Where Does Our Food Come From?


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Health and Wellbeing | Posted on 22-04-2014

Today, the children helped me to sort out my shopping bag!

When we need food, we usually nip to the shops and buy some. But today, we thought about where food comes from BEFORE it gets to the shops.

We put some hoops on the floor. Each hoop had a picture in it – a pig, a cow, some crops and a hen. We took turns to take some shopping from Mrs Jamieson’s bag, and decided where it came from.


Maybe you could talk about where food comes from next time you are out shopping together?

For story, we watched a little red hen ask some animals on the farm to help her plant wheat, grow wheat, bake bread and eat bread……….enjoy!


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James helped me do the shopping on Thursday after school. He was very interested in where everything came from. Now I know why! It’s great that the children learn the source of their food. Well done P1.