What’s Happening This Week?


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Parent Information | Posted on 07-09-2014

A full diary this week….

  • The children may come home and tell you that they have been working with me on to do a quiz on the computer sometime over the next couple of weeks. At the moment, every P1 class in East Lothian is in the process of completing an online numeracy and literacy assessment called PIPS. The assessment is very child friendly and gives the teacher a rare opportunity to spend around 15 uninterrupted minutes with every pupil. Theses assessments are repeated at the end of the year to give an idea of progress. (Similar assessments are also made in P3, P5 and P7.) Class teachers do not get individual results, but I make notes throughout the assessment to help me assess the details of where your child is in terms of development and learning. These observations help me to plan work tailored exactly to your child’s individual needs.
  • We are hoping to meet our Nursery Buddies sometime this week……and the process starts all over again! This time, we are the children who will be helping the nursery get ready for starting school next session.
  • The photographer from the East Lothian News will be in school on Thursday morning.
  • The children will be taking part in a Judo Taster Session on Thursday
  • No school on Friday or the following Monday – September weekend! 🙂

Dinosaur Paintings


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Expressive Arts | Posted on 07-09-2014

Dinosaur Dan left us a book about drawing and painting dinosaurs last wee. On Friday, we made some dinosaur skeletons by following instructions from the book.

First we used wax crayons to draw our dinosaurs.
Next, we painted over the top of our drawings.
The paint wouldn’t stick to the crayon, so our drawings shone through.
Dinosaur Skeletons on PhotoPeach
Mrs Jamieson put them on the wall when they were dried…they look fantastic!

Flowing Patterns


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 07-09-2014

Every Monday and Thursday, the P1 children from Mrs Kemp’s class join us for sounds and handwriting work. As part of our handwriting lesson, we practised patterns that go from one side to the other (or top to bottom) ….WITHOUT STOPPING!

This is quite tricky, but the children have worked very hard. After making patterns on our wiping boards, we took some chalks outside to the playground and made patterns there.

Wavy Patterns on PhotoPeach