David and Goliath


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We learned about another Bible story today….David and Goliath.

Mrs Jamieson gave us some pictures of the story….but they were muddled up. We had to glue them together in the correct order.



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Did you know that every person in the whole world has a different fingerprint?
We made prints with our fingers and looked at them with magnifying glasses. We could see lots of circles, lines and squiggles.
We made some fantastic art with our fingerprints – this is something you could try at home and bring in to show everyone. We used this short film to give us some ideas…

Look what we made!
Fantastic Fingerprints on PhotoPeach

Adding with our fingers


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We have been learning to add using our fingers this week.

This is how we do it…….

  • 8 + 6 =         (eight add six makes….)
  • Read the calculation aloud.
  • Eight is going into our head so we need 6 fingers.
  • Put fingers out.
  • Put 8 into head by nodding and counting aloud….1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • Use your fingers and nose to add your fingers on…..9,10,11,12,13,14


Nodding and counting to put the numbers into our heads.


Using our fingers and nose to add on the other number.


Science Experiments!


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We had a great time today being scientists! We did some experiments. Matilda told us that an experiment is when you try something to find out what happens.
We did some experiments to find out how much air we had in our lungs.
First, we tried to blow a polystyrene ball across the table. If you have lots of air in your lungs, you can make the ball travel to the end of the table.
Next, we used a blower to keep the ball up in the air. If you have a lot of air in your lungs, the ball will stay in the air for a long time.
Finally, we blew bubbles into a cup of water and washing up liquid. We did this for one minute. If you have lots of air in your lungs, you can make a HUGE bubble castle….and a lot of mess! It was great fun!
Our Lungs! on PhotoPeach

Burns Supper


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A big “Thank You” to Mr Purves, who made this great video of the children performing at the Burn’s Supper last week.

P1 performing at Burns Supper from Michael Purves on Vimeo.

Cake Sale


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There will be cakes and biscuits on sale at playtime tomorrow in aid of Sports Relief.
Cakes 50p and biscuits 30p….first come,first served!

Burn’s Day


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We worked with our Nursery Buddies this morning.
We found out about Robert Burns and then we sang “Heids, SHooders, Knees and Taes” to our Buddies. The Nursery children told us about the thistle, Scotlands national flower.
We worked with our Buddies to make these braw thistles for our cloakroom.
Burn’s Day Thistles on PhotoPeach

Our Organs


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Last week, we spent the afternoons making life sized diagrams to show the organs we have inside our bodies. We found out what the main organs are called and where they are inside us. We cut and stuck the organs onto our diagrams. Mrs Jamieson hung them from the ceiling all around the classroom! This week, we are going to find out about the different bones in our skeletons….

Our Organs on PhotoPeach

Noah’s Ark


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We are learning about a special book called “The Bible.” Christian people read this book. It has stories about God and Jesus in it. We listened to a story about a man called Noah, who built an ark for all the animals. Only 2 of each kind of animal went into the ark.

 Noah’s Ark on PhotoPeach

We also watched this little cartoon about Noah and his Ark.



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We had an amazing time in the hall last week, learning how to use swords. This sport is called “fencing.”

We wore helmets and had foam swords so we did not hurt each other. We had to score a point by poking our opponent in the tummy with the sword.
Fencing on PhotoPeach