Autumn Challenge 2


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Expressive Arts, Inter-Disciplinary Learning, Literacy, Science | Posted on 09-10-2013

In our Autumn Challenge this week, we have been asked to find out facts about hibernating animals. We read a story about a hibernating tortoise (Shelley – our text for whole class reading) and watched this little film about hedgehogs.

We had to use this information to make a non-fiction book to share with our Buddies.Look out for them at Parents’ Night tomorrow!
We also had great fun this afternoon making model hibernating hedgehogs in Autumn nests.
Hibernating Hedgehogs on PhotoPeach

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Can’t wait to meet all the hedgehogs at parents’ night. They look fantastic.

Ditto. We have had a lot of talk about hedgehogs and hibernation at home so this activity has obviously grabbed their attention. Well done.

Murray said he had great fun doing this activity and told me his was the yellow one!