Our Marathon!


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Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard in the gym to keep fit and healthy. We have learned all about running.

We know that if you run slowly (jog) you can save energy and run for a longer time. If you run as fast as you can (sprint) then you use your energy quickly and can only run for shorter distances.

We have taken part in lots of running activities – shuttle runs, relay races and running games. Today, our Buddies in P7 helped us to run our very own marathon!

DSCF2160 DSCF2161 DSCF2162



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Reading books will be gathered in on Wednesday and Thursday this week. No new books will be issued over the holiday. However, you might want to remove any keywords from the reading bags before returning them to school this week.

Thank you for all your hard work at home to support reading. I feel so proud of all the progress we have made together!

Parents’ Night


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report card

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday evening for Parents’ Night. Appointment times were sent home last week. If you have mislaid your appointment time, please check with the office staff.

When you come for your appointment, your child’s work will be set out in the P1 cloakroom for you to look through. You can do this either before or after we chat. The Primary1/Nursery door will be open for your convenience. If you need to go to another appointment elsewhere in the school, please leave by the P1 door and go back in through the main door.

A polite reminder that the Parent’s Night chat is for adults only!

See you on Thursday!

Jen Jamieson

O’clock Homework


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The children should have brought home the little clocks they made for the Alien earlier in the week. Today we played a game in class that helped us to make o’clock times on our clocks. The children were keen for me to put this on the website so they could play at home.


Sport Relief


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Lots of Sporty looking children today!
Sport Relief on PhotoPeach

Summer Lunch Menu


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The┬áSummer Lunch Menu will start after the Easter Holidays. The children will be given menus home in the next couple of weeks. However, if you would like a sneaky preview, click on the link below….



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We have a new camera!
The Alien left us another mission this week. He needed to send a message to space control at 8 o’clock but didn’t know what this meant. He asked us to find out how to tell the time and left us little clocks to make.

 Clocks on PhotoPeach

We loved making the clocks and used them to make different o’clock times. We left our clocks set to 8 o’clock and put them in the space basket for the alien.
We also enjoyed singing this song!

Sporty Friday!


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The children are being encouraged to come to school dressed in their sporty gear on Friday, 21st March to help celebrate Sport Relief 2014. There will be no donation for this activity as a lot of children have already bought wristbands this week from our Health Group.




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I have been asked by parent council to make you aware if this website – a great link for supporting your child’s learning at home.



Missing Sweatshirt!


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Someone has gone home with Sam’s sweatshirt (I think after we changed from gym on Thursday.) Please could you have a wee look at home for it? The sweatshirt has his name on it.

Thank you!