Flowing Patterns


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 26-05-2014

To help us with our linked writing, we have been practising patterns that must go from one side of the page to the other without stopping. We took advantage of the beautiful weather this afternoon and went outside to work. We made patterns with chalk on the paving slabs.

 Flowing Patterns on PhotoPeach

Big Numbers


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Homework, Numeracy | Posted on 26-05-2014

In maths last week and this week, we have been learning about big numbers – how to read them, write them and order them.

Primary 1 have made their very own colour coded 100 squares, which we can use to play games. We have also used “Splat Square” on the big board,


Why not use the Splat Square at home to help you learn about big numbers?


  • the number ……
  • the decade numbers
  • all the forties numbers
  • All the numbers with 7 as the second digit
  • The number before….
  • The number after……
  • The number between……

Mud Kitchens and Colour Charts


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Another Muddy Monday for the Nursery and Primary 1 children! Today, we welcomed some of the children who will be joining Primary 1 next session from other nurseries.The P1 Buddies did an excellent job looking after them. 🙂
Our challenge from Esmerelda the Woodland Elf, was to use her colour charts to find things in the woods that matched them exactly. We also had time to make up our own recipes in the Mud Kitchen.
Woodland Colours on PhotoPeach