What is in the Playground?


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Inter-Disciplinary Learning | Posted on 09-09-2014

Dinosaur Dan left us a letter this afternoon. He sent us to find different things in the playground.

We had to find…

  • the herb garden
  • the bike shelter
  • the bug magnifier
  • the trim trail
  • the totem pole
  • the vegetable patch

We took the camera and Dinosaur Dan out to the playground for a look.


When we came back to the classroom, we made maps to show where we found everything.

Can you find the different places on Holly’s map?





Dinosaur Stories


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 09-09-2014

We wrote stories for Dinosaur Dan this morning.

We imagined that we were in Dinosaur Land and drew pictures of what we might see – bones, volcanoes, dinosaurs……

Mrs Jamieson and Lesley helped us with our writing.

The stories are fantastic!

Dinosaur Land on PhotoPeach

We Met Our Buddies!


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Transition | Posted on 09-09-2014

We met our Nursery Buddies today and helped them with their first piece of work!

(There is a post on the Nursery webpage with photos of us with our Buddies- please take a look!)

We worked together to make drawings of what we like to do.

Pictures with our Buddies on PhotoPeach

Mrs Jamieson and Mrs Munro put our work up in the cloakroom. It looks great! Please pop in and have a wee look next time you are passing.:)