Money Week


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We have had fun learning about money this week. The alien left us some “metal circles” which we looked at very carefully and made some detailed drawings of them. Mrs Jamieson showed us how to flip a coin and guess if it was going to land on heads or tails! We have money activities at learning areas too and we have learned how to write prices and choose the correct coin to pay for things. In our ICT lesson, we played some money games with our Talking Partner.
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If you would like to play the money games at home, click on the link below.

Mission 2


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Our Alien left us another Mission to solve today!


We were very excited about the bags of metal circles………coins! (Imagine the Alien sending us coins during money week!)

We worked in groups to sort the coins for the Alien. We sorted them..

  • by colour
  • by size
  • by shape
  • using the numbers


We used magnifying glasses to look very carefully at the coins. We found out that the coins have the Queen’s head on them. The coins tell us the Queen’s name and when each coin was made.

Why not sort some coins at home? Maybe you could sort your piggy bank or the coins in Mum’s purse?

In the afternoon, we had a big chat about January and March as well as our Earth Birthdays! We used this little song to help us work out the different months we have on Planet Earth. Did you know there are 12 months?





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You will be amazed at how clever your children are – ask them what a diagraph is!
We are learning about diagraphs in our sounds work this term. A diagraph is ONE sound made by TWO letters (ai, oa, ie, ee….)
When we are learning about diagraphs, we need to look at the two letters as one sound. To help us do this, we join them together when we are writing.


When we are reading words with diagraphs, we need to think of the diagraph as ONE sound.

E.g. the word rain has 3 sounds – r…ai…n

Hailey has an ai sound in her name, so she has been working hard to join the sound when she is writing!



The Bad Day ABC


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The children should have brought home their big,green jotters to share.

When we looked at the text together today, we sang the alphabet song. The children were keen for me to post it onto the website, so here it is!


An Alien Has Landed!


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Great excitement in Primary 1 this morning……we have a space ship and an alien in our classroom!


The alien has been given 6 missions. He needs to find out about Earthlings and Planet Earth and report back to his space station.


He thought that Earthlings looked funny and asked us to make pictures of what we thought his alien friends might look like. We took turns to draw alien heads, bodies and legs. Our pictures were folded over so we couldn’t see what our friends had drawn. When we opened the pictures up, we saw some fantastic aliens! What do you think?
Amazing Aliens on PhotoPeach

At the end of the day, we put our drawings into the rocket. I wonder if they will still be there in the morning?

Parents,the alien and the space rocket are going to provide the context for our next topic – Race to Space. Essentially, this is a topic to help the children learn about time (seasons, months, days and telling the time.) They will also be doing a little bit of science work about planets and space.



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As we are on holiday next week, I have not sent new books home. Some reading books (from various classes) have gone missing over the last term and staff need to gather everything together to count and replenish stock.

Thank you for all your hard work and support. Enjoy the break!

Chinese New Year


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Our Buddies in the nursery have been finding out about Chinese New Year. They came to work with us this morning to tell us all about their learning.
We watched a short film together.

Next, Mrs Munro told us a story about a Chinese Dragon. We worked with our Buddies to draw our own Chinese Dragons. Mrs Jamieson put the finished dragon pictures into a book so we can look at them together. Primary 1 had an important job to do when we were working together. They had to help the Nursery children find the drawing pens and colouring pens and show them where we put finished work in P1.
Afterwards, we helped our Nursery Buddies use the choosing board to play in learning areas. We had to show them where everything is kept and how we tidy things away when we are finished.
It was a busy morning!
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We are Special!


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The children should have brought a piece of homework home this afternoon. We have been thinking about what makes us special. We spoke about all the different things we are good at in class and at home. Please could you help your child to complete the worksheet and send back into school by the end of the week? We are going to use these pieces of homework to make Special Person Certificates.
For story today, we watched a little film about Elmer the elephant. We decided that Elmer was special because he was all different colours and he was really good at making the other elephants laugh.