Rag Bag


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The children should have brought home “Rag Bags” yesterday. If you can support this, we would be delighted. Please send into school by Tuesday, 3rd March.

Thank You.

Cake and Biscuit Sale


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There will be a table selling cakes (50p) and biscuits (30p) at break on Thursday, 13th March. All proceeds will go to WaterAid – a charity thats helps to supply clean water in poorer countries.

Open Morning


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It was lovely to see some visitors in our classroom for Open Morning. We worked with our P7 Buddies on a range of literacy activities.

They helped us to complete a listening comprehension.

They helped us to build words in shaving foam, sand and with roller paints.

They did our reading with us.

They helped us to do our sounds worksheet.

Unfortunately, someone dropped the class camera and it is broken, so all the brilliant photos we took on Tuesday are lost. I am trying to locate another camera for us to use!

After break, we worked on subtraction calculations. We did not have time for Whole Class Reading in our big green jotters so they have not been sent home this week. I will keep them in school ready for our lesson next Tuesday.

Diary Dates


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Here are a few dates for your diary…

  • Tuesday 11th March – Open Morning 9:00 – 12:00
  • Wednesday 12th March – School Nurse to complete height and weight checks in Primary 1
  • Monday 17 th March – Sport Relief Wristbands on sale – £1
  • Wednesday 2nd April – Easter Assembly (details to follow)
  • Thursday 3rd April – Parents’ Night (appointment time to follow)
  • Friday 4th April – End of term
  • Tuesday 22nd April – Back to school

Strictly Come Dancing


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What a great afternoon! The children were STARS and it was brilliant to see so many people supporting us. Top marks all round 🙂
Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take any photos of the dancing (I was too busy trying to dance in my shoes!) However, we did take some photos of the children before the event.
Strictly Come Dancing on PhotoPeach

World Book Day


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We had a great morning! The children in Nursery came to join us to share favourite books for World Book Day.

The Alien also left us his favourite book and some colouring sheets, which we left in the space basket for him. He also gave us some new books for the reading tent.

 World Book Day 2014 on PhotoPeach

Please look out for a Wrold Book Day token, put into schoolbags today. If you take them to a participating shop, the children can swap their token for a free book! Details in the link below…

Subtraction Game


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The Alien left us a game to play this morning. Georgie thought we could use it to help us subtract. We worked with a partner. One person did the counters and the other person wrote the subtraction calculations.


Out of this world Primary 1!

Strictly Come Dancing


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Dear Parents,

We are all looking forward to our Strictly Come Dancing event on Thursday 6th March (1:30 – 2:50.)

I am glad to say that lots of parents are planning to join us for the afternoon, which will mean the gym hall and classrooms will be busy places. However, this also means that we will not be able to accommodate younger brothers and sisters. The Primary 1 and 2 children have worked extremely hard to put this event together, and noise or distractions from younger siblings can be disruptive or unsafe, especially when around 50 children are dancing.

Thank you for your support,

Jen Jamieson, Maria Kemp, Iain Devereux

Joseph and His Amazing Coat


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On Friday, we learned about another story from the Bible – Joseph and his amazing coloured coat. We watched an animation to tell us the story and then designed these brilliantly coloured coats.
Joseph and His Amazing Coat on PhotoPeach
We also enjoyed watching and listening to some songs about Joseph.

International School Meals Day


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International School Meals Day will be celebrated across Scotland on Thursday, 6th March. The theme for this year’s event is the Commonwealth Games. In East Lothian, the participating country that was chosen to be represented is Rwanda.


The vegetarian option for Thursday is baked potato.

More information about this event can be found on the Council’s website eastlothian.gov.uk