The Bad Day ABC


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 18-02-2014

The children should have brought home their big,green jotters to share.

When we looked at the text together today, we sang the alphabet song. The children were keen for me to post it onto the website, so here it is!


An Alien Has Landed!


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Expressive Arts, Inter-Disciplinary Learning, Parent Information | Posted on 18-02-2014

Great excitement in Primary 1 this morning……we have a space ship and an alien in our classroom!


The alien has been given 6 missions. He needs to find out about Earthlings and Planet Earth and report back to his space station.


He thought that Earthlings looked funny and asked us to make pictures of what we thought his alien friends might look like. We took turns to draw alien heads, bodies and legs. Our pictures were folded over so we couldn’t see what our friends had drawn. When we opened the pictures up, we saw some fantastic aliens! What do you think?
Amazing Aliens on PhotoPeach

At the end of the day, we put our drawings into the rocket. I wonder if they will still be there in the morning?

Parents,the alien and the space rocket are going to provide the context for our next topic – Race to Space. Essentially, this is a topic to help the children learn about time (seasons, months, days and telling the time.) They will also be doing a little bit of science work about planets and space.