Out and About With Dinosaur Dan..


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Last week, Dinosaur Dan asked us to show him what is on the other side of the cloakroom door – he had never been in the playground before. We showed him around and told him all about the different places we are allowed to play….as well as the things we are not allowed to do (like touching bikes in the bike rack or swinging on the gates!) He even had a shot on the trim trail!
In The Playground With Dinosaur Dan on PhotoPeach

Parent Lunch


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It was great to see so many parents coming to join us for lunch last week – hope you enjoyed it!

It’s wonderful to see how well the children have settled and how at ease they are having a school dinner.

Thank you for all the comments you left too.

Dates for Your Diary……


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Hope everyone has had a lovely holiday weekend! Here are a few dates for you to put into your diary…

  • Thursday, 19th September – photographer from East Lothian News
  • Friday 20th September – The Yester Charities Group are organising a fundraiser for “Jeans for Genes Day.” Donate £1 and children can wear their jeans to school instead of school uniform.
  • Monday, 23rd September – I have organised a dance instructor to come and work with the children based around the book “Giraffes Can’t Dance”
  • Friday, 27th September – Macmillan Coffee Morning – more details to follow

Dinosaur Stomp


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Dinosaur Dan left us a challenge last week to learn a “Dinosaur Stomp Dance.” We are going to perform it to our Buddies. We learned the dance in gym today. Lesley and I had great fun too!
Maybe the children could show the grown-ups at home?
Happy stomping!

Sounds and Wordbulding


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Today we used magnetic letters and boards to help us put sounds together to make words.

We also played a fun game on the Interactive Whiteboard. We had to “pop” the ballons with letter t inside using the wand. It was great fun!

Achievement Books


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Today, Mrs Jamieson told us about the school Achievement Board. This noticeboard is just outside the school office. Teachers choose very special pieces of work to put on display for everyone to see.

We can’t all have our work on the Achievement Board at the same time, so in Primary 1, everyone has an Achievement Book. Today, we put in a piece of work to show what we can do now we are in Primary 1.

Achievement Books on PhotoPeach

We are learning how to take our own photographs of our work which we can put into our Achievement Books. In addition to this, if the grown-ups at home can think of any special achievements that can be put into book, please let me know.

Dates for Your Diary


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A few things coming up in the next couple of weeks….

  • Wednesday, 11th September, 11:45 – Parents invited to school lunch with the children. Please let the office staff know if you would like to attend and your choice of meal. (Details of menu choices were in the newsletter sent home last week. Alternatively, you can check on the East Lothian website.)
  • Thursday, 12th September – One Planet picnic (an event organised by “Keep Scotland Beautiful.”) We are hoping to join up with the morning nursery children to dig up some potatoes, which we planted before the summer as part of our transition topic. If you would like to join in, feel free to come along around 9:30….the more the merrier!
  • Friday 13th September and Monday, 16th September – holiday!:)
  • Thursday, 19th September – photographer from the East Lothian News


Stealing Dinosaur Eggs!


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Mrs Jamieson remembered to take the camera to gym today!

We managed to change much more quickly……and had lots more time to work in the gym hall. 🙂

We played a game called “Stealing the Dinosaur’s Eggs!”

We  were divided into teams of dinosaurs and had our own nest of eggs. In the game, we had to steal eggs from the other nests and take them back to our own one. We had to move very carefully in our space bubbles and follow the rules of the game. It looked like everyone had great fun! Lots of rosy cheeks at the end of the session, meanig our bodies were working hard!

What’s Behind the Door?


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To help us find our way and learn about our school, the children have been challenged to find out what is behind every door.

We decided that the best way to do this was to open them and have a look! Yesterday, we went for a walk around school, opening doors and taking photographs. Today, we drew some pictures of what we saw. We are going to make lift the flap signs for all the doors to help visitors see what is on the other side of each one.

Can you see the staircase, the office, Primary 5 working and the Primary 7 classroom with big windows?

Dinosaur Land


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Dinosaur Dan left us a letter today. He asked us to write some stories about Dinosaur Land…..so we did!

First, we made drawings of what we thought Dinosaur Land might look like – we though it would have trees, dinosaurs, a river and volcanoes. Next, we told Mrs Jamieson and Mrs Thomas (our Support for Learning teacher) our sentence. We worked very hard to copy the sentence underneath or write on top of the letters. We found out that a sentence needs to start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop, so we used our green (for go) pens and red (for stop) pens to mark the punctuation in our stories. What do you think?

 Dinosaur Land on PhotoPeach