Giraffes Can’t Dance…


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But Primary 1 can!

Rhianne (East Lothian’s Dance Teacher) came to work with us today.

First, she read us a story about a giraffe called Gerald, who couldn’t dance. We heard about animals that danced the cha-cha-cha, the tango and the waltz.

Next, we tried out some of the dances…

 Giraffes Can’t Dance on PhotoPeach

Rhianne gave the children some homework…….teach a grown up how to cha-cha-cha!
Good Luck!

Lunches Next Week


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Debbie, Laura and Claire (our dining staff) have a couple of exciting events for the children next week.

  • Wednesday, 1st October is National Milkshake Day. Milkshakes and cookies will be on sale  for 50p each. The money raised will go to charity. (School dinners will follow the usual menu, the milkshakes and cookies are extras!)
  • On Thursday, 2nd October, the normal menu will change so the children can have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic….details of the menu can be seen in the photograph below. The cost of this is £1.90 as usual.


Number Spiders


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We have been working very hard in maths, learning how to form our numbers properly. This week, we have been practising number 8, which is particularly tricky to write! We listened to a story about an amazing spider with eight legs…..and decided to make our own. Each leg has a different number on it.
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Dinosaur Stomp


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We had a ball with the children in Primary 6 this morning, performing our Dinosaur Stomp!
First, we showed them how to do the dance and then they joined in with us.
Next, the P6 children helped us to make up moves for another Dinosaur Dance…..Mrs Jamieson gave us the words to the song and we had to make up actions to go with them.

Can you remember some of your moves? Can you show an adult how to do this dance?

Thank you Primary 6!

Dinosaur Dance on PhotoPeach

Parents’ Night


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Please check school bags for appointment times for Parents’ Night on Thursday, 9th October. I personally oversaw all the letters going into bags!

Very Proud Teacher!


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Lesley and I were absolutely stunned when we saw the children’s writing today!

If there was ever a case to promote linked writing, the “Dinosaur Stomp” invitations written for P6 today were hard evidence! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how the children were naturally starting to form letters (which haven’t  yet been taught) from the bottom of the line, and in some cases, naturally joining letters together. I sent a copy of your child’s writing home for you to see. Whether the children were overwriting (in orange pen) or underwriting (in black pen) the results were astounding.

Have a look for yourself!

 Dinosaur Stomp Invitations on PhotoPeach

Considering the children have only been in school for a few weeks and have only been taught formation of s,a,t, they have exceeded all expectations – long may this continue! 🙂

Numeracy Games


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As part of our numeracy lessons, we have been looking at the spots on dice. We know that the spots are arranged in a particular pattern to help us count. We have been playing games with dice to help us recognise these patterns without having to count individual spots. (This helps the children learn about numbers, patterns and mathematical mental agility. It also helps the children understand that numbers can change in the way they are represented eg. 4 spots in a vertical/horizontal/diagonal line, but although the patterns look different, they still mean the same thing.)

We played a game to put petals on the flowers…


(If you still have a Flip-Flop teddy bear sheet, please could you send it back to school as soon as possible so we can continue to use them in class lessons? Thank you!)

Lost Shoes and Sweatshirts


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We have had a few missing items recently – lost sweatshirt and a girl’s shoe. Can you please have a look at home to make sure your child has their own clothes/shoes?

Thank you.



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At Yester Primary, we are learning how to communicate using signs from the “Signalong” language programme.

We have a new sign that we learn every day. The children in Primary 1 are brilliant at using them.

Why not ask your child to show you how to make these signs…..the pictures will help. Try to encourage using them around the house! 🙂

 Signalong on PhotoPeach

Jeans for Genes Day


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Well done Primary 1! We have raised£163.71  for Jeans for Genes Day. 🙂