Spooky Footprints


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Today, we worked with “Fingers and Thumbs” Craft to make some fantastic spooky footprints. They can be hung up for Hallowe’en and then used as bookmarks! Woo hoo!”

 Spooky Footprints on PhotoPeach

Lunch Menu


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Our new winter lunch menu will start on Monday, 28th October. Copies of these menus will be sent home before then. However, if you would like a sneaky peek, follow this link!


The cost of a school lunch is still £1.90.

PS. Debbie our Dinner Lady has asked me to let you know that there will be a change to the menu on Thursday, 31st October. She is planning a spooky lunch for Hallowe’en – more details to follow.


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Only 5 weeks until Yester Christmas Fayre! (Thursday, 28th November)

Each class in the school is going to make items to sell at the fayre. Primary 1 are going to work with both their Nursery and P7 Buddies to make craft items to sell.


Thank you

Welcome Back!


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Welcome back to a new term. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Here are a few dates for your diary for the term ahead.

  • Thursday, 24th October 2013: Hallowe’en Craft  activities with “Fingers and Thumbs.”
  • Thursday, 31st October 2013 – Nursery and P1 Parents Coffee Morning. 10:30 – 11:30 (More details to follow.)
  • Thursday, 7th November 2013 – Storyteller coming to work with the children.
  • Monday, 11th November 2013 – School photographs
  • THURSDAY, 12TH DECEMBER 2013 – NURSERY to P3 NATIVITY (More details nearer the time. Performance to parents will be in the afternoon.)
  • Wednesday, 18th December 2013 – Christmas Assembly (more details to follow.)
  • Friday, 20th December 2013 – Christmas Holidays!

Gym Kit


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Gym kit was sent home at the end of term to be checked and washed. Please return to school as soon as possible, thank you.


Sharing our Hedgehog Books


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We took our Hedgehog Information Books along to Primary 7 and showed them to our Buddies.
Sharing Stories With Our P7 Buddies on PhotoPeach
Before we went back to the classroom, Miss McNicoll showed us a box. She told us that she had saved a hedgehog that was about to be caught by a fox. She put it in the box and wrapped it up to let it hibernate for the winter. She wondered if P1 would like to look after it for her….

Autumn Challenge 2


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In our Autumn Challenge this week, we have been asked to find out facts about hibernating animals. We read a story about a hibernating tortoise (Shelley – our text for whole class reading) and watched this little film about hedgehogs.

We had to use this information to make a non-fiction book to share with our Buddies.Look out for them at Parents’ Night tomorrow!
We also had great fun this afternoon making model hibernating hedgehogs in Autumn nests.
Hibernating Hedgehogs on PhotoPeach

Numbers to 10


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In number work this week we are practising everything we have learned about numbers to 10 this term. We are making sure that we can write the numbers properly and have had fun playing some games on the big board.

Here is the game we played in class today. Have a go at home!



Autumn Circles


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Dinosaur Dan left his last letter this week – he said his Mummy told him they had to go off to build a new nest to keep them warm over the winter. However, he did leave us some Autumn Challenges.

We did our first challenge today. We had to use Autumn colours to make a painting. Dinosaur Dan suggested that we look at a picture by the artist Kandinsky to help us.

We talked about the colours we see in Autumn and then had to mix paints together to make them.

Next, we used our Autumn colours to paint circles, just like Kandinsky.

 Autumn Circles on PhotoPeach

They look fantastic in the cloakroom!

Number Chains


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Over the last few weeks, we have been learning to read and write numbers.

Mrs Jamieson gave us a challenge today……..Can Primary 1 make a number chain that will stretch all the way to the gym hall?

We practised writing our numbers on strips of paper, then Mandy and Lesley helped us to staple them together.


We stretched the number chain out to see how far it would reach. We completed the challenge! It did go all the way from our classroom door to the gym hall!

Mrs Jamieson hung it up on the ceiling after school – look out for it next time you are in the classroom. 🙂

This is a great activity to try at home to help with number formation. If you would like to have a go, bring your number chain in to let us see or send in a photo of it hanging in your house.