Guising and Tumshies!


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Homework, Inter-Disciplinary Learning | Posted on 29-10-2013

Today, we found out facts about Hallowe’en in Scotland.

  • Long, long ago, people believed that witches, ghosts and skeletons came out on Auld Hallow’s Eve. That is where the word Hallowe’en comes from.
  • People used to disguise themselves by wearing masks or dressing up. That is where the word “guising” comes from.
  • In America, people go trick or treating, but in Scotland the tradition is to go guising.
  • Children go to friends and neighbours houses and say, “Please help the guisers!” In return for telling a joke or singing a little song, the children may be given some apples, nuts or sweeties.
  • In America, people carve pumpkins to make lanterns, but in Scotland, the tradition is to use a turnip. A lantern made from a turnip is called a “Tumshie.”

We made little joke books this afternoon to use if we want to go guising at Hallowe’en.

For homework, the children have been asked to practise telling their jokes to grown-ups or use the jokes if they are out guising. Don’t forget to say, “Please help the guisers!”

We are also having a competition to design the best tumshie…… sheet in schoolbags.

Can’t wait to see the finished designs! Please return to school when complete. 🙂



Room on the Broom


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 29-10-2013

Our Whole Class Reading text today was from the story by Julia Donaldson, “Room on the Broom.” Lots of children already knew this story, but it was fun watching the animation and then looking for lots of sounds, words and question marks in the text. The children were also great at predicting rhyming words. I promised the class that I would put the animation on the website for you all to share at home. Enjoy!