Emergency Details


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Parent Information | Posted on 30-10-2013

The office staff have asked me to remind everyone to return  emergency contact forms to school by Monday. They were sent home with the children earlier in the week.


A Great Discovery!


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Homework, Literacy, Numeracy, Parent Information | Posted on 30-10-2013

I was at a teacher training course last Friday and came across this amazing website. I used it with the children today and it was fantastic!

It is a teaching tool to help children with handwriting. The teacher/parent/child can use the mouse (or in class, the interactive whiteboard) to write a letter/numeral, save it, then replay. This lets the children watch the correct formation, follow with their finger in the air then write.

It’s really simple to use – the children were “playing at teachers” today during learning areas. It was great to hear them verbalising the correct way to make letters and numerals.

Worth having a wee look – just follow th link.





Spooky Learning


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Inter-Disciplinary Learning | Posted on 30-10-2013

Spooky goings on in Primary 1 today!

In writing, we made a shopping list for a witch to make spells. The children should be able to tell you about bullet points!

In number work, we rolled some dice and counted spots to write numbers on our ghost worksheets.

We had fun doing “The Skeleton Dance.” We are going to teach it to our Nursery Buddies tomorrow! Maybe the family could learn it at home too?


We also worked very hard to draw these amazing Haunted Houses – very impressive!
Haunted House on PhotoPeach

After all that hard work, we watched a story about Funnybones. The children were very keen to have the story on the website to watch at home….so here it is. 🙂