St Andrew’s Day Lunch


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Sorry for the late notice…..
Debbie and the rest of the dining staff are cooking a St Andrew’s Day lunch for the children in school on Wednesday, 26th November. This means that there will be a change to the printed menu.

Blue Band – Haggis, neeps and tatties
Green Band – Vegetarian sausage stovies
Yellow Band – Baked potatoes


Not essential, but if the children would like to wear something tartan instead of school clothes, that would be great!

Tartan Kilts


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Sometimes, Scottish people wear tartan kilts at a celebration.
Mrs Jamieson showed us a website where you can design your own tartan – why not have a play at home?
(There are quite a few instructions for this website, so adult help required!)
We also designed our own tartan and made these fantastic kilts and sporrans.
Scottish Kilts on PhotoPeach

The Story of St Andrew


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This week, we are learning about the Scottish celebration, St Andrew’s Day.
In whole class reading this morning, we found out who St Andrew was and why he is important in Scotland. We watched this little film to help us.

Please look in our big green jotters to see the great drawings we did to match this story.