What Does Mrs Hilsley Do All Day?


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Inter-Disciplinary Learning | Posted on 17-09-2013

As well as finding out what’s behind every door in Yester Primary School, we have also been finding out about the grown-ups that work in our school.
Today, the children “interviewed” Mrs Hilsley about her job. If you ever wondered what a Head Teacher does all day, watch the slideshow very carefully!
What Does Mrs Hilsley Do All Day? on PhotoPeach

……they forgot the picture about looking for her glasses!

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Brilliant! Mrs Hilsley gives a lot of “rows” and counts a lot of money. I think I’d like her job!

What a shame… slides seem to imply that Mrs H spends a lot of her time giving rows to people when that’s not the case. Negativity isn’t part of her outlook or character. I know for certain she is instinctively a genuinely warm, affirming and deeply caring person, who always goes out of her way to complement and inspire both children and staff at every possible opportunity. I hope she reads this: she should know how much she is appreciated by pupils, parents and staff.