St Andrew’s Day Celebrations


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We had a fantastic time on Wednesday celebrating St Andrew’s Day.
We made Saltire Flags and then wrote some instructions. We asked our Friends in Primary 2 if they would like to come and read our instructions and make their own flags. We also had some Scottish shortbread and a small drink of Irn Bru.
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After our Scottish snack, we watched a favourite story in Scots and sang a Scottish song.

St Andrew’s Day Lunch


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Sorry for the late notice…..
Debbie and the rest of the dining staff are cooking a St Andrew’s Day lunch for the children in school on Wednesday, 26th November. This means that there will be a change to the printed menu.

Blue Band – Haggis, neeps and tatties
Green Band – Vegetarian sausage stovies
Yellow Band – Baked potatoes


Not essential, but if the children would like to wear something tartan instead of school clothes, that would be great!

Tartan Kilts


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Sometimes, Scottish people wear tartan kilts at a celebration.
Mrs Jamieson showed us a website where you can design your own tartan – why not have a play at home?
(There are quite a few instructions for this website, so adult help required!)
We also designed our own tartan and made these fantastic kilts and sporrans.
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The Story of St Andrew


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This week, we are learning about the Scottish celebration, St Andrew’s Day.
In whole class reading this morning, we found out who St Andrew was and why he is important in Scotland. We watched this little film to help us.

Please look in our big green jotters to see the great drawings we did to match this story.



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We have completed our next set of sounds. Here are some brilliant examples of listening to and writing sounds on our whiteboards. (Great bullet points in our lists too!)


Here is a link to the songs the children sing to help them learn the sounds – we have covered up to letter “d”. Enjoy!


St Andrew’s Day


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This week, we are going to find out about St Andrew and how Scottish people might celebrate St Andrew’s Day. Some of our new Learning Areas have a Scottish theme this week. I’m looking forward to seeing the flags the children might design at the easel, and already, we have a sample of weaving!
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Christmas Fayre….


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We worked with our Nursery Buddies to make special cookie mixtures to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We also helped them to complete a piece of work about castles.
In our writing lesson, we made posters to advertise the Christmas Fayre. Our 2 winning posters are on the Primary 1 door and in the cabinet in the playground – please look out for them!
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Numeracy Homework


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The children have been working very hard this term learning about numbers to 10 and 20.

Please look out for some homework sheets in bags on Tuesday night. I am hoping to work with the children on a 1:1 basis next week to assess what they have learned and what they need to do next. It would be great if you could support this at home by playing some of the suggested activities on the sheet. Just incase these sheets go missing, here are some of the suggested activities for you to try at home.


12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20



  • Muddle the cards then put them into the correct order.
  • Show the cards one at a time, asking your child to say the number.
  • Use counters/buttons/sweeties to play Bingo – put your counter on the number….
  • Turn all the number cards face down. Turn over and say the number.
  • Treasure Hunt – hide the cards around the room. Ask your child to find them, saying the number as they do so.
  • Put all the number cards into a bag or hat. Pull them out one at a time, child should say the number.

If your child is able to do these activities confidently, here are some ideas to extend their learning.

  • Bring me the number after….
  • Bring me the number before….
  • Bring me the number between….and ….
  • Bring me the number 1 more than….
  • Bring me the number 1 less than….

Thank you for your support. Any problems, please let me know.

Bookbug Pack


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I hope you have enjoyed your Bookbug pack that was sent home today!

These packs of books should have gone home last week as part of book week – sorry!

Hope you enjoy them. 🙂




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The children have been working very hard on their sounds and numbers……however, as lots of children (and adults) know, the letters b,d,p and number 9 can be very confusing because they all look nearly the same.

Don’t worry….we have a plan!

Today, we looked carefully at the letters b and d. When we see them in the word “bed,” the word makes the shape of a bed.

We know that the first sound in bed is “b” so we can look for the letter shape at the start of the word.

We know that the last sound in bed is “d” so we can look for the letter shape at the end of the word.

We have these little picture cards in our pencil tubs to use whenever we need them.

Another little trick is to make a bed shape with your hands…..

The first hand makes a “b” shape for the first sound in bed and the other hand makes a “d” shape for the last sound in bed. The children can check their hand shapes to help them decide how to write the letter.

Letter p and number 9 also cause lots of confusion. Again, we have little picture cards at our pencil tubs to look at if we are stuck.

When we write letter “p” we need to make the long POST first, just like a fence post!

Number 9 makes the same shape as Naughty 9, the elephant in our number zoo – remember to make his round head first!


Hope this all helps if you are working with your child. If you would like a copy of the little picture cards to use at home, please let me know. 🙂