Gym Kit


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On Monday, the children should have brought gym bags home to be washed. I will also send gym shoes home nearer the end if term. Please could you check that everything still fits and is in full working order – some gym shoes are reaching the end of their life!
Gym kit and shoes should be returned to school on the first day of term.
Could you also be on the lookout for a missing pair of boys’ school trousers? Aran went home earlier in the week wearing the wrong trousers and his are missing – probably muddled up with another person’s gym kit! If you find the missing trousers, we have a pair, age 3,no name, in the classroom awaiting collection.
Please make sure that ALL clothing is named in order to avoid muddles like this!

Christmas lunch


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We loved our Christmas Lunch today!

Yesterday, our P7 Buddies came to help us make some crackers.

Christmas Crackers on PhotoPeach

We also decorated a Christmas table cloth. Mrs Jamieson and Lesley were the waitresses and served us our delicious lunch. Thank you to all the dinner ladies, who did an amazing job today.

Christmas Lunch on PhotoPeach



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Christmas Party


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We are having our Christmas Party on the afternoon of Tuesday, 17th December. If your child would like to wear party clothes, you can send them into school. (I’m happy to keep a hold of them until the party day if you want to send them in beforehand, or you can just send them in that morning.) Please make sure that all items of clothing are named and sent in a named bag.
If your child has already sent party clothes in for our Nativity, they can wear those. Just let me know if you would like me to keep hold of them after our performances on Thursday, 12th December.
Thank you!

Wrapping Paper for Santa


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The Elf on the Shelf left us a letter today…

Dear Boys and Girls,

Santa needs to print more wrapping paper but the elves are so busy, they haven’t managed to finish it yet!

Can you finish the repeating patterns before the paper goes to the printing  workshop?

Love from the Elf on the Shelf xxxx

We practised making repeating patterns of the grids then made some wrapping paper….

 rapping Paper for Santa on PhotoPeach



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A note was put into reading diaries or school bags today to inform everyone that reading groups will finish this week. The last reading books for this term were issued yesterday or today and will be gathered in on Wednesday or Thursday. It’s important that all books are handed back in so staff can then resort, count and if needed, order more books ready for next term. Reading bags and diaries will be kept in school over the holiday, so please take out any sheets or keywords you may wish to use over the break.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the hard work at home on reading and keywords. When I look back to August, it’s amazing to see how much the children have progressed. 🙂

Please be assured that we will still be reading regularly in class. We just won’t be using the ORT reading books. Wherever I can, I will add links or activities to the website so you can suport work at home if you wish.

To start off, here is a link to a song that the Elf on the Shelf left for the children after school today. I’m going to share it with them tomorrow. Enjoy reading and singing along!


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When we arrived in school today, everything looked Christmassy!

There was an advent calendar in the classroom, and a little elf…The Elf on The Shelf!

In each little pocket of the advent calendar is someone’s name and a chocolate surprise. We also had fun opening the advent calendar on the big board. If you click on the link below, you can open it at home too!

When we came in after lunch, the Elf on the Shelf left us a letter. He suggested a list of elf games to play at gym. We had a snowball fight, played “Steal the Presents” and the good elves had to catch the naughty elves. We were all exhausted by hometime!

 Elf Games in Gym on PhotoPeach

I wonder what the Elf on the Shelf will be up to tomorrow?