Flip-Flop Homework!


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Homework, Numeracy | Posted on 10-09-2014

We used flip-flops in number work today – not the shoes, but pieces of paper with teddies on them!


The idea is to fold the paper to show a given number of teddies. There are lots of ways to do this and the idea is to help the children realise the different shapes and patterns quantities can make.

Today, we were thinking about the number 4. Mrs Jamieson asked us to show 4 teddies on our flip-flops. We had to choose the 4 teddies we wanted to show, then fold the paper to hide the extra teddies. We talked about the different ways we can make 4.

For homework this week , can you work with a grown-up to show different numbers of teddies? Please send them back into school by Friday, 19th September. It would be great if you could send in any photos or comments which can be put into Achievement Books!

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Hi. Our teddy page seems to have gone astray between school and home. Is it possible to get another?