu system in school and I will be around to encourage the children to enjoy their lunch.)
  • I have had to take away some of the beautiful drawstring bags that children had hanging up in the cloakroom for storing gym kit. Unfortunately, some of the drawstrings are quite long and I have been worried that one of the children will take a nasty tumble against an iron peg or wooden bench….an accident we really wish to avoid. I have provided a small, named bag with handles for everyone to store their bits and pieces instead.
  • We will be going to gym on Monday afternoon, so if your child hasn’t got PE kit in school, please send in ASAP.
  • Our milk order starts on Monday. We usually have our drink after playtime.

Ants and Butterflies


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Today, we learned about letter “a” and the number 3. We made ants for the wall to crawl up the little boy’s arm! (Maybe the boys and gorls caould sing the song about “a   a   ants on my arm!” for the grown-ups at home?)

We also made some butterflies for pur number display.

Letters Home


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A few letters posted in to schoolbags to day – including a FREE teatowel! For the children who attended Yester Nursery last session, you might be able to see your face on it!