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Lesley and I were absolutely stunned when we saw the children’s writing today!

If there was ever a case to promote linked writing, the “Dinosaur Stomp” invitations written for P6 today were hard evidence! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how the children were naturally starting to form letters (which haven’t  yet been taught) from the bottom of the line, and in some cases, naturally joining letters together. I sent a copy of your child’s writing home for you to see. Whether the children were overwriting (in orange pen) or underwriting (in black pen) the results were astounding.

Have a look for yourself!

 Dinosaur Stomp Invitations on PhotoPeach

Considering the children have only been in school for a few weeks and have only been taught formation of s,a,t, they have exceeded all expectations – long may this continue! 🙂

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AMAZING writing P1s! WOW! I am seriously impressed. Keep it up! Lots of love. Lally (Tom’s Mum)

That is absolutely fantastic P1! I can’t believe how well you are all writing already!! Well done all of you. Love from Katy (Charlie’s Mummy)

Wow, fantastic work P1 – you are all amazing!!! Big hugs to you all, Nicola (Alex’s mum) xx

What fantastic writing P1, you are brilliant, – well done!!

I thought the linked letter formation would be very difficult for little ones to grasp but have to agree that they have picked it up really well. Definitely better to do it this way from the start. They will be doing better linked writing than the older kids soon! Brilliant work everyone (kids and teachers!)