Merry Christmas


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I would like to take this opportunitiy to thank everyone for all their suport and hard work this term. Enjoy Christmas with your family and have a Guid New Year!

Christmas Maths Puzzles


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In maths this week, we have been doing some Christmas Puzzles.
First, we had to make some drawings and count how many legs, ears and eyes were in the picture.
We also coloured in 9 snowmen…..but we were only allowed to use 3 colours and make every snowman different! We had to think very hard!
Christmas Maths Puzzles on PhotoPeach

In Learning Areas, we have also enjoyed building a snowman on the Big Board. Follow the link to play at home too.

The Christmas Story


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Today, we have been reading the Christmas Story together.
Why don’t you try to read it at home too? I have set the slideshow to the slowest setting, however, you may need to pause each slide to give the children a chance to read it. We have already looked at this together in class. Please do not expect your child to be able to read every word, but they should be able to recognise some of the more frequent words and keywords.
The Christmas Story on PhotoPeach
We used the story to help us decide WHO to put in our stable.
Nativity Scenes on PhotoPeach

Christmas Party


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We had great fun at our Christmas Party yesterday with our friends in Primary 2 and Primary 3. We played games and had some party food, but the most exciting part was a surprise visit from Santa!
Christmas Party Time on PhotoPeach