Our Organs


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Science | Posted on 20-01-2014

Last week, we spent the afternoons making life sized diagrams to show the organs we have inside our bodies. We found out what the main organs are called and where they are inside us. We cut and stuck the organs onto our diagrams. Mrs Jamieson hung them from the ceiling all around the classroom! This week, we are going to find out about the different bones in our skeletons….

Our Organs on PhotoPeach

Noah’s Ark


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Religious and Moral Education | Posted on 20-01-2014

We are learning about a special book called “The Bible.” Christian people read this book. It has stories about God and Jesus in it. We listened to a story about a man called Noah, who built an ark for all the animals. Only 2 of each kind of animal went into the ark.

 Noah’s Ark on PhotoPeach

We also watched this little cartoon about Noah and his Ark.



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We had an amazing time in the hall last week, learning how to use swords. This sport is called “fencing.”

We wore helmets and had foam swords so we did not hurt each other. We had to score a point by poking our opponent in the tummy with the sword.
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Using the Lap Tops


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We enjoyed using the lap tops last week. We learned how to open them up and switch them on. We had to put in a user name and password!